Why limited backwards compatibility with the PS5 is a good idea

The news just broke that Sony’s upcoming PS5 console will not be backwards compatible with PS3, PS2 or PSOne games. While there are many people who are frustrated about the limited backwards compatibility that the PS5 will feature they will be happy to know that PS4 game can run in Sony’s next generation console. The reason why Sony’s limited backwards compatibility for the PS5 is great idea is because it allows players to enjoy their greatest games from 2013 onwards; while giving them the chance to check out their upcoming games for the PS5. There is still a lot of PS4 games that people still enjoy including God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Finals Fantasy VII: Remake and more. Extending the backwards compatibility for games that came before the PS4 era could potentially have a negative affect on the overall sales of the PS5. Sony does not want consumers being so obsessed with older games to a point where their upcoming titles for the PS5 is overshadowed.

Also, if Sony wanted gamers to play their older titles from the PS1, PS2 or PS4 eras they would most likely have them remastered instead. Limiting backwards compatibility to only PS4 games is good business because it allows them to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X which does the same thing but with older generation games that came before Xbox One. Also, while Nintendo is coming out with a new Switch console next year that is supposed feature 4K resolution its there is no backwards compatibility with older generation games. Similar to Nintendo’s eShop players can buy older games from Sony’s PlayStation Store. Even though, the PS4 had no backwards compatibility with PS2/PS3 games it still managed to be the most successful game system of the 10’s decade. While Sony PS5 has many promise features including super fast loading times, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback; there is no question that backwards compatibility will make it even more of an attraction during the Holiday season later this year.

Eiyuden Chronicle receives enormous fan support on Kickstarter!!!

One of the few topics that has receiving a lot attention as of late involved an upcoming JRPG funded on kickstarter entitled Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes. Based on what we know the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is supposed to be a spiritual successor of the older 2.5 dimensional Suikoden titles from the 90’s. The high definition 2.5D graphics & visuals for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes are breathtaking and looks similar to that of Octopath Traveler from 2018. The Kickstarter campaign Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes started back on July 27th and the developers reportedly reached their goal in raising a total of $500,000 within three hours. In fact, Rabbit & Bear Studios has confirmed that the Kickstarter Campaign for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has managed to generate at least $4.5 million in funding since its launch back in late July 2020. For those who do not know Rabbit & Bear Studios consists of former Suikoden designer Junko Kawano and the scenario writer for the first two games in the series Yoshitaka Murayama.

One of the main goals that Rabbit & Bear Studios has is to get Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred one multiple game systems including PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. If Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes does make to various game systems following its development it’s unclear when the game itself is going to be released. Many people are hoping that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is released sometime in 2021; while others believe that the game might not appear until 2022 which seems more accurate. Either way, Eiyuden Chronicles looks like a promising JRPG with a compelling story focused on war with a cast of 100 different heroes featured within the game. There has been no word on whether or not the developers plan on bringing Eiyuden Chronicles to the Switch console. A game like Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes would stand out far more on a Nintendo based game console; especially considering the fact that its more of a retro themed pixel art type of video game.

Will Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War have more success than its prequel?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a game that everyone is talking about right now. As many people know Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to be released in Q4 of this year on November 13th for multiple game systems including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X along with Microsoft Windows. The game has an Interscope campaign mode where the setting takes place in the 80’s under President Ronald Regan in the midst of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Players take the role of a fictional character named Russell Adler who is a CIA Operative sent out to target a Soviet spy by the name of Perseus. Adler’s responsibility is for himself along with his SAG/SOF team to investigate the alleged conspiracy involving Perseus to prevent the balance of power from being shifted from the United States to the Soviet Union.

Based on what we know Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War the game will include multiple endings based on the decision late players make which adds its overall replay value & unpredictably. It has also been said that a new multiplayer game mode by the name of “Black Ops Cold War” will be introduced on September 9th. Its not clear whether or not the new multiplayer mode will be a modification of the Battle Royale feature they included in some of the previous Black Ops games. However, its been confirmed that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will have a “Zombies Mode” and that cross-platform online multiplayer gameplay will be included in Activision’s upcoming first person shooter game. Its common knowledge that Raven Software worked on developing he prequel Call Of Duty: Warzone which came out in March 2020; it should also be noted that Treyarch has worked alongside Raven Software this time for the development of COD: Black Ops Cold War. To speculate whether or not Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is going to be a bigger attraction than COD: WarZone is tough day. Call Of Duty: Warzone did not have a campaign and emphasis was placed heavily on its Battle Royale mode. Once we find out what this new “Black Ops Cold War” multiplayer mode is all about it might be easier to weigh in on whether or not this upcoming installment will be more successful than Warzone. But the inclusion of a new campaign centered around the 80’s Cold War and a Zombies Mode makes this upcoming Call Of Duty game one to look out for during the holiday season of 2020.

Will 4K Gaming make the Nintendo Switch a bigger attraction?

