Was Injustice 2 the best fighting game of the late 10’s?

When we think about critically acclaimed fighting games from the 10’s decade its almost impossible to have that conversation without talking about the two Injustice titles released between ’13-’16. While the first Injustice game from 2013 was impressive its ’16 prequel received a ton of mainstream publicity and was very popular among critics from various gaming entities. In fact, Injustice 2 was a game that arguably surpassed the likes of Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V in terms of popularity as it relates to the mid 10’s. Injustice 2 had a storyline that followed the events from the first game and revolves around Batman’s dedication to rebuilding society along with his insurgents following the fall of Superman’s regime. Despite, Superman’s ruthless and dictatorial personality Batman gambles with the idea of freeing him from imprisonment to deal with a new group of super-villains lead by Brainiac known as the Society. Injustice 2 had a captivating storyline with two different endings depending on whether or not Batman defeated Superman or vice-versa after defeating each other’s teammates. In addition to having a great cinematic story mode Injustice 2 included other exciting features included game modes such as Multiverse, Arcade, Online and Verses which added to the overall replay value of the game itself.

Some of the biggest names within the DC universe were included in Injustice 2 such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, SuperGirl, Harley Quinn and many others. While Injustice 2 managed to be a huge commercial success following its release in May 2017 there were definitely fighting games like Dragonball FighterZ from early ’18 a run for its money in relation to popularity as it relates to the late 10’s in general. While most critics and casual gamers believe Injustice 2 was one of the coolest fighting games ever made there are most likely people out there who are not huge DC fans at all. While Injustice 2 may be one of the best fighting games of the 10’s decade everyone as their own personal opinion on which deserved to be named number one overall. As far as the 10’s as a whole is concerned Injustice 2 would most likely be within top ten as far as best fighting games are concerned depending on who you ask.

Dragonball FighterZ reaches over five million in sales!!!

As far as high profile fighting games are concerned Dragonball FighterZ has been in that category since its initial release back in 2018. In fact it has recently been reported that Dragonball FighterZ has surpassed over five million worldwide shipments and digital sales in over past two years. Dragonball FighterZ is arguably one of the best 2D arcade fighting titles since Marvel vs Capcom 3 especially due to its resemblance. As it currently stands Dragonball FighterZ still remains a huge attraction within the fighting genre of gaming surpassing the likes of Soul Calibur IV and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in popularity. The storyline in Dragonball FighterZ allows players to select both heroic and villainous characters during different parts of the game story; along with having an enjoyable online multiplayer game mode. Dragonball FighterZ is quite possibly the best fighting game within the Dragonball series as it relates to the 10’s decade general.

The visuals for Dragonball FighterZ are among the best within any fighting game within the series and it includes various characters from the Saiyan saga all the way up to the Buu saga along with downloadable characters from DBS. The replay value for Dragonball FighterZ is very high and is just as addictive in 2020 as it was two years ago following its release. Seeing how much success Dragonball FighterZ within the past two years it will be interesting to see how many copies Dragonball FighterZ will sell before the end of 2020. Dragonball FighterZ might be one of the best fighting games that Arc System Works has ever made and its hard to tell if we will ever see another game like it anytime in the near future.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Far Cry 3: (2012)

The Far Cry series has been around since ’04 and out of all of the installments that has been released since then many would argue that Far Cry 3 was best. Far Cry 3 was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft and was released in late 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The pre-production of Far Cry 3 began shortly following the release of Far Cry 2 which came out in ’08; the official production of the game really did not start until 2010 due to the changes in regards to creative staff. Far Cry 3 was a first person shooter game that was critically acclaimed due to its storytelling aspects along with its narrative despite being the story being subjected to minor criticism. Despite, having a basic plot where the main protagonist Jason Brody has to rescue his friends who were kidnapped by pirates on an island there was offense taken to some situations that occurred within the story for Far Cry 3 that were politically incorrect. While the controversial elements of homophobia and misogyny were present within the story of Far Cry 3 it did not diminish the overall quality of the game itself.

