Was the Doom Reboot the best first person shooter game of 2016?

As far as highly anticipated first person shooter games are concerned the Doom: Reboot which was released back in 2016 was a title that many people had waited to see for over a decade prior to its release. The Doom: Reboot which came out about three years ago was the first major installment within the set since Doom 3 was released back in 2004. As far as first person shooters are concerned many people would argue that the Doom series put that particular genre on map especially considering how legendary the very first game ended up becoming following its release in December 1993. In a way original Doom game was way ahead of its time following its ’93 release especially since 3D gaming did not begin to surge in popularity until the late 90’s-early 00’s when the Unreal & Halo series started to appeal to gamers in western countries.

As far as the first person shooter genre is concerned its something that has remained popular throughout the 10’s decade as well. Despite, the fact that Doom series has been around for almost 30 years now there are still a ton of people looking forward to the release of Doom Eternal for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in November 2019. As far as the Doom Reboot being considered the most popular game of 2016 is concerned that is something that is highly debatable. In 2016, we saw the release of games such as Battlefield 1, TitanFall 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare which were all games that seemed like they received more mainstream attention during that year. The Doom Reboot seemed more like a game that would turn heads within the gaming world considering how legendary series itself was and still is.

Will Phantasy Star Online 2 be a huge attraction in America?

As it currently stands one of the biggest games that is expected to appear in America during the Spring of 2020 is Phantasy Star Online 2 which was announced at E3 2019. Phantasy Star Online 2 is a MMORPG that has been around since 2012 when it first appeared in Japan on PC and has been ported to various game consoles ever since then. Throughout most of the 10’s decade we have seen Phantasy Star Online 2 appear on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch but only in Japan. As far as popularity is concerned in relation to video game genres it’s no secret that first/third person shooter games along with action-adventure and RPG titles are huge attractions in western consoles like the United States. There were various games announced at E3 2019 that people are looking forward to seeing during the second-half 2019 such as Contra: Rouge Corps, Watch Dogs: Legion and Luigi’s Mansion 3 that are titles that many people will definitely have their eye on. There are also big games in 2020 such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2 that could possibly overshadowed Phantasy Star Online 2 which is actually considered to be somewhat old considering the fact that the game came out approximately seven years ago.

Also, Phantasy Star Online 2 is only expected to appear for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2020 which is something that could definitely effect the overall sales of the game itself. Even though, the Phantasy Star series has been around since the late 80’s and has been one of the best things that Sega has going in relation to RPG/MMORPG’s it’s not quite as popular during the 90’s. In fact, MMORPG’s has arguably declined somewhat in popularity since the early 10’s when titles such as Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Neverwinter and Rift were attractions on PC. While its cool that Phantasy Star Online 2 will finally appear in America during 2020 its hard to predict how successful it will eventually become following its upcoming release.

Will the Polymega surpass the SNES Classic in sales?

There were so many exciting announcements at E3 2019 in relation to upcoming video games that are set to be released now and 2020 its almost overwhelming. The news regarding future release of the Polymega console is something that everyone is talking about right now. The Polymega is a console can run older generation games from the 80’s and 90’s such as the NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Saturn and more. While the appeal of owning an all in one retro based game console is high the price for the Polymega is reasonable considering the fact that the pre-orders for it is $299. As we wait for the upcoming release of the Polymega it should be noted that the Sega Mega Drive Mini along with the TurboGrafix-16 Mini are expected to be released later this year as well.

When the SNES was first released back in late September 2017 it had a price tag of $79.99. The Sega Mega Drive Mini which includes 40 classic titles from the early 90’s will also be priced at $79.99 following its release on September 19th later this year. While many are questioning whether or not the Sega Mega Drive Mini will surpass the SNES Classic in sales the Polymega is a console that has the potential to sell more than both respective game systems. Its tough to predict how much the Polymega game system will end up selling within its first year. As far as upcoming game consoles are concerned we have Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 which are both likely to be released sometime in late 2020. Also, we have new gaming platforms such as Google Stadia and Apple Arcade which are expected to take off following their upcoming releases in Fall 2019 which can definitely affect the overall sales of the Polymega.

Will Project Scarlett have more success than Nintendo Switch in first year sales?

