Should DBZ: Super Butouden 3 have been released in America in 1994?

When it comes down to Dragonball Z titles from the 90’s the Butouden series stands out to many people. For whatever reason none of the Super Butouden games for the SNES were never released in America back in the 90’s which many people would find strange. The Dragonball Z anime had started to become popular during the 90’s and it seems like would have been a perfect time to release DBZ: Super Butouden 3 for the SNES in America.

However, during the early 90’s the Dragonball Z series was not quite as popular as it would eventually become during the late 90’s and early 00’s when it was aired on Toonami. In fact most of the story in Super Butouden 3 takes place after the Cell Saga in Dragonball Z and during the start of the Buu Saga which started to air in America around the early 00’s. If anything that may be one of the many reasons why DBZ: Super Butouden 3 was never released in America. along Also, 2D fighting games from the DBZ series was nowhere never as popular as the likes of Mortal Kombat or the Street Fighter II series in America.

Upcoming PS4 Games- Earth Atlantis: (2018)

If you currently own a PS4 and you are a fan of the side scrolling shooter genre of gaming then you will be happy to know that Earth Atlantis will be released for that console very soon. One of the most unique features about Earth Atlantis is the design of the game itself. The 2D visuals of Earth Atlantis reflects the post apocalyptic theme of the game due to the classic sketching style the developer decided to utilize.

As players progress throughout Earth Atlantis they will have the opportunity to hunt down various sea monsters while unlocking new ships during their journey in Quest or Hunter Mode. Earth Atlantis was originally released for the Nintendo Switch back in 2017 and is expected to appear on the PS4 tomorrow on June 1st.

Should Star Fox Adventures be ported to the Nintendo Switch?

There are so many old titles from the Nintendo GameCube that many people would love to see re-released for the Switch console such as Star Fox Adventures. For those who do not know Star Fox Adventures came out back in 2002. Since its release Star Fox Adventures was praised by games and critics alike for various in game features such as its resemblance to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the Adventure Mode.

The second mode of gameplay known as Arwing Mode had resembled that of other titles in Star Fox series. The idea of having two different modes of gameplay in Star Fox Adventures made the game itself very unique and is one of those titles that many people believe should have been remastered in HD back in the 00’s for the Nintendo Wii. Seeing Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo Switch would be interesting but it seems unlikely that it will happen in the near future.

Upcoming Games- Team Sonic Racing: (2018)

It has been recently announced that a new racing title called Team Sonic Racing will be released for multiple game consoles this upcoming winter. Sega and Sumo Digital latest racing game is expected appear on game systems such as the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch along with having a PC release. As of right now we know that Team Sonic Racing will have many interesting features including online multiplayer and local co-op modes.

Also, Team Sonic Racing promises up to at least fifteen playable characters with races that include up to 12 different players. The inclusion of powers ups during races makes the game for Team Sonic Racing much more interesting; especially considering the fact that the aliens known as Wisps from Sonic Colors will be utilized mainly for that feature. As a racing title Team Sonic Racing looks like a title worth checking out if you are a huge fan of the Sonic series in general.

Sony to release PS1 Classic in the near future?

It seems like what is old is now new again in this day and age considering how successful the SNES Classic and the NES Classic has been following their respective releases. Not only will we be seeing a Mega Drive & Neo Geo Mini released in the near future but it also seems like we will be getting an PS1 Classic soon. In fact Sony’s CEO John Kodera has mentioned that possibility of seeing a PS1 Classic not to long ago.

While the idea of a PS1 Classic sound marvelous the question would be what games will be included on the retro based console. Also, many would question how many game would be on the PS1 Classic if Sony’s decides to make it a reality. If Sony does go forward with creating the PS1 Classic some of the top games that many people would love to see includes the Tekken Trilogy, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and more.

Kingdom Hearts III will be appearing at E3 2018

It has been recently revealed that Kingdom Hearts III will be one many upcoming games that will be seen at E3 2018. This is exciting news considering the fact that it Square Enix announced a couple of years ago at E3 2013 that Kingdom Hearts III was still under development at that time. It will also be cool to see Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018 especially considering the fact that the game is almost thirteen years in the making.

