Upcoming Games- Zombie Army 4: Dead War (2020)

If you are a huge fan of the shorter genre of gaming one of the few titles that is worth checking out next year is Zombie Army 4: Dead War. For those who do not know Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an upcoming developed and published by Rebellion Developments which is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows sometime in February 2020. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a spin-off game from the Sniper Elite series and is considered to be the direct sequel to Zombie Army Trilogy which was released back in 2015. The plot & setting for Zombie Army 4: Dead War takes place in 1946 and players have to fight off a horde of Nazi zombies along with Undead Hitler who allegedly died a year before in 1945. While fighting off a horde off zombies players will be able to engage in co-op gameplay similar to that of Left 4 Dead. Also, Zombie Army 4: Dead War has the look and feel of a Call Of Duty game mixed with Dead Rising as far as blood, gore and violence is concerned.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War 4 is realistic in the sense where some undead Nazi soldiers will be equipped with actual weapons that were used in WWII. Also, the visuals and the gameplay look absolutely incredible as players venture through a war torn Europe from 1946 by Plan Z. For those who do not know Plan Z was basically Hitler’s idea to improve the German Navy known as Kriegmarine that began in 1938 and was expected to be completed by 1948. As far as shooter titles are concerned Zombie Army 4: Dead War looks very promising; the campaign mode is intriguing and it has the potential to be one of the best shooter games of 2020.

The PS4 becomes the second best selling home console of all time!!!

It looks like 2019 will be known as the year that the PlayStation 4 made history within the gaming world as far as success is concerned. It has been recently announced that Sony’s PlayStation 4 console which was initially released back in November 2013 has reached over 102.8 million units in worldwide sales. This means that the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Wii console which came out in November 2006. Since its respective release almost thirteen years ago the Wii game system had reached over 101.63 million in in worldwide sales and is considered to Nintendo’s best selling home console of the 00’s. It should also be noted that the PS4 has also surpassed the original PS1 game system which came out December of 1994. The original PlayStation console was the best selling game console of the 90’s with the inclusion of big titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo, Tekken 3 and many others. Since its release almost twenty-five years ago the PS1 has managed to reach approximately 102.49 million units worldwide. Despite, how successful the PS1 and the PlayStation 4 have been since their initial releases they both pale in comparison to the PS2 in terms of sales.

The PlayStation 2 is still considered to be the best selling game console of all time. Since its release back in November 2000 the PlayStation 2 has managed to reach over 150 million units worldwide and had countless games that were considered to be classics. On the PS2 we got games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Final Fantasy X and others from the 00’s that many people would still play to this day. Even though, the PS4 was not as successful as the PS2 it still managed to sell more than its last generation predecessor the PS3 and had so many titles within the past six years that were awesome. We got to see titles such as God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter World, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last Of Us Remastered and others between the late-2013 and 2018 and they are among the best video games of the 10’s decade. Sony has managed to surpass its competitors Microsoft & Nintendo as it pertains to home consoles in both the 00’s and the 10’s and many people wonder how successful the PS5 will be in the 20’s decade following its upcoming release during the fourth quarter of next year.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Assassin’s Creed II: (2009)

When we think about some of the best action-adventure games to have been released during the 00’s decade one of the few titles that many people instantly think about is Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II from 2009. Assassin’s Creed II was the highly anticipated sequel of its predecessor from 2007 which appeared on multiple game game systems such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows between November 2009 and March 2010. One of the most interesting things about Assassin’s Creed II was how the storyline for the game had included various historical figures such Niccolò Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bartolomeo d’ Alviano, Pope Alexander VI and others while the setting took place during the late 15th-early 16th century time period. The main protagonist Ezio Auditore has a rather dark but interesting backstory when players learn that his family had been brutally executed during the conflict involving the Assassins and the Knights Templar during the Renaissance era in Italy. The events surrounding Ezio Auditore is framed in the 21st century by a descendant within his bloodline named Desmond Miles which contributes to overall quality of the storytelling aspect of Assassin’s Creed II.

