Game Boy Advance Games- Sonic Advance 2: (2002)


As many of us know Sonic Adventure 2 was another cool platform game that was developed by Dimps and the Sonic Team during the early 2000’s for the Game Boy Advance.  In terms of gameplay Sonic Advance 2 was one of the best 32 bit platform games for the Game Boy Advance along with other games within its series.  Similar to the older 2D Sonic games for the Sega Genesis Sonic Advance 2 is a fast paced platform game. But unlike the older Sega Genesis titles Sonic Advance 2 allows people to play with up to five characters in the game as opposed to just one or two.  The game allows players to start off as Sonic the Hedgehog and as they progress throughout the game they unlock other characters including Tails, Knuckles Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose.    Out of all of the characters in the game Amy Rose is the most difficult to unlock considering the fact they players must complete the entire game with each character prior to unlocking her.

Even though unlocking Amy Rose is a difficult task to complete in Sonic Advance 2 the game itself is very fun along with the fact that the other characters are not as difficult to unlock in comparison her.  While progressing throughout the game people have the chance to complete so many exciting levels including Sky Canyon, Ice Paradise, Music Plant, Leaf Forest and Egg Utopia.  Each level presented a boss fight that was both exciting and challenging because players had to learn how to defeat each one through trial and error if they were new to Sonic Advance 2.  Along with the level designs and the various characters people were able to play as the special stages were also pretty unique since it featured 2D graphics on a 3D like landscape.   In terms of gameplay this 32 bit Sonic game was very impressive and is probably one of the most exciting platform titles one will ever play if they are a true fan of the series.

Gaming in the 2000’s- Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors: (2004)


Many people will generally agree that the early part of the 2000’s was a great time for those who were huge fans of 2D gaming.  In the early 00’s people were given titles for the Game Boy Advance that they probably would have seen for the Super Nintendo about a decade earlier in the early 90’s.  While we have seen some classic SNES games remade for the Game Boy Advance during the early 00’s we also got some pretty cool new titles for that particular handheld console as well.  Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors very exciting 2D fighting game the Game Boy Advance and was released about a year after the Legacy of Goku had come out.  Unlike the Legacy of Goku II Supersonic Warriors was a head to head fighting game that allowed people to play as a variety of characters including some of the main heroes and villains from the series.  Not only was the gameplay for Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors impressive for a 32 bit handheld console but some people who were fans of the series would argue that the quality of the game was better than the butoden series for the SNES during the 1990’s.

Even though, Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors series was arguably as good as the butoden series it would probably be debatable among many people who are fans of the series if the game was a exciting as DBZ Hyper Dimension for the SNES.  Dragonaball Z Supersonic Warriors not only included fantastic gameplay that would get people busy for hours but the story mode in the game was also pretty good as well.  The story mode in Supersonic Warriors allowed players to take part in major battles from major sagas in the series with opponents such as the Dr. Gero, Frieza, Cell and Buu.  Also, people were able to utilize some of the main heroes from the series including Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Piccolo.   While DBZ Supersonic Warriors may not be considered the best game to have come from this awesome series it was definitely a title that exceeded the expectations of many people after it was released by Banpresto in 2004.

Should Sega Release Another OutRun Game?


It’s good to know to that Sega listens to the wishes of their fans when it comes down to gaming.  Many years ago Sega fans wanted to see the long awaited 2D sequel of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and we eventually got Sonic 4 back in 2010.  Since the 90’s Sega fans have wanted to see a sequel to Daytona USA 2 and it has recently been confirmed that part three is shortly on its way.  While the Daytona USA series was a memorable racing classic that many people loved back in the 90’s many people would argue that Sega OutRun was among the many games within in that genre that rivaled it in terms of popularity.  The original OutRun game just like Daytona USA was fun to play in arcade centers because it provided people with an unforgettable gaming experience.  The OutRun games that Sega released during the 1990’s were instant classics for anyone who is a huge fan of the racing genre.

