PS5 release date revealed, Final Fantasy XVI Confirmed!!!

We finally learned more information regarding the PS5 in relation to its upcoming release in Q4 2020. It has recently been revealed that the PS5 will be released on November 12th in the countries of Japan, America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. The Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc drive version of the PS5 will also appear everywhere else around the world on November 19th with the release price being $499.99. For those who want purchase the Digital Edition of the PS5 they will be able to do so for $399.99. The pre-orders for the PS5 start on September 17th and can be done through local retailers or the PlayStation website. The inclusion of features such as Blu-ray tracing, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and lightning fast loading speed seems very appealing to those who are looking forward to the next generation of gaming. There are upcoming titles for the PS5 that the world is looking forward to seeing including GodFall, Spider-Man Miles Morales along with Final Fantasy XVI.

The world recently got to see a reveal trailer Final Fantasy XVI and it was confirmed to appear on PS5 & PC. The official release date for Final Fantasy XVI has yet to be revealed but many people are speculating that it will come out sometime in 2021. While Final Fantasy XV from 2016 was a huge success reaching at least 8.9 million in worldwide sales; many question how good FFXVI will be since director and producer for FFXV are not working on this upcoming installment. In fact, Naoki Yoshida who worked on FFXIV will be the producer for FFXVI along with Hiroshi Takai being the director. The details involving Final Fantasy XVI such as the plot and gameplay are vague as of right now. However, Square Enix is supposed to reveal more information about FFXVI sometime next year; hopefully explaining the plot in depth along with what to expect terms of gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Coming Soon to PS4, Xbox One and Switch!!!

One of the few upcoming games that has been receiving a lot of attention as of late is a new rhythm action title called Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory. Based on what we know Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory will be developed and published by Square Enix. We also know that this upcoming rhythm action game will be released for game systems such as: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There have been small details about Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory that has been revealed to the world including the fact that it will feature at least 140 songs. The gameplay for Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory is supposed to be similar to that of the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game from 2012 which appeared on the Nintendo 3DS. It has also been said that the traversal between different worlds will occur through the use of a Gummi Ship; which has been a vehicle that has been used throughout the Kingdom Hearts Trilogy.

It has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory will have over 20 characters including the likes of Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck, Ricky, Aladdin, Hercules and more. Melody Of Memory will also give players the opportunity to visit various different worlds seen in popular Disney movies such as: Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. Its also been reported that Melody Of Memory will continue Kairi’s story from Kingdom Hearts III which should be very interesting. Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory will feature both single & multiplayer gameplay and is expected to appear worldwide in retail on November 13th. Melody Of Memory is expected to have at least four different game modes including online battles. It has not been confirmed whether or not Melody Of Memory will feature cross-platform gameplay but its unlikely that it will; unless Square Enix says otherwise. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory as we get closer to its official release date.

PlayStation 5 unable to produce 4K gameplay?

There have been rumors swirling around as of late about the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and whether not it will be able to run games in 4K resolution. While it has been implied that Sony’s next generation console would produce 4K resolution the uncertainty regarding that detail has increasing over the past couple of days. Recently, gaming analyst Jeff Grub has made comments that implied that Sony’s PS5 would not be up to the task in terms of living up to the expectations of gamers who hope for 4K gameplay. Jeff Grub described the Smartshift Technology of the PS5 as “worrisome” and could create obstacles for video game developers which affect the overall quality of their games on that console. Grub had mentioned how the PS5 is significantly different than last generation consoles considering the fact that it operates in a different way. Grub stated that the “PS5 moves power between the CPU and the GPU and developers really haven’t had to worry about that; especially on consoles in the past”. Also, another gaming analyst by the name of Dusk Golem mentioned how he knew developers who had issues producing games for the PS5 as well.

