Did the Gran Turismo series put the racing genre of gaming on the map?


I There is no doubt that the Gran Turismo series is legendary within in the racing genre of gaming. Ever since the very first Gran Turismo game was released for the PS1 back the late 90’s it seemed like many high profile racing titles had began to emerge throughout the 00’s. Such games such as the Forza Motorsport series, Race Driver: Grid and the Midnight Club series had emerged in the 2000’s as Gran Turismo continued to grow in popularity. In fact Polyphony Digital best selling game in the series was Gran Turismo 3 which was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 back in 2001.


Gran Turismo 3 not only managed to be arguably the best selling racing game of its series but it was probably sold more than another racing title during the 90’s & 00’s decade. The fact that Gran Turismo 3 managed to surpass the original game that released on the PS1 is insane especially it was the best selling game on 32 bit console by reaching close to 11 million units in sales. While many people have different opinions about the Gran Turismo series its level popularity is unquestionable and it continues to be one of the biggest racing franchises that the gaming world has ever seen.

Nintendo Switch is closing in on 20 million units in sales

There is no quest that the Nintendo Switch has managed to become a huge success since its release over a year ago in March 2017. It was recently announced that the Nintendo Switch is starting to get close to reaching over 20 million units worldwide in sales which is an impressive feat. Not only has the Nintendo Switch managed to surpass the the Wii-U in terms of sales but it seems like me it might eventually top the Nintendo GameCube. Ever since the Nintendo GameCube was released back in 2001 the console managed to sell over 22 million units worldwide.

While GameCube was a success back in the 00’s it still paled in comparison to the likes of the NES, SNES, Nintendo DS and the Wii in terms of sales. It’s hard to tell right now whether or not the Switch will ever sell as much as the Wii since it hit over 101 million units worldwide following its release in 2006. Also, the Nintendo DS hit over 154 million units worldwide since its release back in 2004. As popular as the Switch console is right now it might never break the sales record of the Nintendo DS but it could possibly come close to that of the Wii console.

Upcoming Games- Digimon Survive: (2019)

There are so many games that many people are looking forward to seeing in 2019. Right now, titles such as Kingdom Hearts III, Jump Force along with The Resident Evil 2: Remake is expected to appear on consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Speaking of upcoming titles for next year it was recently announced by Bandi Namco that a new Digimon game will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC along with the Nintendo Switch. This upcoming release will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Digimon anime series which first aired back in 1999.

As of right now one of the many things we know about this new Digimon game is that it will be a survival simulation RPG. Also, players will control an 8th grader named Takuma Monotsuka along with his partner Agumon who is the main character for this game. Its currently unclear right now whether or not online or multiplayer gameplay will be included in Digimon Survive as there is still more about the game that has yet to be revealed. It will be interesting to see how popular Digimon Survive becomes before and after this simulation RPG becomes available next next year.

The Dragonball Xenoverse series reaches over 10 million units in sales

There has been so many things that have occurred in 2018 from the release of games such as Monster Hunter: World down to this year’s E3 event where we got to see many exciting trailers for upcoming video games. One of the more recent announcements involved the Dragonball Xenoverse series which started back in 2015. Since the release of both Dragonball Xenoverse 1 & 2 on multiple consoles they have become very popular without 3D fighting genre of gaming. In fact both Xenoverse games have become so popular that Bandi Namco has recently announced that both titles have sold over 10 million units worldwide.

As of right now Dragonball FighterZ which was released a few months ago and published by Bandi Namco is one of the hottest fighting games out right now. But despite that both Dragonball Xenoverse 1 & 2 are a bit old both games still manage to be strong attractions to those who are fans of the fighting genre of gaming especially DBZ fans. One the PlayStation 4 and Xbox both Xenoverse games have exceeded the expectations of many people in terms of sales but since both titles have high replay values it does not come as much of a surprise to others.

Could Tekken 3 have been a success on Sega Dreamcast?


When it comes down to 3D fighting titles from the 90’s the Tekken series was very big on the PS1. Following the release of Tekken 3 in arcade centers in 1997 the game was extremely popular and it quickly became one of the best selling video games for the PS1 after 1998 reaching over 8 million units worldwide. The visuals, graphics and gameplay seemed ahead of its time during the late 90’s and there are some who believed that it would have looked better on the Sega Dreamcast. However, considering the fact that the Tekken series started out on the PS1 and remained exclusive on that console throughout the 90’s shows how popular Sony’s console was at the time.


In theory Tekken 3 could have been popular on the Sega Dreamcast but Sega’s console was not as popular as the PS1. During the 90’s console wars Dreamcast seemed like it was behind both the Nintendo 64 and the PS1 and some of its biggest fighting titles were 2D games such as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike along with Capcom vs SNK. The biggest 3D fighting title that we probably got to see on the Sega Dreamcast was Soul Calibur but other then that there were hardly any game on that console that resembled Tekken 3. It’s possible that Tekken 3 could have been a success on Dreamcast but not to the extent that it was for the PS1.

