Sega Saturn (1994) vs Wii-U (2012) which had more success?

The Sega Saturn was a pretty high quality game console during the 90’s despite not having the same level of success the 16-bit Genesis console. The Sega Saturn managed to reach over 9 million units in sales during its lifespan in retail and was seen as a commercial failure. The Genesis console managed to reach over 30 million and it ended becoming Sega’s most successful game system of all-time. The lack of strong first party titles on the Saturn console along with poor marketing may have contributed to the failure of Sega’s fifth generation game system. In fact, its well documented that the Wii-U console from late 2012 was also a commercial failure because it fell way below Nintendo’s expectations as far as worldwide sales are concerned. The Wii-U console managed to reach over 13 million in sales and even though it was more successful than the Saturn console from ‘94; its arguably one of Nintendo’s worst game systems depending on who you ask.

While everyone has their own respective opinion on which game system is better its obvious that the Wii-U had more high profile games in general. There were games on the Wii-U such as: Mario Kart 8 & Super Mario 3D World that sold over five million copies worldwide; mainly because they were strong first party titles. The Saturn had lacked strong profitable first party games and third party titles stood out more on Sega’s fifth generation console.

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