In this game players start out as Desmond who is eventually taught assassin skills by an undercover assassin named Lucy Stillman through a technique known as the “Bleeding Effect”. Shortly, afterwards Desmond learns more about his ancestor’s past when he discovers Ezio’s goal to retrieve information regarding the pieces of Eden. During Ezio’s journey players eventually cross path with the main antagonist Rodrigo Borgia who possessed one of the pieces of Eden while eventually becoming Pope Alexander VI. While Ezio eventually takes a piece of Eden from Borgia its eventually discovered that his father and brother were both condemned to death by hanging for treason by a despotic magistrate within Italy. Fueled by vengeance Ezio wanted to use his combat/stealth abilities to destroy every individual who was involved in his father’s death despite their occupation. His quest to destroy his father’s murderers is meet with aid as he trains with ancient order Assassin members who assist him along his quest. Throughout, the game players engage in various missions accompanied with non-linear gameplay and world maps that feature historical locations within Italy such as Florence, Venice, Forlì and others.

The addition of new in game mechanics such as swimming and “Eagle Vision” were features that many people found appealing comparison to the original Assassin’s Creed title from ’07. The ability to hire skilled non-playable characters from thieves all the way down to mercenaries to battle adversarial forces was also a plus; because it gave players more independence to develop creative strategies in order to complete certain parts of the game. There was also more realism added to the game with the introduction of a day/night cycle and a more robust yet effective combat system especially when it came down to countering the attacks of enemies. Along with impressive storytelling full of twists and turns, ancient landmarks, historical characters from the Renaissance era of Italy the visuals for Assassin’s Creed II was amazing back in ’09 thanks to the AnvilNext game engine.

Since its release back in November 2009 Assassin’s Creed II had received three downloadable expansion packs which kept players interested in the game before the release of Assassin’s Creed III in 2012. As far overall success in relation to sales it was reported that Assassin’s Creed II has reportedly sold over 1.6 million within its first week which was a pretty big deal at the time. In fact, Assassin’s Creed II is arguably the best installment within the series despite the fact that it was released a decade ago. The story for Assassin’s Creed II felt somewhat similar to Dishonored from 2012 in the sense where the story emphasizes corruption among authority figures and is accompanied with a dark and tragic backstory leading the main protagonists to align themselves with resistant rebels forces who end up becoming avengers. As a action-adventure stealth from the 00’s Assassin’s Creed II was quite the best video game from that 00’s decade and its a title that some might still enjoy on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to this day.

Upcoming Games- Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

One of the hottest upcoming games that everyone is currently talking about in relation to October 2019 is the release of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. This game will appear on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and comes one year following the release Call Of Duty: Black Ops VI which came out in October 2018. While the main attraction for Call Of Duty: Black Ops VI was the online multiplayer Battle Royale mode the game lacked a single-player campaign mode which received mixed reception by critics alike. For those who have enjoyed the campaign modes for any of the previous Call Of Duty games from the 10’s decade you will be happy to know that this feature will make a return in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. As far as the campaign mode for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is concerned we have learned that creators have placed more emphasis on “emotion” in relation to decision-making and actions that players decide to take throughout the game. Similar to general RPG’s that we see nowadays Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a moral system which is based on decision-making.

The decisions that players will be able to make in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare might intrigue some fans of the series especially since they will have the opportunity to partake or skip certain missions in relation to killing others. The narrative based story mode for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will see the return of Captain Price from previous installments within in the series as players control a former officer of the British Army known Sergeant Kyle Garrick. During the first half of the game players will progress throughout the story as Garrick before controlling a CIA Agent named Alex during the second half of the game. The split-decision making mechanic is one of the few features that will contribute to the over quality of COD: Modern Warfare in relation to realism as it relates to dealing with non-playable characters. In some cases NPC’s can become a threat to the player and they are given a letter grade rank based on threat assessment and how they deal with certain situations.