Upcoming Games- Megaton Rainfall: (2018)

There have been so many exciting games that has appeared in various consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One along with the Nintendo Switch since the start of 2018. There are still more upcoming comes that many are looking forward to seeing as we get closer to 2019. One of the main titles that many people are excited to see in the near future is a first person action simulation game developed by Pentadimensional called Megaton Rainfall. This upcoming science fiction themed action game revolves around thwarting off a global alien invasion with advanced weapons that are powerful enough to demolish buildings in a blink of an eye.

Megaton Rainfall will be available for the Nintendo Switch and is currently on the PlayStation 4. One of the most exciting things about the PS4 version of Megaton Rainfall is the fact that it will include Virtual Reality gameplay. The Virtual Reality gameplay for Megaton Rainfall definitely adds to the first person experience on the PlayStation 4. As of right now Megaton Rainfall is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch on August 9th. For those who are Switch owners that are fans of first person action titles Megaton Rainfall is a title worth checking out on the hybrid console.

Could Romancing SaGa 3 have been more successful on the PS1?

As far as 2D RPG’s for the SNES are concerned Romancing SaGa 3 would be considered a forgotten in the eyes of retro gamers. Romancing SaGa 3 was released exclusively in Japan back in late 1995 and for whatever reason the game was never ported to North America during that time period. In fact, Romancing SaGa 3 was never ported to the PS1 which would have made more sense during the time considering how popular the console was becoming during the mid 90’s. But then again Square Enix was starting to focus more on developing 3D RPG’s such as Final Fantasy VII & VIII during the mid to late 90’s.

While the Romancing SaGa 3 could have worked on the PS1 in theory having the game ported to Game Boy Advance during the early 00’s would have also been a great idea. However, Square Enix’s and Nintendo were not on good terms during the early 00’s. Besides its still unlikely that the Romancing SaGa 3 would have been released outside of Japan since it did not become quite as popular as some of the other RPG’s Square Enix has developed on Nintendo such as the Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger along with Final Fantasy IV-VI.

Upcoming PS4 Games- Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (2018)

There have been many cooler games that we have seen in the PlayStation 4 so far this year. As far as upcoming video games are concerned one of the many titles that people are talking about is a PlayStation 4 exclusive entitled Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. For those who do not know Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a game developed by JapanStudio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment that players will be able to enjoy using the PlayStation VR. Based on how the game looks Astro Bot: Rescue Mission seems like one of those titles that can take the action adventure platform genre of gaming to the next level.

The use of the PlayStation VR headset will be one of the many things the will add to gaming experience of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission along with inclusion of at least 20 different levels. Also, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission will have over five challenging boss battles while players search for eight lost robots who are apart of the main protagonist’s crew throughout the game. For those who are interested in purchasing Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for the PlayStation 4 the game will be released this Fall on October 2nd.

Was Secret of Evermore overshadowed on the SNES during the mid 90’s?

There were countless titles on the SNES that were considered to be classic land especially within the RPG genre of gaming. When we think about 2D RPG Classics from the 90’s games such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy IV-VI and many others comes to mind. However, there are also titles such as the Secret of Evermore which was also developed by Square Enix that were critically acclaimed for its gameplay and visuals on the SNES during the mid 90’s. Despite, how enjoyable the Secret of Evermore was on the SNES there are some who question whether or not this game could have possibly stood out more on the PS1.

After all, the PS1 did start to take of in popularity during the mid 90’s and the SNES was starting to get old to some people during that time period. However, when it came down to the PS1 3D visuals and gameplay were things that people were mainly interested in during the mid 90’s. For those who were still huge fans of 2D JRPG’s between 1995-1996 the SNES consoles is where those types of games shined. But since its seems like Square Enix had developed a seemingly endless list of JRPG’s for the SNES then its very likely that the Secret of Evermore did not become quite as popular as some of the other titles that the company had developed.

Could Seiken Densetsu 3 have worked on the PS1?

When we think about classic titles from the 90’s that were popular within the RPG genre one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Seiken Densetsu 3. Even though, Seiken Densetsu 3 was released exclusively in Japan it was still a critically acclaimed 2D RPG that many retro gamers would still play to this day. One of the many things that about Seiken Densetsu 3 that some question to this day involves Square Enix’s decision not to bring the game to the PS1 back in the mid 90’s. The PS1 was staring to become more popular following its release in 1994 and began to take off in terms of sales during that point.

After all, Chrono Trigger was eventually ported for the PS1 during 1999 and the visuals along with the gameplay for Seiken Densetsu 3 were just as impressive. In terms of why Seiken Densetsu 3 never made it to the PS1 is a mystery but the argument can be made that Chrono Trigger was more popular as an RPG in Japan to a point where its was released in other countries such as America. Besides between 1994-1995 Square Enix has been working on the development of Final Fantasy VII. In fact, following the release of Chrono Trigger it seemed like making Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 was Square Enix’s top priority during the time. Square seemed like they were placing more emphasis on developing 3D JRPG’s opposed to 2D and since the Final Fantasy series was very big they decided to invest more time into it as result. But there is no doubt that in both theory and practice Seiken Densetsu 3 could have decent worked on the PS1.