Retro Gaming 00’s- Saint’s Row: (2006)

As far as big action-adventure titles from the 00’s are concerned many people might remember when the Saints Row series first began back in 2006. The first Saints Row title was developed by Volition and published by THQ and was a game that was considered to be an attraction on the Xbox 360 mainly because of its similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series. The gameplay for Saints Row is similar to that of GTA in the sense that players got to freely wonder in open world environments while engaging in various missions throughout the game itself. Also, the customization feature included in Saints Row was definitely appealing considering the fact that players had the option of choosing their own ethnicity & fitness which was something that was not really included in gang related action-adventure titles such as GTA III & GTA: Vice City. The plot for Saints Row is rather interesting especially since the plot of the game takes over place the same year the game was released which is 2006. The setting takes place in a city known as Stilwater controlled by three different criminal syndicates: Carnales, Westside Rollerz and the Vice Kings. In this game players go from passing the initiation process in relation to being apart of the 3rd Street Saints to being named the chief lieutenant of the group while helping them take control of Stilwater.

Since its initial release the original Saints Row game has been praised by fans and critics alike and managed to sell at least two million copies worldwide since its release. Saints Row has also seen a series of sequels since ’06 such as Saints Row 2 (2008), Saints Row: The Third (2011), Saints Row IV (2013) and the most recent installment Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell from 2015. While the original Saints Row game was fun there are many who would argue that Saints Row 2 from ’08 was even better and arguably the most popular title within the series thus far. As it currently stands many people are still waiting for a direct sequel to Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell. However, there has been no big announcements from Deep Silver lately in regards to another Saints Row game. While the original Saints Row game is a classic to many retro gamers some would argue that its one of the few action-adventure from the 00’s that deserves HD remake along with its successor Saint Row 2.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

As far as classics from the early 00’s are concerned in relation to gaming its almost impossible to talk about high profile games from that time period without mentioning Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. For those who do not on GTA: Vice City was developed and published RockStar and was initially released for the PlayStation 2 in October 2002. One of the things that made GTA: Vice City appealing was the fact that the plot of the game was set in the 80’s. In fact, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reminded many people of the Scarface movie which came out back in 1983. GTA: Vice City is played from a third person perspective as players control the main character Tommy Vercetti who is an ex-convict. As Vercetti players had to complete various missions in order to progress throughout the game in order to control the underworld drug trade in Vice City. GTA: Vice City was a game that impressed many people following its release for a variety of reasons including its visuals, gameplay and storyline which arguably stands out more than anything within the game. There were some interesting twists and revelations in GTA: Vice City from the discovery of Tommy setting up Sonny leading to his arrest to Lance double-crossing Tommy and being in cahoots with Sonny.

The gameplay itself for GTA: Vice City was also something that people who were new to the series could easily get into. Players could engage in various activities such as purchasing weapons and real estate along with getting their cars spray painted. Also, like most GTA titles there was a crime meter which was measured in stars with six being the most severe depending on how wanted the player is by police whether it be dead or alive. Vice City was an action-adventure game that was considered to be somewhat controversial due to its excessive violence and mature content. However, GTA: Vice City was one of the most popular video games on the PlayStation 2 in the early 00’s and ended reaching over 9.6 million copies in worldwide sales. In fact, Gran Theft Auto: Vice City ended becoming the fourth best selling game for the PS2 and is considered to be one of the best action-adventure games of the 00’s decade. Despite, seeing an HD intro of GTA: Vice City back in 2015 using the GTA V game engine having an official modernized version of the ’02 classic on current generation consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One would be sweet.

Does Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door deserve an HD Remake?

As far as classics from the early 00’s are concerned in relation to gaming there is no question that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was arguably one of the best RPG’s that the world had seen for the Nintendo GameCube. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was the direct sequel to the Paper Mario game that was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000 and was developed by Intelligent Systems. Since its release The Thousand Year Door has been praised by fans and critics alike for its unique storyline and its gameplay. Aside from how it looked Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door stood about because its gameplay mechanics were different from that of a traditional RPG. The storyline was pretty cool because in addition to controlling Mario who was the main character of the game players had the opportunity to be Princess Peach and Bowser within certain parts of game. Also, The Thousand Year Door saw the introduction of the Shadow Queen who was the main antagonist of the game that Mario had to defeat in order to rescue Princess Peach after she is captured. The idea of Princess Peach being kidnapped by a secret society and possessed by the Shadow Queen was something that was interesting and was arguably one of the most underrated storylines ever created in relation to the Mario series in general.

In fact, some might argue that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was a more memorable game than Super Mario Sunshine from 2002 which also appeared on GameCube. Despite, not becoming one of the top selling game for the Nintendo GameCube Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door was definitely an attraction on GameCube during between ’04-’06 and its an RPG title that many people would love to see re-released for the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo has made no announcements whatsoever about bringing The Thousand Year Door to the Switch console its definitely something that retro gamers from the 00’s would love to see.

Amazon’s Prime Video application discontinued for the Wii-U!!!!