There have been a lot of rumors floating around as of late regarding Nintendo’s plan to release a new version of the Switch console in 2021. As it currently stands nobody knows the official release date for new version of the Nintendo Switch; but it has been confirmed by Bloomberg News that Nintendo is indeed working on Switch console that will be able to produce 4K HD graphics. If Nintendo really plans on making a Switch console that is capable of producing 4K high definition gameplay & graphics than it would definitely be a step in the right direction in terms of dealing with its competitors. As many people know the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X is going to released during the holiday season of 2020. In terms of features Microsoft has pretty much confirmed that the Xbox Series X will have 4K resolution at 60 FPS along with minimal load times. In fact, Microsoft’s most recent generation console Xbox One X included 4K gameplay along with a Ultra HD Blu Ray Player; in addition with the ability to enhance older games from the Xbox 360 era. It has been said that the PS5 will also feature 4K Blu Ray, backwards compatibility with PS4 titles along with lighting speed loading times. Other features of the PS5 that were emphasized included improved haptic feedback along with adaptive triggers for a more realistic gaming experience.

While the original Switch console from ‘17 may lack a majority of the features seen on the PS4 or Xbox One it still ended up becoming one of Nintendo’s most successful game systems of the 10’s decade. The Nintendo Switch has sold at least 62 million units worldwide since its release in March 2017. If Nintendo plans on adding 4K resolution gameplay on the updated Switch console then it could definitely make the hybrid console even more of an attraction than it currently is. The question is how much more expensive will the new version of the Nintendo Switch be in comparison to what is currently available in retail right now. Following its release the original Switch console was $299.99 and it would not be surprising if the ‘21 model of the game system is priced least $50-$100 more. Either way, a version of Switch console that produces 4K gameplay is definitely one that will appeal to consumers if the price is reasonable enough following its upcoming release.

Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Coming Soon to PS4, Xbox One and Switch!!!

One of the few upcoming games that has been receiving a lot of attention as of late is a new rhythm action title called Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory. Based on what we know Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory will be developed and published by Square Enix. We also know that this upcoming rhythm action game will be released for game systems such as: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There have been small details about Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory that has been revealed to the world including the fact that it will feature at least 140 songs. The gameplay for Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory is supposed to be similar to that of the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game from 2012 which appeared on the Nintendo 3DS. It has also been said that the traversal between different worlds will occur through the use of a Gummi Ship; which has been a vehicle that has been used throughout the Kingdom Hearts Trilogy.

It has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory will have over 20 characters including the likes of Sora, Goofy, Donald Duck, Ricky, Aladdin, Hercules and more. Melody Of Memory will also give players the opportunity to visit various different worlds seen in popular Disney movies such as: Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. Its also been reported that Melody Of Memory will continue Kairi’s story from Kingdom Hearts III which should be very interesting. Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory will feature both single & multiplayer gameplay and is expected to appear worldwide in retail on November 13th. Melody Of Memory is expected to have at least four different game modes including online battles. It has not been confirmed whether or not Melody Of Memory will feature cross-platform gameplay but its unlikely that it will; unless Square Enix says otherwise. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory as we get closer to its official release date.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Saturday Night Slam Masters: (1993)

When down to memorable old school wrestling games from the early 90’s one of the few titles from that time period that comes to mind is the arcade classic known as Saturday Night Slam Masters. This was game that was both developed and published by Capcom and released back in ‘93 before it was ported to the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Saturday Night Slam Masters was an exciting button mashing video game where each character had two special attacks in addition to finishing maneuver. Similar to just about another other wrestling game ever made players had to defeat their opponents via pinfall or submission. Saturday Night Slam Masters included game modes such as Singles Match and Team Battle Royale that involved players battling a series of CPU controlled opponents. The game included at least ten different characters to choose from including Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series.

The gameplay & graphics for Saturday Night Slam Saturday was solid overall and it ended up becoming one of the most popular arcade fighting titles of the mid 90’s. Despite, not being on the same level of popularity as WWF Wrestlefest from ‘91; Saturday Night Slam Masters had features such as 4-player gameplay that was also present in the arcade smash WWF Wrestlefest. Despite, Saturday Night Slam Masters not being as successful as WWF Wrestlefest it was still a arcade styled fighting game that appealed to both kids and adults. While the Genesis version of Saturday Night Slam Masters was viewed once a negative light the Super NES version of the game shined slightly more; despite not being as good as the original arcade version of the game due to console limitations. While it might not be considered one of the most high profile pro wrestling titles of the 90’s; Saturday Night Slam Masters was without doubt one of the most underrated games within that genre as it pertains to that decade in general.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Total Carnage: (1991)

As far as unique video games from the early 90’s are concerned the Total Carnage title from ‘91 was a game that was quite interesting to many people. For those who do not know Total Carnage was initially developed and published by Midway prior its arcade release before being ported to multiple game systems including the SNES, Game Boy, Amiga, MS-DOS and other game systems. Total Carnage was a overhead multidirectional shooter game that was very similar to Smash TV from 1990. Games like Total Carnage along with its spiritual prequel Smash TV were seen as innovative back in the early 90’s because it differed from the 2D side scrolling run n gun games that often appeared on the NES during the 80’s. While the arcade version of Total Carnage was praised there were some minor criticisms of the SNES version of the game since it was seen as inferior in terms of quality. Total Carnage was a pretty cool game with a basic plot that involved two player gameplay; people could choose either Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem as they try to stop dictator General Akhboob from conquering the world.

