Retro Gaming 90’s- Streets Of Rage: (1991)

As far as beat em up classics from the 90’s are concerned one of the most popular titles that we got to see back in the day was the Streets Of Rage from 1991. The original Streets Of Rage game was developed and published by Sega and was one that competed with Nintendo’s Final Fight series back in the early 90’s. As far as quality and overall lasting appeal is concerned many people would argue that it was not quite as popular as its ’92 successor Streets Of Rage II. Unlike, sequel the original Streets Of Rage game had 8-bit like graphics that looked that looked inferior but nonetheless had a basic but interesting storyline. Players have the option of choosing three ex-police officers Adam, Blaze Fielding and Axel Stone in order to combat chaos in a unnamed city taken over by criminal syndicate lead by Mr. X. One of the most memorable aspects that Sega presented in Streets Of Rage was its soundtrack which was produced by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro. There were songs such as Fighting In The Street, Moon Beach, Violent Breathing that were included in certain stages and added life to the game itself and are still somewhat popular to this day.

Also, the fact that Street Of Rage had included multiple endings was something that added to the game’s overall replay value. The original Streets Of Rage game gave players the option of defeating Mr. X towards the end versus having both players fight against each other within its co-op mode. If the player who joins Mr. X defeats the one who does not they get the bad ending. The player who refused to join the crime syndicate had to defeat the disloyal protagonist along with Mr. X in the end thus making the good ending even more difficult to achieve. In fact, as players progress towards the end of the game each became increasingly more difficult which made Streets Of Rage a more exciting beat em up title altogether. As far as Mega Drive classics are concerned Streets Of Rage is a title that within the top ten of many people’s list in relation to 16-bit games from the early 90’s.

Was Aladdin an underrated video game for the Sega Genesis?

As many people know one of the biggest Disney movies from the early 90’s Aladdin was very popular following its release in movie theaters in November 1992. The following year in ’93 Aladdin was released for the Sega Genesis and since then was also ported for various game systems including the NES, Game Boy, DOS and Amiga. Since its release Aladdin was critically acclaimed for the following its release for the Sega Genesis and managed to sell at least 4 million units worldwide making one of the most successful games on that console aside from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The gameplay for Aladdin was creative especially since players had the ability to collect gems in order to exchange them for lives that would help players complete the game itself.

Out of all the versions of Aladdin which came out since ’93 many would argue that the Sega Genesis port was superior than any other port in general. The fact that Aladdin never received an official SNES port is something that many people question to this day. Despite, how popular Aladdin was back in the early 90’s there were so many games on the SNES such as Mega Man X, F-Zero and others that could have easily overshadowed a SNES version of Aladdin which is probably one of the reasons why it never happened.

Could the original Mario Kart game have ever worked on the NES?

As many people know that he original Mario Kart game for the SNES is a Nintendo classic that many people still look favorably upon to this day. The 16 bit sprites and graphics were basically the defining features of the the original Mario Kart game and to some extent it resembled F-Zero which was also released for the SNES back in 1991. Since it’s release the original Mario Kart game had reached over 8 million units worldwide in sales and has also been re-released for the SNES Classic in September 2017.

If the original Mario Kart game was released for the NES opposed to the SNES the game may not have had as much success as it did. The 8 bit graphics of the NES would have detracted from the appeal that Mario Kart had on the SNES back in the early 90’s. Besides the racing genre of gaming was much bigger during the 90’s than it was in the late 80’s.

Mai Shiranui vs Morrigan Aensland which character is more popular?

Mai vs Morrigan

When it comes down to the gaming world both Mai Shiranui and Morrigan Aensland are considered to be two of the most popular female video game characters of the 90’s by many people.  In terms of which character is more popular between the two generally varies among many people who were fans of the fighting genre of gaming back in the 90’s and even to this day.  When Mai Shiranui had first made her appearance in Fatal Fury 2 she was seen as arguably the most popular character in the game.  In fact, in terms of popularity Mai Shiranui was often seen as SNK version of Chun-Li.

Mai Shiranui Dead of Alive 5.jpg

Since Fatal Fury 2 Mai Shiranaui has made numerous appearances in the King of Fighters series since 1994 and had recently appeared in the latest game King of Fighter XIV.  Aside from appearing on King of Fighters XIV back in the Summer of 2016 Mai Shiranui made an appearance in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round as a DLC guest character that same year due to her popularity in within the fighting genre of gaming.  While King of Fighters XIV and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round are considered to be good fighting games they were not quite as popular as the Marvel vs Capcom series which Morrigan Aensland has been featured in since 1999.

Morrigan DarkStalkers Resurrection.jpg

Morrigan Aensland has been around since DarkStalkers Night Warriors was first released back in 1994.  Since her appearance in the original DarkStalker game in the early 90’s Morrigan Aensland has been featured in a several high profile crossover titles such Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000,  Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and more recently Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.  Along with being featured in numerous crossover titles involving Capcom she appeared in DarkStalkers: Resurrection a collection of the older 2D titles in the series which was praised by both fans of the series along with critics following its release back in the Spring of 2013.   In terms of fighting titles many can easily argue that Morrigan has appeared in more high profile games than Mai Shiranui has over the past two decades.  However, since Capcom has become more popular than SNK on a mainstream level in terms of gaming it only makes sense than Morrigan has appeared in bigger fighting titles than Mai Shiranui.  In terms of which character is more popular overall really depends on whether your more of a Capcom or SNK fan.

