Retro Gaming 90’s- Twisted Metal: (1995)

As far as memorable games from the 90’s are concerned in relation to violence and mayhem one of the few titles that the world got to see during that decade was Twisted Metal. For those who do not know Twisted Metal was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and initially released back in November 1995 for the PS1. In countries such as America Twisted Metal was very popular among teens and young adults for its addictive gameplay involving vehicular combat where players have to struggle to stay alive in the streets of Los Angles. The plot for the game takes place in 2005 and centers around competition held by Calypso where participants go through various levels and try to destroy each other in order to stay alive. The concept of the Twisted Metal competition was very creative but some people have criticized the game on the past for having a weak single-player mode. Despite, some of the game’s drawbacks there were more positives than negatives in the first Twisted Metal game such as the arsenal of weapons players were provided. In the games players had the ability to carry over 20 different weapons giving players numerous options on how to destroy their enemies.

Also, the co-op story mode was interesting as well since players had to share six lives which really forced people to strategize as the difficulty of the game increased during progression. The idea of sharing lives during co-op gameplay can be seen as a negative in the eyes of some people since it was somewhat similar to the NES Battetoads game where two players had to share lives in a game that can be difficult. Various stages in game where the competition took place included skyscrapers, freeways, warehouses and even the suburbs which made Twisted Metal even more interesting. The graphics for Twisted Metal were pretty decent by mid 90’s standards especially since 3D gaming was still considered to be new during that time period. The original Twisted Metal game ended up spawning two successful sequels between ’96-’98 which both sold over one million copies worldwide on the PS1. As a vehicular combat game Twisted Metal was one of the most innovative titles the gaming world has seen and its a title that is still somewhat popular to this day. The latest entry that we got to see in the Twisted Metal series was back in 2012 and for the most part fans and critics were fond of that game. Hopefully, sometime in the future we will get a chance to see another Twisted Metal title for a current generation console such as the PlayStation 4 or even the upcoming PS5 game system.

Upcoming Games- Mario Kart Tour: (2019)

As far as upcoming titles are concerned one of the few titles in relation to mobile gaming that has been making headlines as of late is Mario Kart Tour. This title is one that has been confirmed for iOS & Android devices and is set to be released this upcoming month on September 25th. The interesting thing about Mario Kart Tour is that fact that some of the stages in the game are based off of real-life cities such as New York and Tokyo. Also, there will be stages featured in this upcoming game that were popular in previous installments such as Luigi’s Mansion, Toad’s Circuit, Choco Island, etc. In Mario Kart Tour players will have to choose a driver along with a Kart and a glider before being matched up against seven players in the online multiplayer game mode. As far being an entry within the Mario Kart series is concerned this upcoming title looks promising. However, its unclear whether or not Mario Kart will eventually be ported for the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Also, its unclear in whether or not Mario Kart Tour is considered to be the Mario Kart 9 a title that people have been waiting to see since 2014 following the release of MK 8. Either way, its pretty cool to see Nintendo do something a bit different with this Mario Kart title and it will be interesting to see how successful Mario Kart Tour becomes on mobile devices. As it currently stands the beta version of Mario Kart Tour is now available for Android owners giving those who are long time fans of the series to check out one of Nintendo’s hottest mobile games in relation to Fall 2019. U

Retro Gaming 00’s- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

As far as classics from the early 00’s are concerned in relation to gaming its almost impossible to talk about high profile games from that time period without mentioning Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. For those who do not on GTA: Vice City was developed and published RockStar and was initially released for the PlayStation 2 in October 2002. One of the things that made GTA: Vice City appealing was the fact that the plot of the game was set in the 80’s. In fact, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reminded many people of the Scarface movie which came out back in 1983. GTA: Vice City is played from a third person perspective as players control the main character Tommy Vercetti who is an ex-convict. As Vercetti players had to complete various missions in order to progress throughout the game in order to control the underworld drug trade in Vice City. GTA: Vice City was a game that impressed many people following its release for a variety of reasons including its visuals, gameplay and storyline which arguably stands out more than anything within the game. There were some interesting twists and revelations in GTA: Vice City from the discovery of Tommy setting up Sonny leading to his arrest to Lance double-crossing Tommy and being in cahoots with Sonny.

The gameplay itself for GTA: Vice City was also something that people who were new to the series could easily get into. Players could engage in various activities such as purchasing weapons and real estate along with getting their cars spray painted. Also, like most GTA titles there was a crime meter which was measured in stars with six being the most severe depending on how wanted the player is by police whether it be dead or alive. Vice City was an action-adventure game that was considered to be somewhat controversial due to its excessive violence and mature content. However, GTA: Vice City was one of the most popular video games on the PlayStation 2 in the early 00’s and ended reaching over 9.6 million copies in worldwide sales. In fact, Gran Theft Auto: Vice City ended becoming the fourth best selling game for the PS2 and is considered to be one of the best action-adventure games of the 00’s decade. Despite, seeing an HD intro of GTA: Vice City back in 2015 using the GTA V game engine having an official modernized version of the ’02 classic on current generation consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One would be sweet.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Perfect Dark: (2000)

