Details regarding the Story Mode for Dying Light 2!!!

One of the few things that everyone is talking about right now in relation gaming is Dying Light 2. For those who do not know Techland’s upcoming survival-horror action role-playing game is set to be released sometime this year on a date that has yet to be revealed. While we have been seeing various screenshots and gameplay trailers of Dying Light 2 dating all the way to E3 2018 many people have all questioned what to expect from this installment as far as the story mode is concerned. It has recently been revealed that the gameplay for the story mode of Dying Light 2 will not be as difficult as its 2015 predecessor. In fact, the story mode caters to players by giving them significant advantages that would help them complete it much faster. In the story mode for Dying Light 2 player’s attacks will do more damage to the undead without them having to consume as much stamina as previous game. Also, when player access medical kits their health will be replenished even more so than that Dying Light 1.

In addition, to the gameplay being much easier players will receive more money for selling items to traders while losing only half of their experience points after losing their within the story mode for Dying Light 2. Those who played the first Dying Light game will find that its sequel will more forgiving in terms of gameplay while maintaining its realism foes becoming more powerful to deal with during the game’s cycle. Hopefully, we will get an official release date for Dying Light 2 by the time we get to E3 2020 or even before then.

Will the PlayStation 5 be Sony’s final game console?

There has been a lot of speculation as of late regarding the future of Sony gaming as it pertains to the PlayStation 5. Rumors have been circulating that the PlayStation 5 night possibly be Sony’s final console due to the fact that gaming in general has been evolving especially within the last decade. It seems like companies such as Microsoft and Google plans on placing more emphasis on targeting mobile gamers since almost everyone now has a smartphone nowadays. While Project Scarrlet is also one that is speculated to be Microsoft’s final game system the company has been interested in focusing more cloud based since 2017 when the Xbox One X was first released. There has also been speculation that Nintendo is planning on focusing more on mobile gaming in future most likely after the Nintendo Switch starts to get old around the mid part of the 2020’s decade.

Also, while Sony has not confirmed that the PS5 will indeed be the company’s final game system this something that is really big. Sony has been producing game consoles since 1994 when they released the PS1. Sony had released the PS2 back in late 2000 and since then has become the best selling game console in history. While the PS3 managed to reach at least 87 million in sales it still came short of that of the PS2 which reached over 150 million units sold. As far as the PS4 is concerned its probably the best selling console of the 10’s decade since its reached over 100 million units in sales since its initial release in November 2013. While the PS4 did excellent sales throughout most of the 10’s decade the truth is Sony will never have another console that sells as much as the PS2. Gaming consoles are slowly becoming obsolete and mobile gaming along with cloud-based gaming are starting to become more popular. Not to mention PC users have a ton of fun on Steam along with the fact that Virtual Reality gaming has yet to reach its peak in terms of technology in general.

Google Stadia coming to more mobile devices on February 20th!!!

The Google Stadia is a gaming service that has been receiving a lot of mainstream attention since its launch back in November 2019. While Google Stadia has been looked at mainly a positive light throughout 2019 prior to its release others have been skeptical about Google’s cloud based streaming service. While Google obviously has issues trying to reach out to a specific audience of gamers it seems like the business has a new strategy to engage those who are into cloud-based gaming. It was recently announced by Google that Stadia will be accessible on a few Android phones within the Samsung, Razer and Asus series. For those who are owners of any Samsung Galaxy phones of the S8, S9, S10 & S20 series you will soon be able to access Google’s cloud-based streaming service. Also, for those who own the Razer Phone I & II or the ASUS ROG I & II you will also have access to the Google Stadia starting on February 20th as well.

There are many people within the gaming world who wonder whether or not having the Google Stadia on more mobile devices will effect its level of popularity in various countries around the world. Also, Google had also mentioned back in January 2020 that at least 120 additional gamers are expected to be added to the Stadia throughout the rest of the year. Its not guaranteed that the inclusion of more games on Stadia along with the service being available on additional mobile devices will contribute to more success. However, there is no so doubt that the Google’s cloud-based service will definitely become more popular throughout 2020 while being a potential threat to game consoles such as the PS4 & Xbox One.

Diablo & Overwatch receiving new animation series?

As far as big news within the gaming world is concerned one of the few things that people are talking about right now involved the possibility of receiving two new animated series for both Diablo & Overwatch. The news regarding the adaptation of the Diablo & Overwatch series had broke when Activision’s co-founder Nick Van Dyk had revealed the information through a LinkedIn post. There was no official announcement made by Activision about the anime series regarding both Diablo & Overwatch but it does seem like these are projects that Activision will be placing a lot of time and emphasis on throughout 2020. For those who do not know the Diablo series has been around since ’97 while the Overwatch series had began in the later part of 2015. If the speculation regarding the development of a Diablo animated series is accurate it will be interesting to see how much and what sagas the adaption covers. The fact that Activision is doing something big with both Diablo & Overwatch is pretty cool especially since the company plans on releasing Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 sometime within the next few years.

As it currently stands Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 have no official release dates and its possible that we can learn more about each game during E3 2020 this upcoming summer if Activision decides has any plans on making it happen. But as far as the Diablo & Overwatch animated series are concerned if there is an official announcement regarding both projects hopefully we will learn a lot more within the next few weeks in terms of what to expect. While both the Diablo & Overwatch series has become very popular during the 10’s decade seeing animated series for both would be a pretty cool way to start off the 2020’s decade.