Could the Final Fight series have worked on the Sega Genesis?

The Final Fight series is one of the most legendary beat em up video game series of all time. Since its inception in the late 80’s the Final Fight series had managed to become very popular on the SNES before the beat em up genre of gaming started to decline in the early 90’s leading to the rise of popularity of fighting titles such as Street Fighter II.  

But since the Final Fight series was mostly on the SNES some people wonder whether or not it could have worked on the Sega Genesis. Final Fight could have definitely worked on the SNES however the series has been competing with the likes of the Streets of Rage series in the early 90’s as far as the beat em up genre is concerned. However, Capcom had choose the Sega Genesis over the SNES for the Final Fight series it may not have been as successful as it was back in the day.  

Will the SNES Classic sell more than the Wii-U?

At this point it would not be too surprising if the SNES Classic eventually went one to surpass the Wii-U in terms of worldwide sales.  As of right now it looks like the Nintendo Switch is definitely going to surpass the Wii-U in terms of overall sales.  As it currently stands the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 7.63 million units worldwide in less than a year while the Wii-U has reached over 13 million units in total.

While the SNES Classic is popular right now it’s kinda hard to predict whether or not it will surpass the Wii-U in terms of sales within a few years.  But then again we probably won’t see another retro based game console like the SNES Classic for a while.  

Could the popularity of SNES Classic lead to the revival of 16 bit gaming? 

The SNES Classic is quite possibly the most popular game console in retail stores right now.  In fact it seems like the SNES Classic has been talked about more than the PS4 or the Xbox One back in September of 2017.  The fact that pre orders for  the retro based game console sold out very fast shows the world how popular the SNES was back in the 90’s and how nostalgia has contributed to more people having a strong desire to purchase the SNES Classic in the late 10’s.

While the 16 bit started to decease back in the mid 90’s there are many retro gamers who believe that the 16 bit era wasn’t long enough.  When it comes down to 16 bit of gaming during the early to mid 90’s some would argue that the golden era video games took place around that particular time period.  While the SNES and the Sega Genesis had provided us with many unforgettable titles during the early 90’s it wouldn’t be a surprise to some of the popularity of the SNES Classic leads to a higher demand of more 16 bit video games in the future.  

Was Super Mario Bros 3 a better game than Super Mario World?  

When it comes down to the Super Mario Bros series both Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World were considered to be classics.  While Super Mario Bros 3 is considered to be one of the best selling titles for the NES Super Mario World is considered to be top SNES titles of all time.  The map feature that allowed players to travel to different levels was introduced in Super Mario Bros 3.  

But the world got to witness the introduction of Yoshi in addition to new villains and gameplay mechanics which made Super Mario World an unforgettable gaming experience.  Also, both games were so popular that a television series and a musical comedy television series were made based of the success of each title shortly after they were released.  Its really hard to choose between Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World in terms which game is better overall because they were both considered to be gems for the NES and the SNES consoles during the late 80’s and the early 90’s.  

Retro Gaming- Fatal Fury 2: (1992)

When it comes down to fighting games of the early 90’s Fatal Fury 2 was very popular in arcade centers worldwide.  However, despite how popular the game was Fatal Fury 2 was still overshadowed by games like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat.  Flat all Fury 2 arguably had better gameplay than both Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat especially with the inclusion of the two plane battle system which made battles more realistic.

Not only was the gameplay in Fatal Fury 2 impressive this game is where Mai Shiranui made her debut in the series.  Ever since Fatal Fury 2 was released back in the early 90’s Mai Shiranui has been generally regarded as arguably the most popular character in the series.  Along Mai Shiranui people had the opportunity of playing as various characters in the series including Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan, Joe Higashi and others.  Out of the entire Fatal Fury series the second game is probably the most popular one and it’s a classic that would be diff into find in used video game stores today because of its high replay value.  

Would the Nintendo GameCube be considered a better game console than the Wii-U?

The Nintendo GameCube was probably one of the most underrated game consoles of the 00’s.  With a Dolphin OS operating system and gaming mini discs that can hold up to 1.5 GB of data the Nintendo GameCube was very impressive.  In fact the Nintendo GameCube had managed to sell over 21 million units worldwide since its release back in the Fall of 2001.

The Wii-U on the other hand had managed to sell over 13 million units worldwide since its release back in the Fall of 2012.  Despite, being backwards compatible with Wii -U games while having between 8 to 32 GB of storage space it seemed like more people were interested in the original Wii console.  The original Wii console seemed less expensive than the Wii-U at the time.  Also, many people felt that the cost of the Wii-U was too expensive in 2012-2013.  While the Wii-U had better gameplay and visual quality than the GameCube it seems like the console was being outshined by the likes of Xbox One and the PS4.  Despite, not selling as much as the Nintendo GameCube many people will agree that the Wii-U was a better console overall.