While 4K resolution gameplay for the PlayStation 5 is one that has been called into question as of late its guaranteed that the Xbox Series X will have that feature. In fact, Microsoft’s next generation console expected to be roughly around the same price range as the PS5 both of which has yet to be revealed. Even though, rumors of the PS5 not having 4K resolution gameplay have been debunked by Sony fans; it still makes the Xbox Series X seem like a more desirable choice for gamers during the holiday season in 2020. While the blu-ray tracing and haptic features of the PS5 are intriguing it would ultimately be considered a more inferior console than the Xbox Series X without 4K resolution gameplay. But based on earlier reports from the months of March to June 2020 it had been confirmed that the PS5 would support both 4K & 8K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate. It will be interesting to see how gamers react to both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X following their respective releases in late 2020.

Will King Of Fighters XV surpass its prequel in popularity?

King Of Fighters XV is one of the highly anticipated fighting games that is expected to appear on game systems such as PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows sometime in 2020. As many people already know King Of Fighters XV was announced at EVO 2019 and since then we have not received too many details about the upcoming fighting game. We have not seen any games or learned about new features to expect for King Of Fighters XV. Seeing how many people enjoyed King Of Fighters XIV was well received by critics following its release in 2016 bring back some features from that game and improving upon them extensively would definitely be something that people would like to see. Despite, receiving great reviews from various gaming publications such as IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot the 3D character models used in KOF XIV was subjected to criticism. Long time fans of the series were not too thrilled about SNK moving away from highly refined 2D sprites in favor of 3D character models and gameplay resembling that of Super Street Fighter IV.

While we have no idea what kind of art style to expect in King Of Fighters XV many people are anxious to know what potential new characters will be included in the game. Also, there has been speculation on what the story for the game will revolve around. Hopefully, the cutscenes feature from KOF XIV will remain in King Of Fighters XV since it adds life to the story mode in general. While there is still no official release date for KOF XV its almost that we should see the release of this game before the end of 2020.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Marvel Super Heroes: (1995)

When we think about some of the most popular arcade games to come from the 90’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is the 2D fighting game developed and published by Capcom known as Marvel Super Heroes. For those who are unaware Marvel Super Heroes was released back in ’95 and was basically the arcade sequel to Capcom’s X-Men Children Of The Atom game from ’94. The gameplay & visuals presentation of Marvel Super Heroes were among the game’s strong points while including popular larger than life superhero & supervillain characters for players to choose from. Marvel Super Heroes included characters such as: Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Psylocke, Spider-Man and others. It should also be noted that Thanos was the final boss and main antagonist for Marvel Super Heroes considering the fact that he wanted to utilize the Infinity Stones in order to take over the universe. The idea of using different stones such as: Time, Power, Space, Soul and Reality to battle opponents throughout the game was very intriguing. As far as gameplay was concerned many people would argue that the Sega Saturn port was more superior than the PS1 version of the game; the Sega Saturn port of Marvel Super Heroes came much closer to the arcade version of the game despite the console itself not being nearly as popular as the PS1.

The gameplay for Marvel Super Heroes is considered to be legendary by most gamers because it seeming pushed 2D fighting gameplay to its limit prior to the releases of X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom in arcade centers between ’96-’99. As a 2D head to head fighting game Marvel Super Heroes was very basic yet very impressive due to its art design and addictive gameplay which was a unique improvement from its spiritual successor X-Men: Children Of The Atom from ’94. Despite, the fact that Marvel Super Heroes was released about 25 years ago the game itself has aged very well and looks as fresh as it did back in 1995. Marvel Super Heroes was arguably one greatest CPS-2 video games of all-time and is a game that does not get talked about nearly as much as it should. As far as 2D fighting games are concerned it seemed like almost everything Capcom produced during the 90’s was special and had lasting appeal them; Marvel Super Heroes just so happen to be one of those timeless classics that the world got to see from the arcade era of gaming.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Virtua Fighter 2: (1994)

