Retro Gaming 10’s- Metroid: The Other M (2010)

When we looked back at popular Wii games from the early 10’s time period there were so many exciting titles that were released for that console. One of the few games from 2010 that instantly comes to mind aside from titles such as Sonic Colors, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong returns was Metroid: The Other M. Along with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption from ’07 Metroid: The Other M was one of the first major games within the series to appear on the Wii console. One of the most interesting things about Metroid: The Other M is the fact that the setting of the game took place following the events of Super Metroid from ’93 and Metroid Fusion which came out for Game Boy Advance In ’02. If timeline regarding the setting for Metroid: The Other M was accurate Nintendo definitely could have released this game for the N64 between ’96-’00 if the company had plans to make it reality back then. One of the more interesting aspects about Metroid: The Other M is the fact that the game was played mainly from a third person perspective; this was opposed to the Metroid Prime trilogy which emphasized first person shooter gameplay due to how popular the genre was becoming during the 00’s.

The plot for Metroid: The Other M focused on bounty hunter and reoccurring main character Samus Aran as she explores the Bottle Ship after waking up in a Galactic Federation facility. In Metroid: The Other M players make interesting discoveries throughout the game involving the development of a special units for e of bioweapons which closely resembled the race of Space Pirates. The bioweapons were known as Cyborg Zebesians and were created by scientists from the Galactic Federation on BOTTLE SHIP. Samus Aran learns more about the Cyborg Zebrsians and how they ended up becoming uncontrollable from her interaction with Melissa Bergman aka MB; ironically MB ends up becoming the main villain in Metroid: The Other M following her betrayal of the Galactic Federation. The reasoning behind MB’s treachery towards The Galactic Federation stemmed from her disapproval for their some of scientists; they only managed to make things worse by attempting to reprogram her artificial intelligence causing her to be more vengeful towards humans for their misdeeds. While MB was considered to be the main villain her mutiny towards the Galactic Federation seemed somewhat justifiable considering the fact that the higher ups thought very little of her. It should also be noted that MB was considered to be a threat to the operations that the Galactic Federation were carrying out on the BOTTLE SHIP.

MB proved to be a very dangerous foe who had the ability to utilize brainwaves in order manipulate bioforms with the exception of Metroids; in fact MB used her abilities to have Galactic Federation scientists killed. In Metroid: The Other M players had the ability to control Samus Aran in order to destroy all kinds of creatures using missiles from her arm cannon similar to previous installments within the series. However, Metroid: The Other M ended up becoming the first game within the entire series where players could utilize melee attacks to combat enemies; while it was something new and unexpected the melee gameplay was one that received a mixed reception from critics. Also, while players had the option to change to a first person perspective in terms of shooting at enemies they could not move in that mode which was subjected to some criticism as well. While the first person perspective was mainly utilized for searching for hidden items it was still a pretty cool feature nonetheless. As an action-adventure game in general Metroid: The Other M is generally regarded as a solid entry within the series even though it was not quite on the same level as any of the Metroid Prime games from the 00’s in terms of popularity.

Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) vs Super Mario Galaxy (2007) which game was more successful?

As many people know Super Mario Galaxy along with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess were two of the most popular video games to appear on the Wii console back in the 00’s. Since both their respective releases Super Mario Galaxy along with Zelda: Twilight Princess have sold millions and achieved mainstream popularity along with high praises from fans and critics alike. Since its initial release back in ’07 Super Mario Galaxy has reportedly sold over 12 million units worldwide. Ever since The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released back in ’06 the game managed to reach over 8.8 million copies in sales and becoming one of the best selling titles within the entire Zelda series. Even though, Super Mario Galaxy sold more than Zelda: Twilight Princess that was something that was expected between the mid to late 00’s since Mario is Nintendo’s main mascot.

To choose game over the other is tough especially since one was a platformer while the other one was action-adventure title. While a HD version Zelda: Twilight Princess was eventually ported to the Wii-U back in 2016 Super Mario Galaxy was not and its uncertain on whether or not Nintendo plans on bringing the game to the Switch console in the future. While Super Mario Galaxy obviously sold more since its release Twilight Princess was definitely more popular.

Should Tsukumo vs Capcom be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

When we think about big fighting titles on the Wii that’s deserved a re-release if some type Tsukumo vs Capcom is one of the many games that comes to mind. Tsukumo vs Capcom was released many years ago in 2008 and is seen by some people as a fight game that is highly underrated. Seeing Tsukumo vs Capcom on the Nintendo Switch would especially be a great alternative if for whatever reason we do not get to see Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite on the hybrid console in the future.

Following its release in December 2008 Tsukumo vs Capcom has received positive reviews from critics from different gaming publications. In fact, Tsukumo vs Capcom has won the award of “Best Fighting Game” at the Game Critics Award following the E3 event in 2009. Despite, being criticized for its arcade mode and slower gameplay in comparison to games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2 it was still a pretty solid fighting title that deserves to ported to the Switch console.

