Should Nintendo Switch include live streaming features?


nintendo-switchAs many of us know live streaming is something that has become very within the gaming world .  Many people love Twitch as they often use it to chat with their friends while recording themselves as they play games online.   While Twitch has started to become very popular over the past few years it was recently announced not to long ago that Microsoft now owns Beam Streaming.  The fact that the Xbox One now has live streaming features makes Microsoft’s product a more valuable in the gaming market.  While the Nintendo Switch is hybrid console that includes many new exciting features the addition of live streaming would definitely be something many people would love to see on that game console.

Even though, Nintendo generally targets a much younger audience when it comes down to a majority of their games an online streaming feature would be something that make people want to buy the console if priced correctly.  As much as people would love to see a live streaming feature for the Nintendo Switch it seems unlikely that it will actually happen.  The fact that the Switch console will not feature streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu or Sling Tv makes many people wonder about Nintendo plans  for the future. If Nintendo ever decide to make any updates the to the Switch in the near future will it feature streaming apps like its previous game consoles such as the Wii-U or the 3DS?

Retro Games- Batman Arkham City: (2011)


If one is true fan of Batman then Arkham City is probably one of the best gaming titles that anyone could ever have.  When Batman Arkham City was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment many people highly impressed by how much the game improved in comparison to its 2009 prequel.    One of the many things that stands out about Batman  Arkham City was that the plot for this game was slightly darker than Arkham Asylum.


In this game Batman must help the Joker who is sick with a fatal disease by relying on one of his adversaries Dr. Freeze in order to develop a cure for it. In the process Batman was eventually captured by the Joker who managed to infect him with the blood disease along with the rest of the hospitals in Arkham City.  While seeking for a cure for the fatal disease Batman encounters various DC villains including Hugo Strange, Two Face, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Dr. Freeze, Penguin and Clayface.  The inclusion of Catwoman in the  game was also something that many people thought cool since she also would eventually become a playable character in the game.

Batman arkham city (2).jpg

Along with the plot the in depth combat system was one of the many features of this game that was very appealing.  The combat system allowed players to pull chain combos while attacking multiple enemies at once.  Also, the inclusion sophisticated gadgetry made the game appear far more realistic than any other Batman game that came before it.  In terms of in game mechanics everything from the fighting to the gliding system seemed was well polished and it provided players with an unforgettable gaming experience.  Even though, the Riddler’s challenges were fun and kept players busy all throughout the game some people would probably argue that it becomes annoying after a while.


Along with the Riddler’s challenges the side quests in this game provided players with extra hours of gameplay which were among the many things that added to the over quality of this game.  The ending to this game is somewhat bittersweet because even though the Joker dies Batman actually intended on saving him despite what he tried to do.   Even though, the game is a few years old in terms of action adventure games Batman Arkham City would be considered instant classic.  The visual design and artwork of this game is amazing and the replay value is high.  The cinematic quality of Batman Arkham City is spectacular and there are seemingly endless things that players can do while they are trying to complete the game.

Should Capcom bring back more classic Disney titles on gaming networks?

mickey castle of illusion.jpg

As many of us know Capcom plans on releasing the Disney Afternoon Bundle sometime in April 2017.  While the bundle that Capcom plans on releasing includes so many cool games including Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers there are also some great classics that many other people would like to see re-released on modern consoles.  When anyone thinks about anything related to Disney one of the first names that instantly pops into their minds is Mickey Mouse.    Some might say that its a bit strange that Capcom is re-releasing older Disney games that were popular back in the late 80’s and early 90’s while none of them includes Mickey Mouse.

Even though, Mickey Mouse was is very popular and one of the biggest names in Disney when it came down to after school or weekend television shows. Programs such as Darkwing Duck and Ducktales stood out more to some people who grew up during the early 90’s.  When it comes down to additional video games that people may want Capcom to re-release in a bundle various other Disney games come to mind.   There are so many cool titles such as Mickey Castle of Illusion, Goof Troop, Disney Magical Quest and The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickie and Minnie that many people would love to see re-released on gaming networks such as the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

What if Mario remained a villain in the 80’s?


Sometimes is hard for many people to think about how different the gaming industry would have been like if Mario stayed a villain in Donkey Kong Jr.  Prior to becoming one of the most iconic platform game heroes in the history of gaming Mario was actually a bad guy back in 1982.  In the prequel for Donkey Kong Jr.  Mario was the main protagonist because Donkey Kong had kidnapped his ex-girlfriend Pauline forcing him go through countless obstacles to rescue her.   In the Donkey Kong Jr. game Mario wanted to take revenge on Donkey Kong by capturing him while trying to destroy DK Jr. for trying to rescue him.  While some may argue that Mario was justified in his actions others would probably say that he went a little too far. Either way, if Mario had remained a villain back in the early 80’s then who could have been the face of Nintendo from the mid-80’s forwards?  Since the 80’s we have seen many big names emerge on various Nintendo games including Kirby, Link, Samus Aran, Fox McCloud and Captain Falcon.