It was recently not too long ago that Amazon has decided to do something which arguably should have been done years ago. For those who currently own a Nintendo Wii-U and still like to utilize various online applications the console has to offer unfortunately you will no longer be able to access Amazon’s Prime Video App for that console. For those who are unaware the Wii-U console was first released back in late 2012 and eventually discontinued back in early 2017 prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch. Some would probably argue that Amazon should have discontinued their application service on the Wii-U sometime between 2016-2017 especially since it was clear that the console ended up flopping in sales during its lifespan.

The discontinuation of Amazon’s Prime Video service is expected to occur this upcoming Fall on September 26th. However, the discontinuation of Amazon’s Prime Video service on the Wii-U is not such a big deal especially since there are various other platforms that people can use to access it. As it currently stands Amazon’s Prime Video application has not yet been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch but seeing how popular the console has been since Spring 2017 its like to appear on the hybrid console sometime in the future.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Viewtiful Joe: (2003)

As far as anything in relation to action, platform or beat em up genre are concerned one of the few titles of the past that people instantly think about is the original Viewtiful Joe game. For those do not know Viewtiful Joe was released back in the early 00’s for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 Between 2003-2004. Viewtiful Joe was considered to be a very unique game due to its creativity in relation to the plot taking place between the real world and Movieland. Also, Viewtiful Joe looked like a game that was ahead of its time especially in relation to the visuals because the use of 3D cel-shaded graphics was something that was not too common during the early 00’s. Throughout, Viewtiful Joe players engage in combat and solve various puzzles with abilities given through VFX Powers. Following the abduction of Joe’s girlfriend Silva players learn about Captain Blue’s history as a film creator while helping him survive in Movieland. With the inclusion of various boss battles along with adventurous levels both on land and undersea Viewtiful Joe was arguably one of the most exciting video games to have appeared on the Nintendo GameCube back in the early 00’s.

Since its release Viewtiful Joe has been praised by fans and critics alike and has been often view as a gem to retro gamers who are fans of beat em’ up and action-platformers in general. Viewtiful Joe was released during a time period where 3D action-adventure games along with first person shooters were starting to increase in popularity and was still considered to be success regardless. The original Viewtiful Joe game is often seen as one of Capcom’s most memorable titles of the 00’s decade and arguably the best installment within the series depending on who you ask. The first installment of Viewtiful Joe became so popular to a point where it received its own manga. As far as the Viewtiful Joe series in general is concerned we have not seen a game since the mid 00’s following the release of Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for the Nintendo DS in 2005. Its highly doubtful that Capcom will develop another installment of the Viewtiful Joe series since its been over a decade since we have seen one. However, if Capcom were to announce the release of a new Viewtiful Joe title in the future it would be something that would definitely turn a lot of heads within the gaming world.

Upcoming Games- Oninaki: (2019)

As far as upcoming games in relation to this summer is concerned there will be a new RPG title coming out in August 2019 that has many people talking. This upcoming role-playing game is one that was developed by Tokyo RPG Factory the gaming developer that worked on titles such as Lost Sphear and I am Tetsuna which were both released between 2016-2017. It should also be noted that Oninaki will be published your Square Enix one of the greatest RPG publishers of all-time and current has an online demo that people can check out before its release. Based on what we know Oninaki is an action-role-playing title that focuses on the story of the main protagonist known as the Watcher also called Kagachi who seeks to protect Life after Death.

As far as visuals are concerned the anime-like watercolor artwork seems alluring and is something that will definitely add to the overall quality of this upcoming action role-playing game. Oninaki will be released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows between August 21st-22nd. The Steam demo for Oninaki is currently available online and it can be pre-ordered for $44.99 which is 10% off of its original price. Oninaki could possibly end up becoming one of the hottest RPG’s of the summer and it will be interesting to see how successful the game becomes throughout the rest of 2019.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I (2010)

As far as memorable Sonic games are concerned in relation to the 10’s decade one of the titles that some people might remember is Sonic The Hedgehog 4 from 2010. Before Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was released in 2010 many people were hyped for it and had high expectations especially considering the fact that it was considered to be the direct sequel to Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles from 1994. Unlike Sonic 3/Knuckles the game utilized 3D visuals with 2D gameplay but it was something that seemed unique at the time especially since it mixed elements of both retro and modern gaming. Sonic The Hedgehog was developed by Dimps and Sonic Team and published by Sega and was released for various game consoles including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and multiple mobile platform between 2010 2013. In the first episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 people were thrilled to see Dr. Eggman as the main antagonist while players tried to stop his plans as Sonic.