Was Super Mario Galaxy a better game than Super Mario 3D World?

Super Mario Galaxy (3)

Both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World were great games.  Super Mario Galaxy was probably one of  the best selling Mario games of the Nintendo Wii.  Since its release back in the Fall of 2007 Super Mario Galaxy had managed to sell over 11 million units worldwide.  Not only was the concept, storyline and gameplay for Super Mario Galaxy was great but it was also very creative.  As a single player game Super Mario Galaxy was very fun to play.

Super Mario 3D World

When it comes down to multiplayer games Super Mario 3D World seemed more fun on the Nintendo Wii-U.  In Super Mario 3D World players had the option to play as multiple characters including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Rosalina who was a hidden character.  While Super Mario 3D World may have been a better multiplayer game than Super Mario Galaxy it still paled in comparison in terms of popularity and overall sales. If Super Mario 3D World was featured exclusively on the Nintendo Wii instead of the Wii-U the game could have possibly sold more.  However. Super Mario 3D World still may not have sold nearly as much as Super Mario Galaxy.

Will the Nintendo Switch surpass the overall sales of the Wii-U in a year?

As many of us heard officials from Nintendo had announced that they believe that that they Nintendo Switch will surpass the Wii-U overall sales within a year.  As of right now that seems like something that is very likely especially considering how popular the game console has been since its release back in March 2017.  

Not only has the sales for the Nintendo Switch been very high but the best might be yet to come during the upcoming holidays Black Friday and Christmas.  When it comes to sales the Wii U had only managed to sale over 13 million units worldwide in five years.  As of right now Nintendo expects to do at at least 14 million units by March 2018. With popular games such as Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms and other upcoming titles in 2018. It would be safe to say that selling at least 14 million units by March 2018 is a realistic goal.  However, it could be meetvwith some resistance since Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One X in earlyNovember of  2017.  

Are the use of gaming cartridges more helpful or harmful to Nintendo?

When it comes down to video games Nintendo became very popular during the 80’s and the 90’s by developing game consoles such as the NES, SNES and the N64 that were cartridge based.  When it comes down to sales Nintendo consoles they are probably the best in the gaming industry when it comes down to producing console based games.

The N64 had managed to sell over 32 million units worldwide since it was first released back in 1996.  Even, though it did not sell quite as much as the Sony PlayStation which hit close to 39 million units worldwide in terms of sales the N64 had still sold more than Dreamcast.

The  Super Nintendo Entertainment System had managed to sell over 49 million units worldwide since its release back in 1990 which is very impressive.   Some people would argue that cartridge based games can produce the same type of visual quality that CD ROM do and they are absolutely right.  Even though, the Nintendo Switch plays cartridge based games the console itself has managed to do great in the gaming market.  While the Wii utilized CD ROMs for their games it was also one of the best selling consoles ever produced by Nintendo and managed to sell over 101 million units worldwide.  

Which Nintendo console had the best control pad?


Since the 80’s Nintendo consoles have evolved greatly in terms of hardware.  This is especially true when it comes down to control pads.  We went from the rectangular NES control pads all the way down to the joy cons for the Nintendo Switch.   In terms of which Nintendo consoles had the best control pad is something that is debatable among retro gamers to this day.  The Super Nintendo control pad had a unique look to it and was fun to play with back in the early 90’s.  In comparison to the NES control pad the SNES controller was a huge improvement because it had more than just two buttons making it easier to play various types of fighting games which were popular back in the early 90’s.


By the time we got to the control pad for the Nintendo 64 some people were impressed by its design while others thought it looked strange.  Either way we got to see so many cool games for the Nintendo 64 such as Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Zelda Ocrana of Time and more.  Not only did the N64 controller have a unique design but the Nintendo 64 console itself had allowed but to four players and had a cool rumble pak feature which added to the realism to whatever game you were playing.    While some people might think that the design for the Nintendo 64 controller was strange others would say that it was probably one of the most innovative designs for a control pad that they have ever seen.  Compared to the SNES and the Gamecube controllers the Nintendo 64 control pad stood out more.

Wii Remote

The Wii controller along with the nunchuck   was also something that people enjoyed back in the 00’s.  The Wii controller and nunchuck increased the amount of interaction that players had in certain video games such as Mario Kart Wii and Zelda: Skyward Sword.  The latest controllers for the Nintendo Switch are also special as well but arguably very expensive.    Nintendo always finds a new way to reinvent themselves when it comes down to gaming products.  Sometimes it’s hard to choose which Nintendo control pad was the overall best.

Would Crash Bandicoot have done well on Nintendo Wii?