As far as blockbuster announcements are concerned in relation to E3 2019 Microsoft’s news regarding the development of another game console is something that many people within the gaming world are talking about. Based on what we already know Project Scarlett otherwise known as Xbox Two will be more powerful than the Xbox One/One X and will be able to run games at 8K resolution. While it has been revealed that Xbox Two will be available in electronic retailers in America surpassing the fourth quarter of 2020 there are still several questions about Microsoft’s upcoming game consoles that people have. While the price for Xbox Two is something that is still unknown some question whether or not it will be more successful than the Nintendo Switch following its initial release back in March 2017.

Since its release during Spring 2017 the Switch console reached over 4.8 million in worldwide in sales and was considered to be the most popular game console of 2018. As many people know in relation to the console wars the Xbox One has struggled to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console throughout the 10’s decade and has managed to sell less than half of what the PS4 has sold. It was reported back in December 2018 that the PS4 reached over 91 million in sales while the sales figure for the Xbox One was unclear for quite sometime. Also, Sony has the PlayStation 5 coming out soon as it is being expected to be released sometime between 2020-2021. There is no doubt that competition is starting to increase within the gaming considered the fact that Google Stadia is expected to be the next big thing in relation streaming video games. As far as how Xbox Two will do in first year sales is something that is hard to predict especially considering the fact Halo: Infinite has been the only title confirmed for Microsoft’s next generation console. While backwards compatibility will contribute to the appeal of Project Scarlett its a feature that can also hinder the success of Microsoft’s upcoming console similar to what happened to the Xbox One.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Nintendo Land: (2012)

When it comes down to top video games to be released for the Nintendo Wii-U one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is the party game known as Nintendo Land. The popularity Nintendo Land is something that may have came as somewhat of a surprise after its release in November 2012 considering the fact that it ended up becoming more successful than both Mario Party 9 & 10 as far as sales are concerned. When Mario Party 10 came out for the Wii-U back in 2015 it managed to reach over 2.2 million copies worldwide in sales. Nintendo Land was a title that reached over 5 million sales and ended up becoming one of the top five best selling video games for the Wii-U console overall. Nintendo Land heavily emphasized showing players how to utilize accessories affiliated with the Wii-U such as Wii U GamePad in relation to its mini-games.

The cool thing about Nintendo Land was that the Wii-Remote and nunchucks could also be utilized due to the backwards compatibility of the Wii-U. Despite, being one of the best selling titles for the Wii-U some would argue that Nintendo Land was largely successful due to the fact that it was released shortly after the console it’s came out in late 2012. However, there are still some people who believe that Nintendo Land deserve a direct sequel due to its success on the Wii-U. But since Nintendo has no plans on making a Nintendo Land 2 anytime in the near future its currently safe to say that company had no interest in making a reality any time soon.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Coming Soon!!!!

There have been many big announcements within the gaming world since the start of this year especially at E3 2019 in relation to coming releases between now 2020. As far as upcoming fighting titles are concerned we have recently learned that One Punch Man will eventually have its own game which is set to appear on multiple game consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the near future. For those who do not know One Punch Man is a popular Japanese manga written by ONE that has been around since 2009. One Punch Man has also been one of the most popular shows to air on Toonami since Fall 2015 after being Licensed by Viz Media in America. Based on what we know One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows the game will feature three vs three fighting gameplay which will include various popular characters from the series.

Players will have the opportunity to utilize characters such such as Speed O Sound Sonic, Saitama, Genoa and many others. As it currently stands there is still very little that we know about One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows including its official release date and whether or not it will be released in 2019 or 2020. Hopefully, Bandi Namco will reveal more about this upcoming action-brawler game within the next couple of months.

Will Project Scarlett be more successful than Xbox One?

As far as E3 2019 is concerned there were many announcements at the event that shocked a lot of people including Microsoft’s revelation regarding their upcoming game console known as “Project Scarlett” otherwise known as Xbox Two. Based on what we know about Project Scarlett it supposed to be a game system that will be more powerful than the Xbox One X which was released back in November 2017. As far as features are concerned Xbox Two will be able to run video games at higher frame rates than that of the Xbox One will include 8K resolution. It has been said that the Xbox Two will be more powerful than Microsoft’s previous consoles thanks to the Navi and Zen 2 architecture developed by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) It should also be noted that Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console will also feature a physical disc drive. While Microsoft had mentioned a few years ago that more emphasis was going to be placed on streaming there are still a lot of gamers who consider themselves collectors of video games in general. Besides “Project Scarlett” has also been confirmed to be backwards compatible with older generation games similar to that of the Xbox One which utilized physical discs as well.

