Did SM64 have the best soundtrack in the entire Mario series?

SM64 is considered to be one of the most legendary 3D Super Mario games of all-time especially since it was the very first that we got to see within the series in general. Super Mario 64 from the mid 90’s was remembered for its critically acclaimed gameplay, graphics and soundtrack making it the second best selling video game for the Nintendo 64. Since its release back in ‘96 Super Mario 64 had reached over 9.8 million copies in terms of worldwide sales before the N64 was ultimately discontinued in 2001. As far as soundtracks are concerned Nintendo arguably produced some of its best work with Super Mario 64 with legendary soundtracks for different levels such as: Koopa’s Road, Bomb-Omb Battlefield and Dire Dire Docks. The soundtracks in SM64 seemed far better than anything from the 2D Mario installments from the NES/SNES era of gaming. Also, there are hardly any 3D Mario games that came after SM64 that had a memorable soundtrack that was on the same level in terms of quality with Super Mario Galaxy from ‘07 possibly being an exception.

The soundtracks in SM64 blended naturally with each level and the amount of creativity that went into the game itself added to its overall replay value. While the soundtrack for SM64 was awesome it should be noted that Nintendo had produced many memorable music scores especially during the 90’s in general. In fact, some would put Mario Kart 64 above SM64 in terms of having more memorable soundtracks with likes of Rainbow Road, Toad’s Turnpike and Raceways. There was definitely a magical aura that some of the N64 Mario games had back then that we rarely see nowadays and its something that long time fans of the series still cherish to this day. While everyone has their own respective opinion on which Mario game has the best soundtracks there is no doubt that SN64 would have to be in the top five on many people’s list.

Could Metroid: The Other M have been a bigger attraction on the N64?

Metroid: The Other M was arguably one of the most popular entries of the Metroid see as it relates to the 10’s decade. Despite, not being quite as popular as the Metroid Prime series from ’02-’07 Metroid: The Other M was pretty unique as far as gameplay was concerned. In Metroid: The Other M players where able to utilize melee attacks along with utilizing fire power from a first person perspective. The idea of taking the 2D gameplay from some of the older Metroid games and mixing it with some of the first person perspective features from the Metroid Prime series made for an enjoy experience for those who had the game for the Nintendo Wii. Since the setting for the game occurred following the events of Super Metroid and prior to the events of Metroid Fusion some people have questioned whether or not the Other: M could have worked on the N64 between ’97-’00. Its obvious that the graphics for Metroid: The Other M would not have been nearly as good on the N64 as it was for the Wii console. However, Metroid: The Other M could have been a much bigger deal as a Nintendo 64 exclusive from the late 90’s than it was for the Wii console in 2010.

As many people know the Wii was backwards compatible with GameCube titles and players had the option of playing any of the Metroid Prime games on Nintendo’s seventh generation console during the early 10’s. Seeing that Metroid: The Other M was not quite as popular as the Metroid Prime trilogy not waiting to release the game as a Wii-U exclusive may have been a mistake on Nintendo’s part. However, the timeline for Metroid: The Other M would have made this game perfect for the N64 especially since it did not rely solely on first person shooter gameplay; that genre of gaming did not begin to skyrocket in popularity until the 00’s. While the melee aspect of Metroid: The Other M was not well received by some critics others believe that it should have been introduced way sooner than it was and doing it following the release Super Metroid from ’93 would have been cool to see back in the day. While the story for Other M was also subjected to criticism as well for being somewhat confusing the game itself was actually pretty decent. But in the eyes of many people Metroid: Other M is a game that should of came before the Prime trilogy not after it.

Could Pokémon Stadium have been a success on the PS1?

When it comes down to top selling games for the Nintendo 64 one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Pokémon Stadium. For those who do not know Pokémon Stadium was released back in April 1999 and since then the game has managed to sell over 5.4 million units worldwide on the Nintendo 64 within a few years following its release. There is no secret that the Pokémon series was starting to get hot during the late 90’s with the animated television show along with the Red, Blue and Yellow games which appeared on Game Boy between ’96-’98.

