Should Sony make a hybrid console?

Ever since, the very first PlayStation console was released back in 1994 it seemed like Sony has constantly managed to improve the quality of each succeeding game system throughout different generations of gaming. While everything from the PS1 to the PS4 is impressive the gaming world has never witnessed the development of a hybrid console similar to that of the Nintendo Switch by Sony.  

If the concept of a hybrid console worked for Nintendo there is really no reason why it would not work for Sony.  When it comes down to handheld game systems the PSP has become old and the PS Vita was considered to be a flop in the gaming world for the most part.  While a hybrid console from Sony would be interesting there really wouldn’t be any point of developing one unless they wanted it to complete with the Nintendo Switch. 

Should the Jet Force Gemini series make a return on the Nintendo Switch?

Jet Force Geminiwas probably one the best third person shooter games for the N64.  Seeing the Jet Force Gemini series make a return would be considered a dream come true for many people who were fans of the series back in the late 90’s.  However, there some who believe that if Rare wanted to bring back the Het Force Gemini series for a Nintendo based console they would have done so by now.  

If the Jet Force Gemini series were to make a return on the Nintendo Switch one of the main third person shooter titles it would have too compete with would be Splatoon 2 which is one of hottest games on that console right now. Even though, Jet Force Gemini was considered to be a gem by some for the N64 it seems the series does not get talked about as much any more. 

Could Super Mario RPG have worked on the Game Boy Advance?

Looking back at the 00’s some people might find it a bit Auto that Super Mario RPG was never ported for the Game Boy Advance. The  Super Mario RPG title was probably one of the few games from the Mario series in the 90’s that everyone wanted to see on the Game Boy Advance.  The 3D like sprites and the isometric view of Super Mario RPG made the game feel more unique while the storyline deviated from the usual Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach formula.  

Honestly, the visuals and gameplay for Super Mario RPG felt like it ahead of its time.  Unfortunately, during the mid 90’s problems between Nintendo and Square Enix began to emerge which eventually led to Square Enix working with Sony much more on video games.  If Nintendo and Square Enix were still close with each other in the 00’s then Super RPG on the GBA could have been a possibility.

Should the Excitebike series make a return?

The original Excitebike game was one of the most well known titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System during the 80’s.  Since the 80’s the only real sequel that we have seen is Excitebike 64 which was released for the Nintendo 64 back in 2000.  When the original Excitebike game was released for the NES many people found it to be exciting yet very challenging.  Even though, Excitebike 64 looked and felt completely different from the original game many people would argue that trying to keep racers on their bikes was just as much of a challenge as ever. There were so many things about Excitebike 64 that added to the replay value of the game itself. 

The inclusion of at least 20 different tracks in season mode along with fun mini games and the ability to design your own custom track made Excitebike 64 over two times better than the original.  Since the development of Excitebike 64 many people have probably wondered why Left Field Productions never made a sequel for the Wii or Wii-U.  When Excitebike was released for the Nintendo 64 it managed to sell at least 2 million units worldwide.  If there was an Excitebike title for the Wii it could have sold at least one million units worldwide if the game developed the right way and was marketed properly.  It might be too late to get an Excitebike game for any Wii consoles but it’s not to late for the series to make a return to the Nintendo Switch.

Should there be more co-op gameplay in Final Fantasy titles?

Final-Fantasy Gullwings -X-2-HD-Remaster-1

The Final Fantasy series has made a living for over two decades making their games interesting through spectacular gameplay, visual presentation and storytelling.  When it comes down to actual gameplay a majority of the games in the Final Fantasy series have mainly been single player.  There have been some exceptions in regards to the lack of co-op gameplay in the series including Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.  While Final Fantasy XI & XIV also fall under the same category since they are both MMORPG titles they are generally meant to be played online as opposed to regular RPG titles.  In terms of general RPG titles there were games in the series such as Final Fantasy VII and XV which were only single player.  Despite, being only lacking multiplayer or co-op gameplay they Final Fantasy VII & XV are among two of the best titles in the entire series.

Final Fantasy XIII.jpg

But when some people look at titles such as Final Fantasy XIII part 1 it makes them wonder why Square Enix decided to omit co-op/multiplayer options within certain games.  In the first part of Final Fantasy XIII players cannot control the actions of the members of their parties which was something that was fixed in part 2.  However, games like Final Fantasy XII and XIII could have definitely been more exciting if players could journey throughout different games with their friends.  While some might argue that the single-player only titles added to the appeal of titles such as Final Fantasy VII, XII and XIII other would say that co-op gameplay could have made the quality of such games that much better.  When it comes down to multiplayer games in the Final Fantasy series Square Enix would rather switch over to the MMORPG genre since it has proved to be effective in drawing the interest of players around the world with the creations of Final Fantasy XI and XIV.  Rather than adding more players on a normal RPG title utilizing MMORPG form of gameplay naturally makes more sense in theory and in practice.





Classic Gaming- Final Fantasy XII: (2006)


When we think about classic RPG games we think about many titles released for various consoles including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.  In the RPG genre one of the first titles that come to mind is the Final Fantasy series.  Square Enix have produced many great Final Fantasy games for over the past decade including IV, VII, VIII, and IX.  But when we talk about great Final Fantasy games it would almost be impossible to exclude XII from that category.  Final Fantasy XII was probably the best 3D games in the series that was developed for PlayStation 2 by Square Enix in 2006.  Final Fantasy XII was definitely one of the best 3D installments in the series and while many people have been demanding a remake or re-release for this game they are still waiting for Square Enix to take action.  There have been several reports throughout the past year about game being re-released but many people are not entirely sure if it will  happen or not.


If Square Enix does remake Final Fantasy XII it would be nice to see it released on the PlayStation Network.  The re-release of Final Fantasy XII will give many people who have never played the game on the PS2 an opportunity to experience the outstanding gameplay it provided.  The game’s re-release will also give people who have played it an opportunity to relieve past in high definition with key characters such as: Balthier, Vaan, Ashe, and many more.  As many people know this game was highly rated by various gaming publications including IGN, Edge, EGM, and GameSpot along with winning numerous “Game of the Year” awards in the year 2006.  Since it has been almost a decade many people would agree that if there was a Final Fantasy game that deserves a remake along with FFVII it would be XII.