Another feature that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will have which is considered to be strong positive includes non-linearity as relation to completing missions. While there is plenty to look forward in the upcoming Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare game some people will probably be bummed by the fact that Zombies Mode will be absent in this installment. However, Infinity Ward has decided to bring back the co-op “Spec Op” mode which was popular on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-3 between 2009-2011. As a first-person shooter Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will most likely be one of the biggest attractions of 2019. As it currently stands Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to be released on October 25th. With the holiday season around the corner many people are wondering how much the 16th installment within the Call Of Duty will sell comparison to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare from last year.

Ashen coming soon to PS4 Steam & Nintendo Switch!!!!

As far as big games are concerned in relation to the remainder of this year we have recently learned that an action role-playing game released for Xbox One will soon be making its way to the PS4 along with the Switch console in a few months. For those who do not know Ashen is a title that was developed by video game developer A44 and published by Annapurna Interactive which came out back in December 2018. Ashen is considered to be a rather interesting game especially since the plot focuses on the player who is homeless in a world without sunlight and has to do everything he can in order to survive. The gameplay for Ashen is presented in a third person perspective with cel-shaded graphics and a open world where players engagement various battles with different monsters throughout the game.

One of the coolest things about Ashen is the multiplayer mode where players can interact with other players along with the fact that the game itself was designed using the Unreal Engine. Also, Ashen emphasizes character development based on the equipment players have opposed to stats which diverts from what we normally see in traditional action role-playing games in general. Ashen looks like a game that definitely has the potential to be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch outside of first party games featured on that console. As far as the PlayStation 4 is concerned Ashen would probably be better fit for that console overall despite the fact that it could potentially be overshadowed by many other big action role-playing titles for that system. The expected release date for Ashen for each console is later this year on December 9th.

Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered announced at E3 2019!!!

At last the world will finally see the JRPG classic from 1999 known Final Fantasy VIII remastered and released for multiple game consoles in the future. As many people know Final Fantasy VIII was released 20 years ago for the PS1 and was the direct sequel to the legendary FFVII game which was released in 1997. While Final Fantasy VIII May not have been quite as popular as its predecessor it still managed to sell at least seven million copies worldwide on the PS1. In fact, Final Fantasy VIII is actually within the top ten in relation to the best selling video games for the PS1. When Square Enix made an announcement about Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Switch many people seemed ecstatic by the news at their E3 conference.

As it currently stands we know of a few features that Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered will include. We are aware of the fact that the remastered version of FFVIII will run cutscenes at least three times faster than that if the PS1 version. There is also improved gameplay which allows players to keep their ATB and HP maximum can perform special attacks at anytime. In addition, the option of turning off random battle encounters in the remastered version of FFVIII is also a feature that will make it stand from the original ’99 version of the game. As it currently stands Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered is expected to appear on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime later in 2019.

Trials Of Mana Coming to the PS4, Switch and PC in early 2020!!!!

As fas as blockbuster announcements are concerned in relation to Nintendo Switch the reveal trailer for the Trials Of Mana is something that everyone is talking about. The Trials Of Mana is a high definition remake of a JRPG classic known as Seiken Densetsu 3 which appeared exclusively in Japan for the SNES back in 1995. Since its release back in the mid 90’s Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released in America mainly due to how popular 3D gaming was starting to become during that era. Even though, the 2D version of Seiken Densetsu 3 was ported for the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 it was available exclusively in Japan before appearing America in the Collection Of Mana on June 11th this year. Seiken Densetsu 3 is a game that includes multiple characters with their own storylines & endings and is considered to be one of the most underrated Action-RPG’s for the SNES.

There are many people who question how successful Trials Of Mana will be in the future especially after the release Secret Of Mana HD in 2018. The Secret Of Mana HD was a game that was solid but at the same time did not live up to many people’s expectations because it felt somewhat different from the original 16-bit version of the game. Hopefully, Trials Of Mana will not have that same issue especially since Seiken Densetsu 3 was never officially released in American retail stores in the past. As it currently stands Trials Of Mana is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2020 and will be among the few RPG’s that Square Enix will have to offer better the second half of 2019 & 2020.