Since the release of various titles such as OutRun, Outrunners, Turbo OutRun, OutRun 2019 and OutRun 2 Sega was generous enough to develop a game back in 2000’s.  When Sega released OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast many people were impressed by various aspects of the game including its gameplay, soundtrack and visuals.    Since the mid 00’s many people have been waiting for a huge sequel to OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast which was considered to be a very exciting racing game to play on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.  As of right now the Chief Executive Officer of Sega Amusement has mentioned that OutRun 3 was definitely “on the radar” in terms of game development which means there is a very decent chance that many people will get the long awaited sequel that they have been waiting so long to see.   If Sega does decide to release another OutRun game in the near future it will probably one of the most anticipated racing games of the past decade and a dream come true for anyone who has been a fan of the series since the 90’s.

Underground Classics- Gley Lancer: (1992)


There were so many cool games that were released during the early 90’s were released for the Sega Genesis game console.  Even though, Americans got to enjoy some of the best gaming titles the Sega Genesis had to offer there were also so pretty epic titles that did not make it to the United States during the 1990’s.  When Gley Lancer was first released in 1992 it was only available in Japan.   Gley Lancer was a side scrolling rail shooter game for the Sega Genesis that was impressive in terms of gameplay and visual design.  The graphic for Gley Lancer was amazing for a 2D title and the cutscenes for the game looked similar to that of an actual anime.  Another element that made Gley Lancer standout included its magnificent soundtrack.  The soundtrack for Gley Lancer was amazing and was probably among the best that anyone would hear in a 2D side scrolling rail shooter game.  As great as Gley Lancer looked in terms of visuals many people are probably surprised by the fact that it never received  an arcade release.

If Gley Lancer had received an arcade release prior to being released for the Sega Genesis the title could have been more popular than it actually was during the time.   However, the fact that Gley Lancer was an exclusive game for the Sega Genesis is what makes it a treasure to those who were hardcore retro gamers who grew up during the 1990’s.  While it was true that many could easily gain access to this game on the Wii Virtual Console following its release in 2008 having the actual cartridge itself would be special for those who currently own a Sega Genesis.  While Gley Lancer may not be as popular as Thunder Force III or the R-Type series some would still considered it to be an underrated rail shooting title that should have received more recognition then it did following its development by Masaya Games in the early 90’s.

Should Nintendo make a remastered version of Mario Kart 64?


Sometimes its hard to believe that Mario Kart 64 was released about 20 years ago for the Nintendo 64 game console in December 1996.  Mario Kart 64 was definitely one of the  most revolutionary racing games that Nintendo has ever produced.  The transition from 2D racing on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System into 3D gameplay on the N64 was quite impressive and was considered to be the favorite game of many people who bought the console in the mid 90’s.  There were so many things about Mario Kart 64 that was amazing including the in game mechanics, level designs along with the soundtracks which made the game that much more memorable.  Mario Kart 64 is the game that started 3D racing within the Mario series and many people would probably agree that it exceeded their wildest expectations following its release in 1996.  Over the years there have been remakes of many great games that are considered to be classic in the eyes of gamers around the world.

In the past Nintendo has re-released and remake some classic titles such as the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask. While the Legend of Zelda series is quite popular as well many people feel that Mario Kart 64 would be placed on the list of Nintendo 64 games that also deserves to be remastered.  As of right now there has not been much talk about a new Mario Kart game for the Nintendo NX or the New Nintendo 3DS XL. Even though, there is a decent chance that we may see a Mario Kart 9 for the Nintendo NX many people would also love to see a remake of Mario Kart 64 especially considering the fact that it just passed its 20 year anniversary in December 2016.  While the Nintendo NX is promising to be something very special releasing a remastered version of Mario Kart 64 can possibly contribute to many people buying the console since its something they have been waiting a very long time to see.

Game Boy Advance Games- Sonic Advance 3: (2004)


Game Boy Advance was definitely one of the coolest handheld consoles of the early 00’s because there were so many interesting titles that were released during that time period.  Ever since the Sonic the Hedgehog series went 3D for the Sega Dreamcast during the late 90’s many people were interested in seeing whether or not Sega and the Sonic Team could recapture some of the excitement that the older 2D games presented back in the early 90’s.  The Sonic Advance series which started around late 2001- early 2002 was great because it brought back the older 2D style gameplay from the early 90’s but with the inclusion of better visual presentation.  Unlike the Sega Genesis which features 16 bit graphics Sonic Advance 3 for the Game Boy Advance included 32 bit graphics which were very impressive along with various features that were included in this game.  In Sonic Advance 3 players can choose multiple characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit.  Unlike the first two Sonic Advance games players can choose to characters as they play throughout seven different zones with three acts each.

