Should Capcom re-release the Street Fighter EX Trilogy for the PS4?

When it comes down to games in the Street Fighter series the EX are probably the most underrated depending on who you ask. While the Street Fighter EX games was not as popular as the Alpha or even the main series those three games did have high replay values back in the late 90’s and early 00’s for the PS1 and the PS2. Since Street Fighter has been getting a lot of mainstream attention as of late with the upcoming release of the 30th Anniversary Collection the EX series will not appear in the upcoming package on May 29th.

However, seeing a digitally remastered version of the three Street Fighter EX games on a console such as the PS4 would be awesome. Even, 2D gameplay better suits Street Fighter games in general seeing 3D fighting in any title within the series is very rare. Also, there were some cool characters in the EX series such as Skullomania, Hokuto, Doctrine Dark who never made to the main series at all. If Capcom re-released remastered versionss of the Street Fighter EX Trilogy it would definitely turn be something that would turn heads in the gaming world. But the likelihood of seeing a Street Fighter EX Trilogy re-release for the PS4 seemed unlikely as of right now.

Upcoming Games- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection: (2018)

If you are a huge fan of the the Street Fighter series then you will be happy to know that Capcom will be releasing a collection of every game in the set from the original 1987 title all the way up to 3rd Strike which came out in 1999. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the legendary Street Fighter series has been around for at least decades now. The Street Fighter series was arguably at its peak in terms of popularity during the 90’s before making a comeback in the late 00’s with the emergence of Street Fighter IV.

As of right now the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is set to be released on multiple game consoles including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in May 2018. Not only will players have the chance to relive various classics in the Street Fighter series but they will also be able to join lobbies for online multiplayer gameplay. There is no doubt that the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is going to be a game that many fans of the series will look forward to purchasing in the future.

Could the Street Fighter EX series have worked on Sega consoles during the 90’s?

Capcom had some pretty cool games when it came down to the Street Fighter series.  When the Street Fighter EX series started in the mid 90’s games where focused mainly on PlayStation consoles and despite how impressive they were there are some who could not help but feel that it could have also worked on the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.  In terms of quality a Street Fighter EX game would have looked beautiful on the Sega Dreamcast.

However, Dreamcast was not one the same level in terms of popularity as the PS1 in countries like America, UK or even Japan.  Also, if the first Street Fighter EX game was released on Sega Saturn on one hand it would make people want to buy the console on the other hand nobody would have cared and it could have sold much less than the PS1 version of the game.

Was Marvel vs Capcom Infinite a better game than Street Fighter V?

When it comes down to fighting games developed by Capcom we have seen countless titles that have been considered a major success for many years.  While there have been some praise and criticisms of both Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Street Fighter V they are arguably the best fighting games that the gaming world has seen within the past three years.

However, there has been debate on which game was better in terms of graphics, gameplay and overall quality.  The cool thing about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was the inclusion of a story which was something that was never seen in the past three preceding.  But despite how creative the story mode was fans would often complain about the roster of the game. While we did see some familiar faces such as Ryu, Morrigan, Iron Man, Captain America and even Mega Man who absent in MvC3  there were characters from X-Men that people really wanted see in the game and did not get to at all.  

Back when Street Fighter V came  in February 2016 it was criticized by fans mainly due to its premature release.  However, when Capcom started adding more content to Street Fighter V with the addition of a story mode more people were impressed by the game overall.   

In terms of quality both games were creative as far as story modes are concerned.  It will be tough to tell if the sequels for either Marvel vs Capcom Infinite or Street Fighter V will be similar or not considering the fact that the producer for both games Peter Rosas went separate ways with Capcom last month.  But terms of which game was better overall some would probably say that Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom were about even in terms of quality.  

Should Ultra Street Fighter 2 be released for the Nintendo 3DS?

To ask whether or not Ultra Street Fighter 2 should be released for the Nintendo 3DS is one that is very interesting.  Even though the Nintendo Switch as been doing very good in terms of sales Ultra Street Fighter II looks like a game that could work on handheld device.  While the Nintendo Switch is considered to be a hybrid console many people use to seeing old school video game remakes on Game Boy and other Nintendo handheld devices.

However, the Street Fighter II series is generally regarded as one of the best when it comes down to the fighting genre of gaming.  It deserve to be released for a home console more than it did for the Nintendo 3DS.

Could the Street Fighter EX series have worked on the N64?

The Street Fighter EX series is considered to be underrated by many people who are fans of the series.  In fact the Street Fighter EX series was the only group of games that featured 3D gameplay that was similar Tekken.  When it came down to gameplay and graphics the N64 was more superior then the 32 bit PS1.  The loading times and the graphics for the Street Fighter EX titles were among the few things that deduced from the overall quality of the past games.   

When it came down to fighting titles of the mid to late there were many games that we saw on the PS1 both 2D and 3D considering the fact that Nintendo decided to stick to utilizing cartridges instead of CD Roms for gaming media.  However, the N64 did produce some decent yet somewhat unrecognizable fighting titles such as Flying Rift, Mace the Dark Age, Fighters Destiny, Killer Instinct 2, etc.  While the Street Fighter EX series may have had better gameplay and graphics for the N64 it may not have become as popular as it did if was not featured on the PS1 in the mid to late 90’s.