Despite, how much popularity the Pokémon series achieved during the late 90’s there are some who would argue that Pokémon Stadium would not have been as popular on the PS1 as it was on the Nintendo 64. As far as third party games were concerned you had so many games like Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Tekken 3 and others along with first party titles like Gran Turismo that could have easily overshadowed Pokémon Stadium if it ever appeared on the PS1. There is no doubt about hat Pokémon Stadium could have definitely been an attraction for the PS1 but it may not have sold nearly as much as it did on the N64.

Super Mario 64 (1996) vs Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) which game more popular?



When it comes down to top games that appeared on the Nintendo 64 during the mid to late 90’s there are several titles that come to mind. But there is no doubt that Super Mario 64 along with the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are two of the biggest games to have been released on the Nintendo 64. Since its initial release in 1996 Super Mario 64 has managed to sell over 11 million units worldwide and has been seen as the best selling video game on the Nintendo 64 in general. Super Mario 64 was an unforgettable 3D platformer with cool levels and exciting gameplay that allowed players to experience Mario’s journey in a completely different way.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which was released back in November 1998 was arguably one of the best titles within its entire series. Ever since, Ocarina of Time was released the game has managed to sell over 7 million units worldwide. Zelda: Ocarina of Time was praised for various qualities including its graphics, gameplay along with having great storytelling. There are also various side quests for players to engage in Ocarina of Time giving the game somewhat of an RPG-like feel which contributed to its overall replay value. Choosing between Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time is difficult and most likely boils down to which video game series one likes more.

Will Sony ever produce a more successful game console than the PS2?

As many people know the PlayStation 2 which was released by Sony back in 2000 is without a doubt the best selling video game console of all time. Since its initial release back in March 2000 the PlayStation 2 has managed to sell over 155 million units worldwide over the course of the 2000’s decade. Ever since the PlayStation 2 had set the record for becoming the best selling video console in the history the only game system that has come remote close to surpassing it was the Nintendo DS which was released back in late 2004. Since its release the Nintendo DS has reportedly sold over 154 million units worldwide which may come as a shock to some people since it was a portable game console.

As far as Sony is concerned it seems like the only game system that the company has produced that has come remotely close to selling near as much as the PlayStation 2 was the PS1 which was released back in 1994. Throughout most of the 90’s and early 00’s the PS1 was one of the hottest consoles in the gaming market. In fact the PS1 has managed to sell over 102 million units worldwide between 1994 and 2006. While it seems like the PlayStation 4 can possibly sell more than the PS3 and the PS1 there are many people who are highly doubtful that it will ever surpass the PlayStation 2 in terms of sales. Back in the 00’s the PlayStation 2 was total package since it featured backwards compatibility which is absent on the PS4 and allowed players to enjoy PS1 as well as PS2 games. The PlayStation 4 has been available in retail since late 2013 and its only a matter of time before Sony moves on to the its next generation console. It’s incredible to think that the PS2 was released approximately eighteen years ago along with the fact that it still remains to be the best selling video game console ever.

WCW/NWO Revenge (1998) vs No Mercy (2000) which game was more successful?

When it comes down to wrestling games for the Nintendo 64 there is absolutely no doubt that WCW/NWO Revenge along with No Mercy were two of the best titles to have ever been released for that console. Both games were released during the time of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW. Both games were published by THQ and had the same developers but despite having similar gameplay No Mercy seemed to have greater depth as far as game modes are concerned.

While WCW/NWO Revenge had a Championship Mode where players could compete in a series of matches to win titles No Mercy had a branching storylines for the same exact thing. Also, No Mercy gave provided players with a Create A Wrestler Mode along with entrance music and videos which were absent in WCW/NWO Revenge. Additional features included brawling in backstage areas such as the boiling room or the parking lot along with the ability to purchase items or hidden characters from the Smackdown. No Mercy also had it where player could compete in Cage and Ladder Matches while WCW/NWO Revenge did not have any of those options. In terms of which game was more successful for the N64 many wrestling fans are inclined to give No Mercy the edge over WCW/NWO Revenge.