One of the best things about having two characters during each level was the fact they players can perform double team maneuvers to help them advance throughout the game. Another great aspect about the game included the level designs for each stage along with the soundtracks.  Sunset Hill was an amazing remix of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game and the Cyber Track stages had awesome BGM but it was somewhat difficult to complete.  In terms of creativity other soundtracks that were fantastic in Sonic Advance 3 included Ocean Bass and Twinkle Snow.  In terms of level design would be tough to decide which was the best because every stage in Sonic Advance 3 looked very impressive.  The inclusion of alternate endings was one of the many things about Sonic Advance 3 that made the game worth having.  If players completed the game without collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds then they got the normal ending.  However, if players collected all seven Chaos Emeralds before reaching the Alter Emerald stage then they had the opportunity to play as Super Sonic and engage in a secret boss battle against Ultimate Gemerl.  There were so many things about Sonic Advance 3 along with the first two games that were fun for players to enjoy.  In fact if Sega were ever to develop a Sonic the Hedgehog 5 many people would not mind seeing the inclusion 32 bit gameplay for a potential sequel to the last game which was released in 2012.  Overall, Sonic Advance 3 was a game that was worthy of being released for a home console and is seen as a classic by many people who are true fans of the series.

Classic Gaming- Pokemon Red & Blue: (1996)


There were so many cool things that came out of the 90’s when it came down to gaming.  One of the most memorable gaming titles from the 90’s decade was the Pokémon series which was developed by Game Freak for the Game Boy handheld console and released in Japan in 1996.  Pokémon Red & Blue was not released in America until 1998 and after it came out many people were very excited about both games along with the Green and Yellow version of this title.  While each version of Pokémon was different in some way they were all very similar and just as difficult if you were a first time in this game.  One of the coolest things about this game is the fact that you can play as your own character as opposed to the television series where Ash Ketchum is the main character.  Along with having your their own characters players have the opportunity to choose what type of Pokémon they want have.  The options players had in terms of Pokémon included  Bulbasaur, Charmander and a Squirtle.  As players progress throughout the game they have the opportunity to earn various badges from many different gym leaders.

One of the more realistic aspects of this game included the level up system used for the Pokemon in this game.  If one leveled their Pokémon up to a certain level some of them can eventually evolve into stronger creatures while others required specials to evolve such as Pikachu and Clafairy.   Along with battling gym leaders players will often encounter Team Rocket on different occasions while traveling to various different cities in the game.  As exciting as the in game battles in Pokémon are things start to become more challenging as players get closer to the Elite Four near the end of the game.  If players have caught enough Pokémon and developed special strategies on how to defeat their opponents then taking on the Elite Four is probably not much of a problem for them.  Despite, the level of difficulty Pokémon Red & Blue might present for some people its still a fun game to play that would allow you to get many hours of gameplay.  The save feature in Pokémon was great because it allowed players to save their progress anytime in the game.  When it comes down to classic titles for the original Game Boy Pokémon Red & Blue is considered to be an instant classic that many people enjoyed during the late 90’s when the series as a whole became very popular.

GBA Games- Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II: (2003)


It was fun to be a gamer for many people during the early 00’s.  There were some cool game consoles such as PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox that many people had the chance to enjoy during the early 00’s.  Along with having so many great on home based consoles there were some people who were also huge fans of the Game Boy Advance which was released in 2001.  Without a doubt the 32 bit Game Boy Advance handheld console had some pretty cool games such as Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.  Anyone who was a huge DBZ along with playing Legacy of Goku II already know how much of an improvement this game was from its predecessor which was released the previous year in 2002.  The Legecy of Goku II was probably one of the best Action Role Playing Games during that time period.  Everything from its in game mechanics to the soundtrack and storytelling made Legacy of Goku II a very exciting title to play if one was a fan of the series.  This game not only allowed people to play through the Android and the Cell saga it also gave them an opportunity to play as multiple characters as opposed to just one.