When we think about some of the most popular 3D fighting games to come out of the early 90’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is Virtua Fighter 2 from 1994. Virtua Fighter 2 was developed and published by Sega and was the direct sequel to the very first game within the series which was initially released back in November ’93. The arcade version of Virtua Fighter 2 came out in Japan in late ’94 before appearing in America early in 1995. Virtua Fighter was then ported for the Sega Saturn between December ’95 and January ’96 before it became big on Microsoft Windows during ’97. Strangely, after becoming big in arcade centers and on Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter 2 was eventually ported for the Sega Genesis between ’96-’97 despite the console declining in popularity by that time period. Virtua Fighter 2 was a game that saw graphical improvement in comparison to its predecessor saw each character possessing a greater number of attacks than the prequel. Also, Virtua Fighter 2 saw the introduction of brand new gameplay mechanics which involved counter-attacks adding more realism to each fight within the game. This installment of Virtua Fighter saw to inclusion of two new characters in Shun Di and Lion Rafael who both had their own respective fighting styles.

Along with the two new characters that added to Virtua Fighter 2 we saw many returning characters from the original game such as: Akira Yuki, Jacky Bryant, Pai Chan, Lau Chan, Wolf Hawkfield and others that people got a chance to play as which was also pretty cool. Despite, not having any modes that would make it standout from any other 3D fighting game Virtua Fighter 2 was still ahead of its time. Virtua Fighter 2 was released right before the original Tekken game which came out for the PS1 in December ’94. The Virtua Fighter series was still fairly new by ’94 and 3D gaming had yet to evolve to the level where innovative game modes outside of arcade, versus and practice were utilized. Since its release for the Sega Saturn back in the mid 90’s Virtua Fighter 2 ended up becoming one of the best selling games for that console. It was reported that the Sega Saturn version Virtua Fighter 2 sold at least 1.7 million copies in Japan and was praised by critics and players alike for its overs improvement over its predecessor. As good as Virtua Fighter 2 was during the mid 90’s sadly the game did not get as much recognition as the likes of Tekken 2 & 3 because it appeared on the Sega Saturn a game system that flop in sales in comparison to other game systems from that era of gaming.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Gradius V: (2004)

When we think about popular Konami games that came out between the 90’s-early 00’s titles such as Contra III: Alien Wars, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, Dance Dance Revolution and others. It seems like most of Konami’s best video games came out during the 99’s which is a statement that many would agree is accurate. However, in the early 00’s we did get to see some cool games that Konami was involved with such as: Silent Hill 2 and Gradius V which were titles that both appeared on the PS2. Gradius V was considered to be the sequel to Gradius IV which was an arcade exclusive in Japan following its release in February 1999. As people know the Gradius series started back in 1985 back when the scrolling shooter of genre was more popular. The side-scrolling shooter genre started to decline in popularity around the mid 90’s onwards and it a bit surprising that Gradius games were still being made between the late 90’s-early 00’s. Gradius V was an arcade line shooter with optimal visuals that allowed both single and multiplayer gameplay. Throughout, the game power-ups can be acquired through destroying enemies in game modes such as Score Attack.

The Weapon’s Array Screen allowed players to choose what type of power-ups they could utilize throughout different levels; players also had the option of customizing the Vic Viper ship using various different weapon combinations which made Gradius V intriguing. As far as sales were concerned Gradius V obviously did not do too well since the scrolling shooter genre of gaming had declined in popularity by the early 00’s. If Gradius V were released a few years earlier sometime around the mid 90’s between the ’94-’97 Time period it could have possibly of been a much bigger attraction than it was on the PS2. As a side scrolling intergalactic shooter game Gradius V was praised by various gaming publications including GamePro & IGN and was seen as game that looked like it belonged in the 90’s decade

Could Midnight Club II have been an attraction for GameCube?

When we think popular racing titles from the 00’s decade there are various titles that come to mind such as Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Kart: Wii, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spect, Grand Turismo 4, Race Driver: Grid and many others. While Mario racing games were Nintendo exclusives Grsn Turismo titles were generally games only to be featured for either the PlayStation 2 or PS3. Installments within the Midnight Club series which originated back in late-2000 were mainly published by RockStar Games; as far as third-party racing games were considered games like Midnight Club II from ’03 was almost as popular as titles such as Need For Speed: Most Wanted from ’05. While Midnight II was critically acclaimed by fans following its initial release in ’03 the and the game only appeared for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. If Midnight ClubII appeared on the Nintendo GameCube back in the early 00’s some believe that could have stood out more than it did on the PS2 or Xbox. However, GameCube was not as popular as most of Nintendo’s other game systems and ended up becoming one of the lowest selling consoles that the company had ever produced.