Ever since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 back in 2005 many people have waited for Square Enix to develop Kingdom Hearts 3. Some of the thing we currently know about Kingdom Hearts 3 is that the setting will take place following the events of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance while having Sora return as the main character of the game. Sita is joined by popular Disney characters Goofy and Donald Duck to prevent another Keyblade War from being started by returning antagonist Master Xehanort.

There are many exciting features that will be on Kingdom Hearts 3 including new keyblade summons, five person parties, character summons, theme park ride summon attacks and more. Also, the inclusion of new worlds based on popular Disney movies such as Big Hero 6 and Toy Story is something that really adds to the appeal of Kingdom Hearts 3 as we move closer to E3 2018. For those who do not know the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo starts on June 12th and ends on June 14th. It will be interesting to see what else will be revealed at E3 2018 this upcoming month.

Could Seiken Densetsu 3 have worked on the PS1?

When it comes down to big Action RPG that really destroying be on the PS1 back in the mid 90’s one of the top titles that comes to mind is Seiken Densetsu 3. While its pretty cool that Square Enix decided to make this game an SNES exclusive Seiken Densetsu 3 really could have shined well on the PS1. Around 1995 the PS1 has began to increase in popularity and more people began to prefer the 32-bit console over the 16 bit SNES. Also, many might find it puzzling why Square Enix had never released Seiken Densetsu 3 in other countries such America and the United Kingdom for the SNES or even the Nintendo Switch.

Some can make the argument that Square Enix was afraid that Seiken Densetsu 3 would have been over shadowed by many big 3D titles for the PS1 back in the mid 90’s such as Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and others. But on the other hand Square Enix decided to re-release 2D Action RPG titles such as Chrono Trigger for the PS1 in 1999. So its tough to say why Seiken Densetsu 3 never made it to the PS1 back in the 90’s.

Is The Farm Simulation Genre Of Gaming Underrated?

When it comes down do various gaming genres within this day and age there are so many interesting ones such as action-adventure, platformer, fighting, RPG’s along with first and third person shooters. One of the many gaming genres that seem to be very underrated in the minds of some is farm simulation. Games such as the ones included in the Harvest Moon series are interesting because they allow players to not only become a protagonist but also gives them the responsibilities while letting them know skilled they are in cultivating crops.

The Harvest Moon series has been around since the mid 90’s on the SNES and has spawn a series of great sequel since its inception. The Farming Simulator series which first started back in 2012 has also been impressive for those who are die hard fans of the farm simulation genre in general. In terms of whether the farming simulation genre of gaming will become more popular over time is something that is hard to predict right now. But there is no doubt that the farm simulator genre deserves more credit than it gets.

Could Super Mario Land have been a success on the SNES?

There have been countless Super Mario titles that have been very successful for over the past 25 years that are seen as Nintendo classics to this very day. Back in the 80’s we got the Super Mario Bros Trilogy for the NES which was later re-released under Super Mario All-Stars in the summer of 1993. Also, we got see the release of Super Mario World for the SNES back in 1990. Super Mario World was the best selling game on the SNES and sold over 20 million units worldwide since its release.

If With the success of games such as Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Kart there was no need to have Super Mario Land on the SNES. In fact Super Mario Land stood out more because it was an exclusive on the original Game Boy system. On the SNES Super Land definitely would have been overshadowed by countless other RPG’s and platform titles that were also on the 16 bit console during the early 90’s. Super Mario Land could have definitely sold over one million units on the SNES but it may not have been as successful as it was on the original Game Boy console.

Could Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have been a success for the SNES?

When it comes down to big Game Boy titles back in the 90’s Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are some of the many games that instantly comes to mind. Pokémon Yellow was probably stood out more than Red and Blue mainly because players started the game off with Pikachu opposed to having the option of choosing between three other creatures in the beginning of the game. Ever since Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were released between 1996-1998 they had easily become the most popular Game Boy titles of the 90’s.

There are some who question whether or not Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow could have had as much success on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System during the mid to late 90’s time period. On one hand the SNES started to decline in popularity around the mid 90’s everyone were purchasing PS1’s along with N64’s. But on the other hand if Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow was released in the early 90’s they could have been very popular on the SNES. However, there were games such as Super Mario World, F-Zero, Secret of Mana and others that could have easily overshadowed Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow as well.