The were aspects of Far Cry 3 that many people were impressed by including the visuals along with the world design despite the map itself being confusing at times. Even though, the side missions in Far Cry 3 seemed repetitive and presented challenges in relation to traveling the combat system mainly the stealth mode was one of the game’s strong points; the amount of realism included in Far Cry in relation to killing enemies was a feature that was subjected to praise. Far Cry 3 allowed multiplayer gameplay and presented players with two different endings which added to the game’s overall replay value. Since its release Far Cry 3 ended up becoming a huge commercial success and managed to reach close to 10 million copies in sales. Far Cry 3 had sold more than double of than its ’08 prequel Far Cry 2 which sold close to three million copies months following its release. Not only was Far Cry 3 considered to be a “Game Of The Year” candidate by multiple gaming publications but it also received an expansion pack entitled “Blood Dragon” during the Spring of 2013 which was also highly successful as well. Far Cry 3 may not be at the very top of everyone’s list in regards to their favorite first person shooter game of all-time but it was arguably one of the best to have come out of the 10’s decade depending on who you ask.

Upcoming Games- Iron Man VR: (2020)

One of the few upcoming games that people are talking about is the Iron Man VR title which is expected to appear on PlayStation VR in May 2020. Iron Man VR is developed by Camouflaj and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is expected to be released on May 15th. However, it possible that the release of Iron Man VR can be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There has been no announcement about Iron Man VR release being delayed as it should not since people have been waiting to play the game since March 2019. The gameplay for Iron Man VR looks magnificent as players can utilize controls while flying through the air to destroy various types of enemies. The gameplay experience is unlike anything one has ever seen because players are expected to use their mind & body simultaneously opposed to just mashing buttons on a controller. As Iron Man players can utilize players can utilize iconic attacks such as repulsor blast or unibeam; also players can travel as fast or as slow as they want to when flying in different directions once they have mastered the controls.

The visuals for Iron Man VR looks fantastic courtesy of the Unity engine which as been used for games such as Mario Kart: World Tour, Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire and Firewatch. Based on what we know Iron Man VR will be available for the price of $49.99 in America for those who decide to purchase the digital deluxe edition. Also, Iron Man VR can be pre-ordered for $40 on Amazon before its official release. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Coronavirus pandemic will have a major impact on the sales of the highly anticipated Iron Man VR which has been hyped for over s year now.

Will King Of Fighters XV surpass its prequel in popularity?

King Of Fighters XV is one of the highly anticipated fighting games that is expected to appear on game systems such as PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows sometime in 2020. As many people already know King Of Fighters XV was announced at EVO 2019 and since then we have not received too many details about the upcoming fighting game. We have not seen any games or learned about new features to expect for King Of Fighters XV. Seeing how many people enjoyed King Of Fighters XIV was well received by critics following its release in 2016 bring back some features from that game and improving upon them extensively would definitely be something that people would like to see. Despite, receiving great reviews from various gaming publications such as IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot the 3D character models used in KOF XIV was subjected to criticism. Long time fans of the series were not too thrilled about SNK moving away from highly refined 2D sprites in favor of 3D character models and gameplay resembling that of Super Street Fighter IV.

While we have no idea what kind of art style to expect in King Of Fighters XV many people are anxious to know what potential new characters will be included in the game. Also, there has been speculation on what the story for the game will revolve around. Hopefully, the cutscenes feature from KOF XIV will remain in King Of Fighters XV since it adds life to the story mode in general. While there is still no official release date for KOF XV its almost that we should see the release of this game before the end of 2020.

How Successful Has Nioh Been Since 2017?

As many people know Nioh was an action-role-playing title that was initially released for the PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows back in 2017. While there some people who complained about small things in regards to Nioh such as the storyline being somewhat confusing there were definitely more positive than negatives overall. The visuals, gameplay, difficulty and the setting of the game which emphasized ancient Japanese history were all qualities that made Nioh one of the best action role-playing games of the late 10’s. Sometimes its hard to believe that its been approximately three years since Nioh first appeared on the PS4 back in February 2017. In fact, we are getting very close to the official release of Nioh 2 which will be a PS4 exclusive staring on March 3rd, 2020. As far as sales are concerned for the original Nioh game its been recently reported that the critically acclaimed action role-playing game has sold at least three millions copies worldwide.