Since its release back in ’01 GameCube had managed to sell slightly over 21 million copies during its lifespan within retail which ultimately ended in 2007. Third-Party games for the most part were better of one the PS2 and RockStar Games has released some of their best titles during the early to mid-00’s time period such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Max Payne 2, Grand Theft Auto: III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and many others. RockStar Games had a lot of titles that really shined on the PS2 especially considering how popular the console itself was throughout the 00’s decade. Also, as far as storage was concerned in relation to memory cards the PS2 contained up to 128 MB of space while the maximum you could probably get on GameCube was 64 MB. Since Mario & Zelda Games were the main attraction on the Nintendo GameCube throughout the first half of the 00’s PS2 was definitely a better choice for Rockstar Games overall.

Arcade (80’s-90’s) vs Online (00’s-Present) which gaming era do you prefer?

When we think about how much gaming has evolved since the 80’s its something that seems almost unbelievable. The gaming world has seen various arcade games such as Outrun, Final Fight, TMNT: Turtles In Time, Tekken I-III, Mortal Kombat I-III, Street Fighter II and many others became very popular throughout the 90’s which was followed by the popularity of online gaming which really started to pick around the mid 00’s with the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. When online gaming started to become popular during the mid to late 00’s the shooter genre of gaming became more mainstream with games like Halo II & III, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare I & II and Gears Of War I & II. Also, during the early part of the 10’s decade the MMORPG genre of gaming became popular for a short period of time. We saw games such as Guild Wars II, Final Fantasy XIV Online, TERA, Star Wars: The Old Republic and which were all big MMORPG titles following their respective releases as PC gaming continued to grow in popularity throughout the 10’s decade.

Also online multiplayer gaming has become even more popular in the 10’s decade than it was during the 00’s with games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption II and others which were titles that were all considered to be addictive. While online gaming in general is somewhat expensive for those who are heavy users of the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live with inclusion of memberships for access of special features many would agree that its worth the experience. However, some who are fans of the arcade era of gaming would argue video games that heavily emphasize online gameplay loses its appeal after a few years once their servers go down and eventually becomes unplayable altogether. Also, when it comes down to online gaming players are often expected to pay more money for DLC opposed to having every possible unlockable item within a particular game. But then again online networks offered by Sony & Microsoft offers players an unforgettable gaming experience with both modern games and classics that were popular in arcade centers. While retro gamers from the 80’s & 90’s might have enjoyed going out to arcade centers to socialize along with spending endless coins in different machines; online gaming from 00’s-present is so much more convenient as pertains to socializing despite how expensive it might be overall.

Just Dance 2020 Confirmed to be Ubisoft’s Last Wii game!!!

As many people know Just Dance 2020 was released a few days ago on November 5th and has been released for multiple game systems such as: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and even the original Wii console. Speaking of the Wii console we have recently learned that Just Dance 2020 will be the final game within series to appear on that game system. Sometimes its hard to believe the Just Dance series has been appearing on the Wii console since 2009. In fact, the original Just Dance game was a Wii exclusive which was very popular following its initial release a decade ago. The Wii remote and nunchucks really added to the fun factor of previous entries of the Just Dance series and is something that people still enjoy to this day. However, it should be noted that as a game system the Wii is at least two generations old considering the fact that it came out back in November 2006.

The graphics and visuals for the Wii console are outdated and people would most likely prefer the optimal quality of current generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or even the Nintendo Switch to some extent. In fact, its doubtful that a majority of gamers still have a Wii console let alone play games on it in the year 2019. While its a shock that there was even a Wii version of Just Dance 2020 unfortunately this will the last Ubisoft game that will ever see this company at all.