However, some people were not to happy about the fact that Sonic was the only playable character. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was not nearly as popular as its predecessor Sonic 3 and retro gamers would sometimes criticize it for its absence of 16-bit gameplay. Since the first three Sonic games from the early 90’s were all 16-bit on the Sega Genesis there were fans who were longing for a sequel that followed that same formula. Despite, not being as popular as Sonic 3 there were many people who believed that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was a solid platformer and it eventually got a sequel in 2012. While Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I may not have her the best entry within the series it was still arguably better than a majority of 3D Sonic titles from the 00’s following Sonic Adventure 2 from 2001.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Perfect Dark: (2000)

As far as classic first person shooter games are concerned in relation to the 2000’s one of the most pop games that we saw on the Nintendo 64 was a title known as Perfect Dark. For those who do not know Perfect Dark was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo and was initially released for the N64 during the Spring of 2000. Perfect Dark was a game that had an interesting plot that was set in early 2020’s and involved players controlling the main protagonist Joanna Dark as she attempts thwart a conspiracy by a rival corporation known as dataDyne. One of the cool things about the storyline for Perfect Dark is the fact that it takes place in the midst of interstellar warfare between two different races known as the Skedars and the Maians. Also, as players progress throughout the game they eventually see unexpected twists and revelations regarding the story. Players eventually see Daniel Carrington get captured by dataDyne and learn about the corporation’s plans about capturing the United States President in hopes of accessing the Pelagic II. The depth of the story for Perfect Dark was something that many people liked in addition to the gameplay which was similar to that of GoldenEye 007 which was released for the N64 in 1997.

In addition to having a captivating storyline, nice graphics and gameplay that was on par with 007 Perfect Dark also had three multiplayer game modes that could allow up to four players which added to the game’s overall replay value. As far as sales is concerned Perfect Dark managed to reach at least 2.5 million copies and was considered to be one of the best first- person shooter games of the early 00’s. Despite, not being nearly as successful as GoldenEye 007 many would argue that Perfect Dark was a game that felt like it was ahead of its time. Perfect Dark was released right before the first person shooter genre of gaming started to very popular. Since its initial release in 2000 Perfect Dark was remastered and re-released back in 2010 and since then people have wondered whether or not there would be a direct sequel to the game as well.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Tekken Tag Tournament: (1999)

As far as arcade classics are concerned in relation to the late 90’s-early 00’s Tekken Tag Tournament is a game that instantly comes to mind. Those who are retro gamers are probably well aware of how popular The Tekken series was in the 90’s especially following the arcade release of Tekken 3 back in Spring 1997. Tekken 3 ended up becoming the fourth best selling game for the PS1 following after it was ported for that console in ’98. There were fans who wondered whether or not Namco could possibly top Tekken 3 in relation to gameplay during the time and we eventually ended up getting Tekken Tag Tournament. Tekken Tag Tournament was initially released in Japanese arcade centers during the Summer of 1999 before it was ported for the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000. In a sense Tekken Tag Tournament did top Tekken 3 in relation gameplay especially since it was one of the first major 3D tag-team fighting games ever.

Tekken Tag Tournament was a title that could compete with the likes of Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2 which were both games released between 1999-2000. Depending on who you ask Tekken Tag Tournament was arguably the best fighting game to have been released in the year 2000 next to Marvel vs Capcom 2. Despite, Tekken Tag Tournament not being nearly as popular as its successor Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from 2011 its still a game that many people still consider to be legendary to this day. Tekken Tag Tournament featured popular characters from the first three installments of the series such as Jim Kazama, Michelle Chang, Paul Phenoix, Eddy Gordo, Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and many others making Am the title w huge attraction at the time. We have only seen two installments of Tekken Tag Tournament within the past twenty years and hopefully there will be a Tekken Tag Tournament 3 sometime in the future.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Paper Mario: (2000)

When it comes down to memorable classics that appeared on the Nintendo 64 there are many who instantly think about Nintendo’s Paper Mario game that was released back in August 2000. For those who do not know Paper Mario was an RPG which was considered to be the closest thing to a sequel that we got following the release of Super Mario RPG back in March 1996. As far as visuals and gameplay are concerned Nintendo had to go in a different direction with Paper Mario especially considering the fact that they collaborated with Square Enix for the development Super Mario RPG. The fallout that Nintendo had with Square Enix in the mid 90’s forced the company to use Intelligent Systems as the developer for Paper Mario while Shigeru Miyamoto remained a key producer for the game. Aside from the fact that Bowser was the main antagonist along with the setting being in the Mushroom Kingdom Paper Mario was a very interesting game because we got to see something new. While players controlled Mario for a majority of the game in his quest to rescue Princess Peach and the Seven Star Spirts they also have the option to partake in optional side-quests as well. In some of the side-quests players had the ability to control Princess Peach in certain parts of the game which some people might have enjoyed.

Nintendo’s idea of making characters enemy-like characters such as Parakarry and Goombarino into allies to assist Mario in quest was pretty unique and it made for interesting gameplay while try to compete it. Since its release back in August 2000 Paper Mario managed to reach over one million copies in sales and has been widely regarded as one of the best JRPG titles for the Nintendo 64. Despite, not being in the top 25 in relation to best selling video games for the Nintendo 64 Paper Mario was still a title that seemed like a decent follow-up to the Super Mario RPG game that came out in 1996. After all, the sequel that we got in 2004 known as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door became even more successful on the Nintendo GameCube. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door reaches over 2 million copies in worldwide sales and ended up becoming the ninth best selling title for GameCube in general. The Paper Mario series has been around for over fifteen years now with five main installments and the series is still an attraction to Nintendo fans to this day.