The main characters in this game  include Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku.  In this game players have the chance to relive many battles as seen on the television series along with participating in various side quests which makes the game more exciting.  Along with the gameplay, fighting mechanics and impressive visual design one of the features that stood out the most was the overworld mapping feature when players travel to different cities. Along with having a great mapping feature players were also provided with detailed stats about the characters they control including HP, Strength, Endurance, Power and Energy.  The cutscenes featured in Legacy of Goku II was also exciting and was one of the things that made this game more exciting than its predecessor.  When it comes down to gaming of the early 00’s Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II was probably one of the best titles to have been released for the Game Boy Advance among other games.

Xbox Games- Forza Motorsport: (2005)


The 2000’s was such a great decade to be a fan of racing games.  With the release of very popular racing titles such as Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec for the PlayStation 2 along with Racing Grid on the PS3 the world also got to witness the inception of the Forza Motorsport series in 2005. The Forza Motorsport series is generally seen one of Gran Turismo’s main competitors in the genre of racing and is considered to be one of the best games that one can play one both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 consoles.  When Turn 10 Studios developed the original Forza Motorsport game for the very first Xbox console many people were impressed by the in game mechanics it included.  The realism in Forza Motorsport was one of the few things that added to the appeal of this game overall.  During races exterior damage was visible depending on how on performed during races similar to something you would see in a Gran Theft Auto game.  Also, Forza Motorsport had various game modes to choose from including Arcade, Career, Multiplayer, Time Trial and Free Run along with online gameplay through Xbox Live which made the gaming experience even more exciting.

The Career Mode in Forza Motorsport seemed very fun because not only did players have the ability to unlock new cars can various race tracks they also got level up as the game progressed while developing new relationships with various car manufactures from different countries around the world.  Also, the customization feature in Forza Motorsport allowed players to get very creative when it came down to decorating the exterior of their vehicles.  When customizing their cars players can change the color scheme while adding other parts to their vehicles such as rims for their tires.  When players select their cars they are generally presented with a brief set of statistics regarding a particular vehicle including Speed, Accel, Brake Corner, and Rarity.  Along with having a brief set of statistics for each car players are shown what type of vehicle they decide to choose along with year it was made.  For anyone who is a huge fan of racing games Forza Motorsport is one of the coolest racing series out there next to the Gran Turismo series.  Even though,  the original Forza Motorsport game is probably not considered the best in the series it was still a very fun game to play during the mid to late 00’s.

Retro Fighting Titles- Virtua Fighter 5: (2006)


As many people know the Viruta Fighter series has evolved dramatically since it started in the early 90’s.  When Sega AM2 developed and released Virtua Fighter 5 many people were impressed on how much the series has evolved in terms of in game mechanics and visual presentation.  When Virtua Fighter 5 was released there were multiple versions for this game including arcade, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 port which were all similar but slightly different.  Just like its predecessor Virtua Fighter 4 this game included many returning characters that are very popular in the series including Akira Yuki, Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant, Jacky Bryant, Lei- Fei and others.  Even though, Virtua Fighter 5 was a very exciting game to play many people enjoyed the “Final Showdown” version of this game even more.   Unlike, its predecessor Virtua Figher 4 there was no version of VF 5 that included a Quest Mode where emphasis was placed on currency.

Instead, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown included various other game modes including License Mode, Score Attack and Special Sparring which some people thoroughly enjoyed.  Along with those three game modes Virtua Fighter 5 had also included a traditional Arcade, Versus and Training option that would allow players to gain hours of offline gameplay.  This was especially true for those who owned a PlayStation 3 since online gameplay was mostly featured on the Xbox 360 at the time.  Despite, how exciting this game looks some people would argue that it was a tough game to learn how to play.  Even though, players may have a command list when trying to execute some the moves of each character in the game at times most of them seem hard to remember during actual battles against an opponent.   While Virtua Fighter may have been tough to learn for some people it also made for an exciting game for those who are long time fans of the series in general.