While three million copies sold within the time span of three years does not sound like much its actually pretty impressive considering what Nioh had to compete with in relation to the action role-playing genre. Between 2017-2019 we saw the release of high profile Action-RPG’s such as: Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster: Hunter World, Assassins Creed Odessey, Kingdom Hearts III, Outer Worlds which were all titles that definitely could have overshadowed Nioh within that particular genre. While Nioh is still a pretty fun game to play many people are currently anticipating the release of Nioh 2 which looks very promising and can have more success than its predecessor.

Was 2017 an awesome year for gaming?

When we think about awesome years within the gaming world throughout the 10’s decade there are quite a few that comes to mind. But one of the more memorable years that we have experienced during the 10’s decade without a doubt was 2017. While its debatable on whether or not 2017 was the best year for gaming within the 10’s decade there were definitely a ton positives from that time period in general. It was back in March 2017 that the world got to within the release of the Nintendo Switch along with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Since its release the Switch console had sold at least 52 million units worldwide and it was recently reported that it surpassed the SNES in sales. Also, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has become one of the most popular installments within the entire series and has reached at least 18 million units worldwide as it pertains in sales. During the second half 2017 we got to witness the release of Splatoon 2 and the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch which are both very popular to this day. While Splatoon 2 is considered to be a high profile third person shooter for the Switch console Super Mario Odyssey has went on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide.

In addition, to the Nintendo Switch becoming very successful the world also got see the release of the SNES Classic in late September 2017. In some electronic retail stores within America the SNES Classic was sold out before its official because pre-orders for the mini retro console were very high. The SNES Classic included various 16-bit gems that were considered to be legendary such as: Super Mario World, Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past, F-Zero, Star Fox, Super Metroid, Earthbound, Mega Man X, Yoshi’s Island and more. Not only was the SNES Classic more popular than the NES Classic from 2016 but the console managed to reach over five million units in sales. Therem was no question that 2017 was great year for Nintendo financially along the fact the company received a ton of mainstream attention in general.

We also got to see the release of the Xbox One X back in 2017. The Xbox One X was backwards compatible with older generation titles from the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. It should also be noted that the Xbox One X was the first console that Microsoft had produced that ran games in 4K resolution. The Xbox One X was not only an updated model of the original Xbox One console but it was also designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro which came out in November 2016. While pricing for the Xbox One X was more expensive than people would prefer some argue that its quality is more superior than that of the PS4 Pro. Not only did the Xbox One X provide 4K resolution gameplay but players had 1TB of hard drive storage at their disposal.

It was also during 2017 when the gaming world was introduced to one of the most popular online games of the 10’s decade known as Fortnite created by Epic Games. The third person survival-shooter game was initially released back in July 2017 and within a short period of time the game had over one million players. Fortnite was a game that utilized the Unreal Engine 4 and was released for multiple game systems such as the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. As contributions to the gaming world is concerned many people would credit Fortnite for making the Battle Royale concept popular over the past few years. We have seen various games utilize Battle Royale modes between 2017-2019 such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. By the time we got to the Summer of 2018 Fortnite had at least 125 million players and in terms of revenue the game had generated at least $2.4 billion. Since its release Fortnite has remained popular at various eSports events and has received numerous awards from various different gaming entities under categories from “Best Multiplayer” to “Best ESports” game.

Speaking of online games it should also be noted that 2017 was also the same year that League Of Legends which was released in late ’09 flourished financially. As far as monetary gain is concerned it’s reported that Riot Games had earned $2.1 billion from League Of Legends during 2017 which was significantly more revenue than what it has generated during 2016, 2018 or 2019. League Of Legends seemed more popular in 2017 than any other year during the 10’s decade and Epic Games was doing some of its best business. There were so many big things within the gaming world that happened 2017 that it could possibly take days to highlight all of them. While everyone has their own respective opinions on which year of the 10’s decade was the best in relation to gaming many people would most likely put 2017 within the top five on their lists.