Speaking of backwards compatibility it was confirmed at E3 2019 that Halo Infinite will be the very first game to appear on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console. As far as the release date for Halo Infinite is concerned there has been speculation that the first person shooter game will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2020. In fact, analysts have also mentioned that “Project Scarlett” should be completed and that the console will most likely appear in electronic retail stores between October and December of 2020. As far as whether or not Microsoft’s upcoming console will be more successful than the Xbox One that is some that remains to be seen. Also, there are various factors such as pricing and competition that can affect the overall success of Project Scarlett.

When the Xbox One X was initially released in November 2017 it was priced at $499 and since then it feel below Microsoft’s expectations in relation to sales. Seeing how Project Scarlett is a more superior game system than the Xbox One its possible that the upcoming console will end up being worth equal or more than $499 once its released. Also, the landscape of gaming is starting to change in the form competition. Not only to will Microsoft’s new console have to compete with the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 players will also have the option of choosing Google Stadia as it pertains to third party games. It will be interesting to see what other games will be announced for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console between now and fourth quarter 2020.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!!

As far as blockbuster announcements from E3 2019 are concerned there were many that the world got a chance to see at the event this year. While CD Project had revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 had been pushed back to the dismay of many people we also learned that we will finally be getting a Switch port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sometime this year. As far as an official release date for the Switch version of The Witcher 3 is concerned that is something that has yet to be revealed. We do know that the “Game Of The Year” Edition which features the Hearts of Stone along with the Blood and Wine expansion packs will be featured in the Switch version of the Witcher 3. Out of all the entries of the Witcher series dating back to 2007 when the very first game came out many people have argued that Witcher III: Wild Hunt was quite possibly the best. In fact, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is considered to be one of the top Action-RPG’s of the 10’s decade.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been praised mainly for its robust combat system in addition to other features such as its narration, world design along with the inclusion of various side-quests. On the Nintendo Switch The Witcher 3 will undoubtedly become one of the top attractions in relation to games within the Action-RPG genre in general. As it currently stands CD Projekt has not given us an official release date for the Switch port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt but hopefully it will be this year and not pushed back until 2020 similar to Cyberpunk 2077.

Will the remake of Zelda: Link’s Awakening be as popular as the original?

As many people know the The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: Remake is set to be released later this year in September 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. For those who do not know Link’s Awakening is a 90’s Classic that was initially released for Game Boy back in 1993. Since its release Link’s Awakening has been seen as one of the most popular entries ever within the Zelda series and eventually went on to sell approximately 5 million units worldwide by the early 00’s. Since the release of Link’s Awakening many people have wondered whether or not Nintendo was ever going to develop a high definition remake of the game for past 10-15 years. Since we are now getting a modernized version of Zelda: Link’s Awakening its something that can appeal to both retro and contemporary gamers who currently own a Nintendo Switch.

As far as whether or not the newest version of Link’s Awakening will be as popular as the original is something that remains to be seen. The Nintendo Switch has arguably been as popular within the past two years as Game Boy was back in the 90’s. But as far as sales are concerned it would not be surprising if Zelda: Link’s Awakening sold over one million copies worldwide within its first month seeing how much attention the game has been getting since E3 2019.

Will Polymega hurt the Sega Mega Drive Mini in sales?

As many people know the Polymega and the Sega Mega Drive Mini are two of the biggest retro consoles that we are going to see released in 2019. While people have been waiting for the Sega Mega Drive Mini since 2018 the announcement of the Polymega is something that caught many people by surprise at E3 2019. In fact, the Polymega give players way more options in relation to gameplay than the Mega Drive Mini since they will have the opportunity to play video games from various different 80’s 90’s consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Saturn, PS1, etc. In fact, the option to play old school Sega Genesis games will also be available to those who decide to purchase the Polymega for $249 as well. While the Polymega May be more expensive in America than the Sega Mega Drive Mini which will be priced at $79.99 it seems a like a bigger attraction as far as retro game systems are concerned.

The Mega Drive Mini was developed mainly to compete with the likes of the SNES Classic from September 2017 or the PS1 Classic released back in December 2018. However, the Mega Drive Mini definitely has several games that hardcore fans of the 16 bit console would still purchase. Also, the Sega Mega Drive Mini would also make for a great collectors item especially after its eventual discontinuation similar to that of the SNES Classic.