Did Ultra Street Fighter II perform well in sales during its first week?

Ultra Street Fighter II Final Challengers (3).jpg

There were many retro gamers who were excited to see the release for the of Ultra Street Fighter II for the Nintendo Switch back in May 2017.   The Street Fighter II series is probably the most popular set of video games in the fighting genre that the world has ever seen and has received constant remakes since its inception back in 1991.  While its tough to debate which version of Street Fighter II is the best one thing that many people can agree on is that the series itself if legendary.  Ever since, Ultra Street Fighter II was released back in May 2017 the game has reportedly sold over 98,000 units worldwide which is very impressive for a retro game.

Ultra Street Fighter II Final Challengers (2).jpg

Even though, the game did not sell as much as Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix which was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Portable back in 2008;  Street Fighter II is still a classic that people would spend a lot to purchase because its replay value.  When Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was first released in 2008 ,it reportedly sold over 130,000 units within its first week.  While some might say the sales for Ultra Street Fighter II has not been so great since its release the game has only been available for less then three months.  Before the year is over Ultra Street Fighter can possibly reach over 100,000 units worldwide in terms of sales.  In fact, since many people nowadays yearn for old school 2D gaming it almost seems like a guarantee.

Could the Street Fighter Alpha series have worked on the N64?

Street Fighter Alpha 2

It was actually surprising to see that there were no Street Fighter Alpha games for the Nintendo 64 since they were all featured on the Sony PlayStation.  The last Street Fighter game to have been featured on a Nintendo console was Street Fighter Alpha 2 which was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1996.   The quality for the PS1 version Street Fighter Alpha 2 was obviously more superior than the SNES version considering the fact that one of the consoles ran 32 bit games while the other did 16 bit titles.  The fact that Capcom was able to release Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the SNES but no games for the N64 was something that many people found puzzling.  Not only was the Nintendo 64 supposed to be a stronger game console than the PS1 but it was also released the same year that Street Fighter Alpha 2 was released as well.


Since the original Sony PlayStation console was a 32 bit console some people would probably question on whether or not Street Fighter Alpha 3 would have ran better on the Nintendo 64 which was a 64 bit game system.  If the N64 had better 3D graphics than the Sony PlayStation then running 2D titles on the Nintendo 64 would have been no problem.  The idea of having Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Nintendo 64 would have been especially appealing to gamers considering the fact most N64 did not include lengthy loading screens.

Did the CP System II have the best fighting games?

Marvel vs Street Fighter.jpg

When its comes down to fighting titles in the gaming industry one of the best time periods to be a fan of the genre was the 90’s.  The CP System II had included some of the most innovative fighting that the world has seen including Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, DarkStalkers: Night Warriors, X-Men: Children if the Atom and more.

x men vs street fighter

When it comes down to crossover fighting titles X-Men vs. Street Fighter was a game thar some people feel does not get as much credit as it deserves.  In fact, the Marvel vs Capcom series actually started with this game back in the mid 90’s following its arcade release worldwide.   There were many things about X-Men vs Street Fighter that were impressive such as the character sprites, stage designs, Super moves along with the soundtrack which made this game memorable arcade classic.

One of the most memorable 2D crossover games for the CP System II was Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Heroes which was originally released in arcade centers back in 1998.  Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Heroes was one of the few games that many people bought the Sega Dreamcast for since it was closer to the arcade version than the PlayStation version. 


Along with the Marvel vs Capcom series we also got the Street Fighter Alpha series which were probably some of the best games in the series that Capcom had developed back in the 90’s.    Despite, how great CP System II was in terms of visual presentation it would have been a while before it started to get old.  Besides the mid to late 90’s was a transitional period in the gaming industry where basic 3D graphics were starting to become favored more going into the 00’s.

Should World Tour Mode return to the Street Fighter series?

Street Fighter V (3)

As many of us know World Tour Mode was something that was included in Street Fighter Alpha 3 following its release for the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast in the late 90’s.  In terms of offline single player gameplay World Tour mode was probably one of the most innovative features that Capcom has ever included in a Street Fighter game.   The concept of having to fight different opponents around the world while defeating them under special conditions was something that contributed to the overall replay value of Street Fighter Alpha 3.  In fact, players were lucky if they even completed World Tour mode since it was tougher than it looked.

Street Fighter V Map.jpg

In addition to the online multiplayer battle modes where players can fight other people online the World Tour mode would make an excellent addition to single player modes that are normally featured in Street Fighter titles.   Generally, when it comes down to Street Fighter titles players have limited options in terms offline game mode which  was a trend that might have possibly started following the release of SFIV.   The Street Fighter Alpha 3 game had so many offline gameplay options that players would definitely think twice before selling their game.  With game modes like World Tour and Dramatic Battle the Street Fighter Alpha series was one that was unforgettable.  The idea having having game modes like World Tour and Dramatic Battle along with an action pack story/arcade mode and multiplayer online gameplay is something that many fans of series have been craving for and hopefully it will be something Capcom might consider doing in the future.