Could Red Dead Redemption have been a huge success during the early 00’s?

When comes down to popular games of the 10’s decade one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is the original Red Dead Redemption game which was released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in 2010. Since its release Red Dead Redemption has been seen as a cult classic and managed to sell over 15 million copies in less than two weeks. While the graphics and the visual quality of Red Dead Redemption added to the overall appeal of the game itself the same thing would not have been the case if it was released in the early 00’s. Despite, having more inferior visuals on a console like the PS2 or Xbox Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been just as popular back in the early 00’s as it was in 2010.

However, its questionable whether or not Red Dead Redemption would have sold as much as it did in a short period of time if it were released 8-9 years earlier than it was. Back in the early 00’s we had games such as GTA: III, GTA: Vice City, Halo and other that became very popular as action-adventure shooters for that decade as a whole. But since the Gran Theft Auto were games also developed by RockStar Red Dead Redemption could have definitely of had the same amount of success that it did if it were released around ’03 for the PS2 or sometime in the mid 00’s on the PS3.

Upcoming Switch Games- Minecraft: (2018)

For those who are into action adventure simulation games you will be happy to know that Minecraft will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. As of right now the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft is set to be released on June 21st and will be title that allows up to 8 players. The beta like 3D visuals is one main things about Minecraft that many people will find appealing.

Also, the creative and survival modes in the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft allows players to do numerous things such as explore different worlds while building houses and castles. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will be priced at $29.99 for either a digital or physical copy of the game. It will be a to see how well the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will do in terms of sales throughout the rest of 2018.

Microsoft develops adaptive controller for disabled players

In terms of innovation Microsoft has developed a new gaming accessories that will allow players with disabilities to enjoy various games for the Xbox One. The Xbox Adaptive Controller will include 19.3 5mm jacks which is convenient because it will allow players to add external devices to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. The fact that Microsoft came up with a creative accessory for their game console that targets players with disabilities before Nintendo did is somewhat surprising.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller has a pretty nice design too it but there are some who would probably question the pricing of Microsoft’s new accessory. As of right now the Xbox Adaptive Controller is expected to be released later this year at the the price of $100. The exact release date of the Xbox Adaptive Controller has not yet been revealed but it will be interesting to see how well it does in terms of sales.

TurboGrafx 16 (1987) vs 3DO (1993) which game console was more successful?

When it comes down to retro game consoles of the 80’s and 90’s time period there are so many systems that comes to mind such as the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PS1, Dreamcast, N64, Sega Saturn and many more. However, game consoles such as TurboGrafx 16 along with the 3DO system does not get talked about as much as other retro consoles from that time period.

TurboGrafx 16 was first released in Japan back in late 1987 and in America during the summer of 1989. Since it’s release the TurboGrafx 16 reportedly sold close to 6 million units worldwide. Some can make the argument that the TurboGrafx 16 could have been far more successful if the NES was not around during the 80’s in addition to the emergence of the Sega Mark III/Master System in 1985-1986 which ended being more superior in terms of graphics and visuals. Despite, how low the sales of the TurboGrafx 16 was it still ended doing than the 3DO which came out in 1993.

The 3DO was released years after Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis came out. Also, the 3DO was released about a before the PS1 and the Sega Saturn was first released in Japan in late 1994. The reason why the 3DO only ended up selling 2 million was mainly due to stiff competition during the console war back in the 90’s. While the 3DO was a pretty decent console some would probably give the edge to the TurboGrafx 16 as being an overall success.

Classic Gaming- Phantasy Star: (1987)


Phantasy Star is another classic game developed by Sega which was released during the later part of 1987.  This title was considered to be a groundbreaking RPG game that included both gameplay and features that would many people would consider superior in comparison to the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Many people would argue that the gameplay for Phantasy Star was ahead of its time for a game produced in the late 80’s.  While competing with rival RPG games such as Final Fantasy this title had included crisp graphics along with 3D like sequences when passing through tunnels.  Another cool feature included the first person view utilized when a player enters battle which deviates from the traditional format of combat used in many other RPG games.


Phantasy Star focuses the main protagonist Alis Landale quest to stop King Lassie along with her friends Myau, Odin and Noah within a setting called Algol.  In this game King Lassie had become corrupted by the Dark Force that led him to discover a new religion.  Finding a new religion has led to King Lassie to create political oppression within his jurisdiction while allowing monsters to roam freely throughout his kingdom.  Throughout the King’s corrupted reign he is assisted by villainess named Medusa who helps Lassie achieve his agenda.  Even though, some people might have felt that the plot for the game was generic and lacked complexity many would probably agree that the storytelling was very good and grabbed the attention of players.  The soundtrack for this game composed by Tokuhiko Uwabo was also very exciting and kept players glued to the game along with the colorful spites and fast paced action during battle scenes.


Phantasy Star  had easily become one of Sega’s best games following it release and received highly positive reviews from critics and fans alike.  Publications such as  RP Gamer had given Phantasy Star a five star rating while AllGame scored it a perfect ten.  Phantasy Star was so popular that it made the “Greatest Games of All Time” list for publications such as 1up, Game Informer, and Electronic Gaming Monthly which awarded the title for “Best Graphics” in 1988.  Overall, Phantasy Star was one of the best RPG games released for the Sega console and while this game had  eventually received a remake in 2003 many people are very nostalgic about the feeling of excitement they had when they played for the first time in the late 80’s.