Retro Gaming 00’s- WWE WrestleMania XIX: (2003)

When we think about retro wrestling games that were considered underrated classics from the 00’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is WrestleMania XIX for the Nintendo GameCube. WrestleMania XIX was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ and was initially released in September 2003 months following the actual pay-per-view event which took place on March 30th that year. As far as the game itself was concerned WWE WrestleMania XIX was definitely a significant forward from its 2002 predecessor WrestleMania X8 which also appeared exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. The graphics in WrestleMania XIX looked much better and had arguably one of the greatest rosters that you would ever see in a wrestling game. The in game mechanics in WrestleMania XIX was also more robust as pertained grappling/striking while allowing players to bust the opponents naturally or through the use of weapons. There were various match types that players could choose from such Single, Tag-Team, Cage, Hell in a Cell and others which many people may have enjoyed. Throughout, each player had both a spirit meter allowing with the ability to utilize stored specials in order make their character perform their respective finishing maneuver.

Another feature WrestleMania XIX had was the inclusion of a brand new game mode which had never been seen in a wrestling game before. The “Revenge Mode” introduced in WrestleMania XIX was rather interesting because it was more mission-based and included players completing various objectives in various venues with their selected character. The whole purpose of Revenge Mode is for the player to even with his boss following their termination at the beginning of the story. The completion of various yet increasing difficult tasks eventually leads players to go one on one with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XIX who proved to be more challenging than most people would want to admit.

After completing Revenge Mode players eventually gain access to various locations they fought at outside of the squared-circle and have the ability to engage in multiplayer games that involved eliminating their opponents, smashing up objects or capturing important items. The WrestleMania XIX game also included a training mode for beginners who wanted to get better along with detailed stats on each character. Players also had the ability to create their own wrestler within WWE WrestleMania XIX and were given more material to work with in comparison to that of its 2002 predecessor. As pro-wrestling sports game WWE WrestleMania XIX was definitely one of the coolest games within that genre during the 00’s along with the likes of Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, WWE Smackdown vs Raw: ’06 & ’07 and WWE Day Of Reckoning 2.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Rayman: Origins: (2011)

When some think about some of the most underrated platform titles from the early 10’s one of the few non-Mario that people instantly think about is Rayman: Origins from 2011. Rayman: Origins was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft and was 2D platforms which appeared on multiple consoles between late-2011 and 2012. Rayman: Origins appeared on game systems such the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows. The reason why Rayman: Origins was such a big deal following its release was mainly because it was the first major game within the series that the world got to see since Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc from 2003. One of the few things that both critics and fans liked about Rayman: Origins was the fact that 3D gameplay was ditched while seeing series return to its 2D platforming roots. Rayman: Origins not only had basic but compelling story the visuals for the game was very impressive. It should be noted that Rayman: Origins was developed using a slightly new game engine at the time known as UbiArt Framework which was created back in 2010. Despite, being the first major entry within its series since ’03 Rayman: Origins has reportedly fell under sales expectations despite being praised as a solid 2D platformer.

Even though, Rayman: Origins is considered to be among the best platform games within its series and quite possibly ’11 in general it many not be considered the best Rayman of all-time. In fact, some might argue that aside from the first two Rayman games from ’95-’99 the two games Rayman: Legends & Rayman: Fiesta Run from 2013 were two of the best titles that series had produced in within the past 25 years of its existence depending on who you ask. While Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc received fairly decent reviews following its release it did not seem quite as popular as the two PS1 games from the ’90s or the titles we got to see between the ’11-’13 time period.

Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console worth over $200,000?

One of the few things that the gaming world has beet buzzing about as of late is the rare Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console which was developed back in the early 90’s. There are of hardcore gamers who know the story behind the fallout between Nintendo and Sony back in the early 90’s as it pertained to both companies doing business with each other. Both Sony & Nintendo were expected to release a joint console that accepted CD-ROM’s opposed to cartridges sometimes during the mid 90’s possibly 1994. The Nintendo-PlayStation was never officially released which lead to Sony & Nintendo competing against each other since the 90’s. While Sony created their own game console known as the PS1 that utilized CD-ROM’s Nintendo had eventually released the cartridge-based N64 console during ’96. Based on how the console wars went from the mid 90’s to the early 00’s many would agree that Nintendo’s fallout with Sony back in ’94 was far more detrimental to company than it was helpful during the long run.

While the Nintendo-PlayStation console was never officially released a prototype version of the game system has been subjected to very high bids by gamers as of late. The bidding for the retro Nintendo-PlayStation prototype has recently exceeded $200,000 which is something that is very had to believe. But at the same time its not to hard to believe that the Nintendo-PlayStation prototype is value at over $200,000 since a very small number of people around the world has ever played a video game on it. While the Nintendo-PlayStation console may not seem like such a big deal to contemporary gamers it was such a big deal back in the early 90’s because it looked like it was ahead of its time. The idea of having a console that accepted SNES-cartridges along with CD based games seemed really innovative back in the 90’s especially since we never saw another console during that time period that included both of those features. While the bidding prices for Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console seems outrageous at over $200,000 its not too surprising to many because its very unlikely that you will find it at a used video game store. Also, the cartridge/CD-ROM based prototype console from ’94 was quite possibly the first and only console that the world was ever going to see from Nintendo & Sony.