Total Carnage gave players a variety of weapons to use including a rapid fire gun, rocket launchers and flamethrowers as they destroyed various foes in each level. In fact, the stages in Total Carnage were so long that there were only three of them each with a challenging boss battle at the end. The cool thing about Total Carnage was the fact that players got to pick up where they left off by using as special passcode after a game over. Total Carnage stood out in arcade centers back in the early 90’s especially considering the fact that shooter games were somewhat popular during that time period. While Total Carnage was not a huge success financially but it was considered to be a game that was every bit as fun as Smash TV was in arcade centers in the early 90’s.

Gotham Knights Confirmed For Release in 2021!!!

As far as big announcements are concerned in relation to upcoming games the world has recently discovered that a new Batman game is set to be released next year. Gotham Knights has been confirmed for a release in ‘21 and it will be developed by WB Games Montreal the same entity that worked on the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Origins game from 2013. It has been revealed that Batman: Gotham Knights will be released for various game systems including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows in a date that has yet to be revealed. A worldwide trailer for Gotham Knights was released on August 22nd and featured superheroes such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Wing. The overall tone of the reveal trailer for Gotham Knights feels dark and the premise to the game’s story is that billionaire Bruce Wayne aka Batman has died due to a “fatal accident”.

After Bruce’s cohorts receive his pre-recorded message following his death Gotham City becomes infested with criminal activity. Based on what was seen in the trailer itself it seems like the Court of Owls and possibly Mr. Freeze will be the main antagonists for Gotham Knights. While the genre Gotham Knights has yet to be confirmed we do know that RPG-like elements will be included within the game. Many are speculating that Gotham Knights will be an action-adventure video game similar to the Batman trilogy from ‘09-‘15. There are many people who are excited Gotham Knights especially since the trailer has a similar vibe to the Marvel Avengers game the recently came out. Hopefully, we will get an official release date for Gotham Knights within the next few months or so before the start of 2021. Gotham Knights looks like its going to be a very promising game that has the potential to exceed the expectations of the masses.

Facebook scolds Apple’s App Store policies

It seems like Apple has been making enemies left and right as it pertains to their App Store policies. Recently, Apple found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Epic Games for removing Fortnite from their App Store. Apple’s removal of Fortnite was a response to Epic Games setting up a way to receive direct payments for consumer purchases within their App Store; while cutting the company out of receiving their 30% profit from the revenue generated by the game itself. While Epic Games is with Apple is gaming related the same thing could be said about Facebook but with different scenario. It turns out that Facebook had to remove their their mini-game feature from their Gaming App as it was supposed to run on iOS. The removal of Facebook’s mini-games was reportedly due to the strict guidelines that Apple has enforced in regards to their iPhone/iPad product lines which had the company as a whole displeased to say the least.

The statement made by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in relation the this issue was “Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook Gaming app”. Sandberg also mentioned how Android users will have a far more superior gaming experience with the Facebook app than iOS users would. At this point it has seemed like Apple has managed to alienate themselves from various gaming & technology based entities; which has people wondering how Apple’s fallouts with companies such as Epic Games, Facebook, Microsoft and Google is going to affect them on a financial level. There is definitely no question that big tech corporations are finding it more intolerable to collaborate with Apple due to their strict guidelines. However, its possible that one of the reasons that the strict guidelines were created is because Apple wants more people to become invested in their products such as Apple Arcade which launched in September 2019. Since the Q4 2019 Apple has also been at competition with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Sony and it would not be surprising if the company wanted to profit more off of their products.

Upcoming Games- Hitman 3: (2021)

One of the few upcoming games that everyone is talking about is Hitman 3 which will be developed and published by IO Interactive. The anticipated release time for Hitman 3 is January 2021 and its expected to appear on multiple game systems including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X. Hitman 3 will also be playable on Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia as well as it serves as the direct sequel to Hitman 2 from 2018. Similar to its predecessor Hitman 3 will be a stealth game but this installment is expected to have a much darker tone overall. Those who are Steam users will be delighted to know that their progress from Hitman 2 can be carried over into Hitman 3 something that has yet to be confirmed for other game systems. It also have been mentioned that Hitman 3 will be Epic Store exclusive due to the partnership that IO Interactive has with Epic Games; this is following the debacle that Epic Games has with Apple.

Considering the fact Hitman 3 will be appearing on Google Stadia and is currently partnered with Epic Games it’s almost certain that iOS users will have no access to this game whatsoever. While a trailer for Hitman 3 has been revealed we are still in the dark as to what the plot is going to be about. Seeing how Hitman 3 is going to be released in the beginning of 2021 we will most likely learn more details about the game itself within the next couple of months. However, its been confirmed that campaign mode will be returning in Hitman 3 along with a new “Snipper Assassin Mode”. Some people will be bummed about the fact that 1v1 Ghost multiplayer mode will be absent in Hitman 3 but we will just have to see whether or not it will affect the overall quality of the game itself.