Nintendo Characters.jpg

Whether any of these Nintendo based characters could have been the face of the company or not is debatable.  But if  Mario stayed a villain during 1982 would there have been a Super Mario Bros series?  Also, if the Super Mario Bros series never existed would there ever have been a Sonic the Hedgehog series during the 90’s ?  When comes down to the platforming genre of gaming Mario is probably the most recognizable name in the industry.  When it comes down to 2D platforming titles the Super Mario Bros series had the best selling games of all-time.  In terms of who could have replaced Mario has the face of Nintendo is highly debatable and even hard to imagine since most of his games have remained excellent since the 80’s.  In terms of popularity the Legend of Zelda series could be considered as  somewhat of a rival to Super Mario.  In fact, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the hottest game in stores around the world shortly after Nintendo released  in March 2017 for newest Switch console.   The amount of names who could have possibly have replaced Mario as the face of Nintendo are endless but many would probably argue that if Mario remained a villain in the 80’s the landscape of Nintendo as we know it would be completely different.



Retro RPG Games- Mass Effect II: (2010)


When it comes down to RPG titles of the 10’s decade one of the many games  that instantly come to mind to many people is how cool Mass Effect II was.  When Mass Effect II was developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts in 2010 many people fans and critics alike where highly impressed by this RPG classic.  Not only was Mass Effect II a cinematic masterpiece but the concept of having the plot for this game connected with prequel and sequel was brilliant.   The decisions that players made in the first Mass Effect game would be carried over into Mass Effect II which made the original title more desirable to play beforehand.  This single-player Action RPG not only has great storytelling but it also has an amazing visuals with optimal gameplay features in comparison to its prequel.  The beginning of the game was interesting because the story takes place shortly after the events of the original Mass Effect.

Mass Effect II (2)

Also, Commander Shepard who apparently died during the beginning of the game is revived a few years later which was something many people did not expect.  After coming back to life Shepard is given a new starship known as Normandy SR-2 along with being expected to create a team of multiple individuals.  While Shepard works  for Cerberus he makes some interesting discoveries on his journey regarding a plot that involves the Collectors in regards to the development of a “Human-Reaper”.  Along with having an interesting plot there were other features in Mass Effect II such as the class system, freedom of choice, gameplay, voice acting along with the artistic design that was very impressive.  The side quests in this game were also something special since each one had intriguing plots while giving players more things do while gaining extra hours of gameplay.  Since its release Mass Effect II has sold over 3.1 million units worldwide for the Xbox 360 while reaching over 1.4 million for the PlayStation 3.   Mass Effect II was probably one of the coolest RPG that one could play for the Xbox 360 and was definitely a game that exceeded the quality of its predecessor in more ways than one.

Should Nintendo make another Mario RPG for the Switch?

paper mario
The Super Mario RPG game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was considered a classic that sold millions around the world following its release in the early 90’s.  While we have seen other Mario RPG like titles such as Paper Mario on past game consoles such as the Nintendo 64, GameCube and the Wii.   If Nintendo were to make another game similar to the original Mario RPG title that would be something that many people would love to see.  However, since Nintendo and Square Enix had a fallout back in the 90’s that unlikely to happen.  While its possible that we may get another Paper Mario game for the Switch console Nintendo is currently in a position to do far more with the Mario series than before.

In terms of gameplay and graphics the Switch is considered to be one of the most powerful game consoles that Nintendo has ever made.  Also, since the Switch console supports the Unreal Engine 4 Nintendo can definitely make a groundbreaking Mario RPG title could exceed the quality of the Nintendo Wii.  Since the Nintendo Switch is a brand new console a new Mario RPG game along with the likes of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey it would probably one of the main attractions for that system.  While the Paper Mario series was fun for most people having a 3D Mario RPG title would the Switch console would be extraordinary.  Since Nintendo loves to reinvent themselves with their accessories and their games trying something completely new with the Mario series would definitely turn the heads of fans in the gaming industry.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Street Fighter X Tekken: (2012)

Street Fighter X Tekken (2)

When Street Fighter X Tekken was first released for multiple game consoles back in 2012 many people were very excited to see how great this title would be.  A crossover game between Street Fighter and Tekken was at least fifteen years in the making prior to when it actually happened.   While the gameplay and graphics for Street Fighter X Tekken were impressive some would probably argue that the story could have been better.  Even though, some might say that Street Fighter X Tekken lacked a strong story mode other would argue that the Pandora concept was a creative way to bring the two different universes together in this game.      Street Fighter X Tekken had included a large roster of characters included household names such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, Akuma, Nina, Jin, Askua, Lili, Kazuya and others.

Street Fighter X Tekken.jpg

The gaming mechanics in this game were pretty cool because it allowed players to pull of various different types of moves with their characters including Partner Cancels, EX Attacks and Super Arts attacks.  The “Gem System” a nice gaming mechanic because it allowed players to boost the stats of their characters going into battle.  While the stats that gems increase range from attack and speed all the way to defense players were only allowed to choose three before battle.  Another significant feature in this game included “Pandora Mode” which was especially helpful if one of the two characters a player is controlling is on the verge of losing a battle.  The only catch about “Pandora Mode” is the fact that it only lasts for a short period of time and if players to fail to lose it on their opponents they while lose the ability altogether.


As exciting as this game was with both an offline and with a online multiplayer game mode Street Fighter X Tekken did not sell quite as much as people expected.  In terms of sales the PlayStation 3 port came the closest to reaching one million in sales in comparison to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Vita.  Much like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 released back in 2011 players had a greater preference for the PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken.  The PlayStation 3 version Street Fighter X Tekken seemed more promising with the likes of Mega Man & Pac Man as downloadable characters.  Many people would probably agree that Street X Tekken not only deserved an arcade release but also a direct sequel to follow it which is something that we are all looking forward to