Could Super Mario RPG have worked on the N64?

When it comes down to SNES Classics one of the many titles that is often mentioned is Super Mario RPG: Legend of of the Seven Stars which was released back in 1996. It’s pretty interesting that the Super Mario RPG game was released back in 1996 considering the fact that it was the same year that the Nintendo 64 was released. Super Mario RPG looked very polished in terms of graphics and looked like it had the potential to have been big as a 3D title back in the mid 90’s.

The only problem was that Square Enix had decided to make games for the PS1 opposed to the N64. When it came down to creativity involving 2D games and animation the PS1 could pull of things that the N64 could not. Also, the Nintendo 64 was more about developing high quality 3D games. Besides even if Super Mario RPG were released for the N64 it could have ended overshadowing other titles such as Super Mario 64 which was also released in 1996.

Will Overwatch be featured on the PlayStation Neo and the Xbox One X?

It is without a doubt that Overwatch is one of the best selling first person shooter titles of the 10’s.  Since its release back in 2016, Overwatch had managed to sell over 3 million units worldwide for the PlayStation 4.  When Overwatch was first released in May 2016 the game had reportedly had over 7 million players within its first week.  Since then the game had reportedly had over 30 million as reported in April 2017.

The commercial success of Overwatch is well documented and raises the question on whether or not the game will be available for next generation consoles such as the PlayStation Neo or the Xbox One X.  While there hasn’t been any type of news regarding Overwatch being featured on either the PlayStation Neo or the Xbox One X it would be great to have one of the most exciting first person shooter titles of 2016 for both consoles.

Retro Gaming- NFL Blitz: (1997)

NFL Blitz

Back in the 90’s Midway has produced many interesting games in genres such as fighting, sports and racing.  One of the more memorable games that Midway has produced back in the 1990’s was NFL Blitz.  When NFL Blitz was first released in arcade centers in 1997 many people enjoyed the fun and brutality that it had to offer.  With football teams such as the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers this game was addictive once it was ported to multiple home consoles during the late 90’s.  After its arcade release we got to see NFL Blitz ported to game systems such as PS1, and the Nintendo 64 While its debatable among fans on which version of the game was the best it was still pretty cool to have a console version of this arcade classic.

NFL Blitz (1)

One of the coolest things about NFL Blitz was that players were allowed to get away with more during gameplay since the rules deviated from the  traditional NFL format.  It could also be considered a title that casual gamers could get into simply because the violence included in NFL Blitz made people feel like they were playing a fighting game a times.  Since its release in the late 90’s both the PS1 and the Nintendo 64 versions of NFL Blitz had managed to sell over 1 million units worldwide which was impressive.  If NFL Blitz was not a hit in arcade centers before being released for the PS1 and the N64 then it would be questionable on how the game would have done in worldwide sales in regards to home consoles.

Are the use of gaming cartridges more helpful or harmful to Nintendo?

When it comes down to video games Nintendo became very popular during the 80’s and the 90’s by developing game consoles such as the NES, SNES and the N64 that were cartridge based.  When it comes down to sales Nintendo consoles they are probably the best in the gaming industry when it comes down to producing console based games.

The N64 had managed to sell over 32 million units worldwide since it was first released back in 1996.  Even, though it did not sell quite as much as the Sony PlayStation which hit close to 39 million units worldwide in terms of sales the N64 had still sold more than Dreamcast.

The  Super Nintendo Entertainment System had managed to sell over 49 million units worldwide since its release back in 1990 which is very impressive.   Some people would argue that cartridge based games can produce the same type of visual quality that CD ROM do and they are absolutely right.  Even though, the Nintendo Switch plays cartridge based games the console itself has managed to do great in the gaming market.  While the Wii utilized CD ROMs for their games it was also one of the best selling consoles ever produced by Nintendo and managed to sell over 101 million units worldwide.