The idea of having Crash Bandicoot series on the Nintendo Wii is one that is very interesting considering the fact that platform titles stand out more on that console opposed to the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.  The Crash Bandicoot series was very popular back in the late 90’s and early 00’s but started to go downhill as the 2000’s had progressed.   Some people believe that if Crash Bandicoot games featured on the Nintendo Wii or even Gamecube opposed to Xbox consoles back in the early 00’s they would have stood out more as platform titles.  When the Crash Bandicoot series had started off on the original Sony PlayStation console in the late 90’s everyone loved it similar to Spyro the Dragon mainly because the PS1 was brand new during the time.  But after the release of PlayStation 2 the Crash Bandicoot series had started to decline in popularity.


The only times that any of the Crash Bandicoot games were released for Nintendo based console were for the DS and the Game Boy Advance back in the 00’s.  In theory having a game such as Crash Bandicoot for the Nintendo Wii would have been very exciting.  But since the series started to decline in popularity during the 00’s any Crash Bandicoot game that would have been released for the Nintendo Wii could have easily ended up another regular platform title on the Wii since Super Mario is practically the main mascot for Nintendo.  While titles such as Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess could  easily overshadow any of the Crash Bandicoot games that could have been on the Nintendo Wii it would probably would have stood out more during an era of gaming where first and third person shooter games were mainstream.

Which decade was the best for platform games?

Super Mario Bros (2).jpgThe platform genre of gaming has been around since the 80’s and since then many people have wondered which decade was the best for that particular genre.   The original Super Mario Bros game is quite possibly the most popular title ever in the platform genre of gaming.  While the 80’s included mostly 8-bit gameplay for various Mario games we eventually got titles like the Sonic the Hedgehog series during the 16-bit era in the of gaming. 

As the Super Mario Bros series was slowly transitioning into the 16-bit Super Nintendo game console the Sonic the Hedgehog series was starting to become increasingly popular for the Sega Genesis.  Not only was the gameplay for both the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series impressive but the colorful graphics led and sprites used in most of the titles added to the appeal of those games.


 By the time we reached the mid to late 90’s we got games like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure which introduced players to a whole different style of platform gaming.  The concept of a 3D open world environment was something that many people were amazed by when Super Mario 64 was released.  Instead of simply just running and jumping Mario could utilize various attacks against his enemies.  While Sonic Adventure was similar Sega had decided to Main the fast paced run and jump formula that was popular in the older Sonic games.  

Super Mario Galaxy (2).jpgBy the time we reached the 00’s the platform genre started to improve visually with some games such as Super Mario Galaxy.  The 2000’s was a good decade to be a fan of open world 3D platform gaming despite not being the most popular genre during time.  We got so many classics such as the New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 along with others.

Super Mario 3D World.png

  When it came down to platform gaming in the 10’s we began to see more creativity develop in this genre.  Super Mario 3D World for the Wii-U was a great example of this.  The idea of having multiplayer open would gameplay with up to four characters was something that many peopl believed should have happened sooner.  Along with Super Mario 3D World we got Kirby’s Return to Dreamland which had  simultaneous multiplayer gameplay which is something that we might start to see more from platform games in the near future.  While many people argue on which decade is better in relation to the platform genre some would say that things are starting get even better going into the 2020’s. 

Would Zombie Ate My Neighbors work as a first person shooter?

Zombie ate my neighboors (2)

Zombie Ate My Neighbors was one of the coolest survival horror shooter games of the early 90’s.  This was especially true if one played Zombie Ate My Neighbors for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  This game allowed both single and co-op gameplay which was great since the game itself was very long and tough for one to complete on their own.  In terms of whether or not Zombie Ate My Neighbors would work as a modern day first person shooter game would be a scenario that many people find interesting.  If Zombie Ate My Neighbors received a 3D remake that would be very interesting but at the same time there would be concern by many fans of the series that changing its style would ruin what made the game appealing in the first place.

Zombie ate my neighbors (3).png

The 2D Sprites and the cartoon-ish violence is what adds to the appeal of Zombie Ate My Neighboors.  The developers for Zombie Ate My Neighboors had found a perfect balance on making a violent game family friendly which was another aspect of this title which many people found appealing.  If LucasArts had found a way to make Zombie Ate My Neighbors a 3D first person shooter title it would probably be similar to games such as the Left For Dead series.   Even though, LucasArts tried to make spin-offs and sequels to Zombie Ate my Neighbors in the 90’s they did not reach the same level of such success as the original survival horror shooter game did following its release in 1993.  If LucasArts had decided to revive the series in 3D the 00’s would have been a decent time period to do so considering the fact that the first and third person genre was starting to rise in popularity.  However, Zombie Ate My Neighbors seemed like it was never intended to become a series in the first place otherwise it probably would have happened.  Besides, turning an excellent 2D shooter game into a 3D title might sound cool in theory but questionable in terms of how things would play out in practice.