As far as classic first person shooter games are concerned in relation to the 2000’s one of the most pop games that we saw on the Nintendo 64 was a title known as Perfect Dark. For those who do not know Perfect Dark was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo and was initially released for the N64 during the Spring of 2000. Perfect Dark was a game that had an interesting plot that was set in early 2020’s and involved players controlling the main protagonist Joanna Dark as she attempts thwart a conspiracy by a rival corporation known as dataDyne. One of the cool things about the storyline for Perfect Dark is the fact that it takes place in the midst of interstellar warfare between two different races known as the Skedars and the Maians. Also, as players progress throughout the game they eventually see unexpected twists and revelations regarding the story. Players eventually see Daniel Carrington get captured by dataDyne and learn about the corporation’s plans about capturing the United States President in hopes of accessing the Pelagic II. The depth of the story for Perfect Dark was something that many people liked in addition to the gameplay which was similar to that of GoldenEye 007 which was released for the N64 in 1997.

In addition to having a captivating storyline, nice graphics and gameplay that was on par with 007 Perfect Dark also had three multiplayer game modes that could allow up to four players which added to the game’s overall replay value. As far as sales is concerned Perfect Dark managed to reach at least 2.5 million copies and was considered to be one of the best first- person shooter games of the early 00’s. Despite, not being nearly as successful as GoldenEye 007 many would argue that Perfect Dark was a game that felt like it was ahead of its time. Perfect Dark was released right before the first person shooter genre of gaming started to very popular. Since its initial release in 2000 Perfect Dark was remastered and re-released back in 2010 and since then people have wondered whether or not there would be a direct sequel to the game as well.

Trials Of Mana Coming to the PS4, Switch and PC in early 2020!!!!

As fas as blockbuster announcements are concerned in relation to Nintendo Switch the reveal trailer for the Trials Of Mana is something that everyone is talking about. The Trials Of Mana is a high definition remake of a JRPG classic known as Seiken Densetsu 3 which appeared exclusively in Japan for the SNES back in 1995. Since its release back in the mid 90’s Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released in America mainly due to how popular 3D gaming was starting to become during that era. Even though, the 2D version of Seiken Densetsu 3 was ported for the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 it was available exclusively in Japan before appearing America in the Collection Of Mana on June 11th this year. Seiken Densetsu 3 is a game that includes multiple characters with their own storylines & endings and is considered to be one of the most underrated Action-RPG’s for the SNES.

There are many people who question how successful Trials Of Mana will be in the future especially after the release Secret Of Mana HD in 2018. The Secret Of Mana HD was a game that was solid but at the same time did not live up to many people’s expectations because it felt somewhat different from the original 16-bit version of the game. Hopefully, Trials Of Mana will not have that same issue especially since Seiken Densetsu 3 was never officially released in American retail stores in the past. As it currently stands Trials Of Mana is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2020 and will be among the few RPG’s that Square Enix will have to offer better the second half of 2019 & 2020.

Square Enix collaborates with Penguin Random House for new FFXIV project!!!!

As far as modern day Action-RPG’s one of the hottest video games that we have seen within the past couple of years is Final Fantasy XV which was released back in November 2016. Since its initial release Final Fantasy XV has appeared for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and has generally been well received by fans and critics alike. Not only was Final Fantasy XV a success on multiple countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom it ended up becoming the ninth best selling video game for the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy XV ended selling at leadership 2.5 million units worldwide and is a game that people still enjoy playing to this day. For those who are huge fans of the Final Fantasy series in general you will be happy to know that Square Enix have recently formed a partnership with a popular American publishing company known as Penguin Random House to create novels, mangas and artbooks in relation to FFXV.

As it currently stands we have no idea when the literature involving FFXV will be released. However, Square Enix’s partnership with Penguin Random House looks promising and will definitely attract more gamers who have never played FFXV and want to learn more about it in general. Hopefully, as the year progresses we will learn more details regarding FFXX project as it relates to upcoming literature but for now we are really looking forward to seeing what Square Enix and Penguin Random House has in store us in the future.

Microsoft & Sony develops a new partnership for cloud gaming services!!!

As far as big news regarding the gaming world in relation to 2019 the alliance between Sony and Microsoft is one that caught many people by surprise. It was recently revealed on May 16th that Sony and Microsoft have agreed to the development of cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure. For those who do not know Microsoft Azure has been around since February 2010; its been used for managing and utilizing various Microsoft applications for the past nine years. We have learned that Microsoft Azure is the platform that both Sony & Microsoft intend to use for their cloud gaming and streaming services in the near future. While Sony and Microsoft have been seen as bitter rivals since the early 00’s it seems like both companies have been facing threats in form of competition with the likes of of Google Stadia along with Apple Arcade a video game subscription service which is set to appear in Fall 2019. In addition, to gaming and streaming services there has been talk of companies collaborating in relation to artificial intelligence.

It has been mentioned that Sony will be allowed to use the Azure AI platform in their consumer products which is very interesting to say very least. As far as rivals are concerned in relation to cloud services the partnership that Microsoft have recently formed with Sony can definitely hurt Amazon in the years to come depending on how successful it initially becomes following 2019. While Stadia will mainly be utilizing Chromecast as a platform for the masses to stream video games Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella realizes the value in the partnership they have with Sony. For at least two decades Sony have been considered by many to be the top entity of entertainment and technology around the world and there is not doubt that the collaboration between both corporations will greatly benefit each party in years to come.