Retro Gaming 00’s- Crash Nitro Kart: (2003)

One of the few racing games from the early 00’s that was definitely overshadowed within it genre was Crash Nitro Kart. For those do not know Crash Nitro Kart was published by Universal Interactive and developed by Vicarious Visions and appeared on multiple game systems including the PS2, Xbox and GameCube back in the early 00’s. Crash Nitro Kart was considered to be a sequel to the Crash Team Racing game from ‘99 while being the ninth Crash Bandicoot game within the entire series. Crash Nitro Kart contained over 20 playable characters including Crash, Coco and Crunch Bandicoot and introduces a few new characters such as Fake Crash along with N-Trance as well. Crash Nitro Kart also saw the return of Doctor Neo Cortex who was the main villain in the very first Crash Bandicoot game from ‘96. We also saw the return of Nitrous Oxide the main villain from Team Crash Racing in Crash Nitro Kart as a leader of his own group known as “Team Oxide”. The game has a rather interesting plot that saw the main villain Emperor Velo XXVII abduct Crash & Neo-Cortex’s group while forcing them to compete in a racing tournament.

The possibility of Earth’s destruction plays a role in both Crash and Doctor Neo-Cortex’s group agreeing to participated the race with the winning team receiving freedom from the Galactic Emperor Velo XXVII. The story for Crash Nitro Kart has alternate endings depending on which team won which added to the game’s overall replay value. As cool as Crash Team Racing was back in ’99 many would argue the Crash Nitro Kart was a more superior game despite not being on the same level in terms of popularity. Crash Nitro Kart was challenging and the gameplay was highly enjoyable since it felt like Naughty Dog’s version of a 3D Mario Kart game. But unlike many Mario Kart games we have seen in the past Crash Nitro Kart has an actual storyline which in some ways makes it better than some Nintendo’s past racing titles within the Mario series.

Forza Motorsport 8 Coming Soon for Xbox Series X!!!

As far as upcoming releases are concerned one of the many games that the world is looking forward to seeing is that of Forza Motorsport 8. As many people know Forza Motorsport 7 was released back in 2017 and it was quite possibly one of the best racing games that the world had seen within the 10’s decade. As far as Forza Motorsport 8 is concerned it’s been revealed that the Unreal Engine 4 will be utilized for this upcoming racing title which was information reported by back in June 2020. Based on what we know the Unreal Engine 4 will provide players with better off-road racing. It has also been rumored that the race capacity could be expanded upon with at least 53 vehicles at a time. Seeing how Forza Motorsport 7 appeared on Microsoft Windows back in 2017 its quite possibly that the same thing will happen in late 2020.

The holiday season of 2020 is when the Xbox Series X is expected to be released worldwide in competition with Sony’s PS5. Seeing Forza Motorsport 8 released around the holiday season would definitely draw people’s interest especially considering the fact that there are rumors of Gran Turismo 7 appearing on the PlayStation 5 in late 2020 as well. In addition, to having a new game engine Forza Motorsport 8 is expected to include new in game features including a new modeling/suspension system along with the inclusion of a tire pressure model. Also, the addition of a new atmosphere pressure system will definitely had more realism to Forza Motorsport 8 as Microsoft & Turn 10 Studios look to focus more on simulation in this game than its ’17 predecessor. Hopefully, we will get an official release date for Forza Motorsport 8 as we get closer to Fall 2020 while learning more details about the game itself.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Left 4 Dead 2: (2009)

When we think about memorable first person shooters from the late 00’s one of the few games that instantly comes to mind is Left 4 Dead 2. For those who do not know Left 4 Dead 2 was developed and published by Value Corporation and was released for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows back in 2009. The Left 4 Dead series began back in ’08 and the sequel that we got the following year in ’09 was arguably a better title than its predecessor. The plot for the game itself revolves around players trying to defend themselves against hordes and following zombies following the aftermath concerned a deadly pandemic. Left 4 Dead 2 including both single & multiplayer gameplay as players controlled survivors who could utilize melee attacks along with various weapons to stay alive. The replay value involving Left 4 Dead 2 was very high especially since the game included at least five different campaigns. Out of the five Campaigns included in Left 4 Dead 2 many would argue that Dark Carnival & Hard Rain were among the best that the game had to offer. The mini-games included in Dark Carnival along with the environmental obstacles included in Hard Rain seemingly stood out the most out of the five campaigns that were included in Left 4 Dead 2.

Ever since, its release Left 4 Dead 2 has been praised by critics and various gaming entities as being one of the best video games that Valve Corporation as ever made. Despite, the technical issues that players may of had with Left 4 Dead 2 regarding multiplayer online gameplay it was still a well polished first-person shooter game that rivaled the likes of Wolfenstein and Fallout 3 in terms of popularity. Left 4 Dead 2 was seemed every bit as good as its predecessor and managed to reach at least four million Cop in sales before the end of 2009. While Left 4 Dead 2 was enjoyable on the Xbox 360 it seemed more addictive to PC gamers during a time period were online gaming was starting to increase in popularity. In fact, the first person shooter and survival horror genres of gaming were beginning to become more mainstream as it related to 3D gaming between the late 00’s and the 10’s decade. Left 4 Dead 2 was huge attraction back in ’09 and its a game that would probably hold up well in year 2020 if it were remastered in high definition for a current generation console.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Coming To Switch and Xbox One in 2021!!!

After many months of speculation we now finally know that Final Fantasy VII: Remake will eventually be ported for other game systems outside of the PlayStation 4. As many people know Final Fantasy VII: Remake appeared on the PS4 back in March 2020 and has achieved tremendous success since its release. It was reported that Final Fantasy VII: Remake reaches at least 3.5 million copies in sales within 72 hours of its initial release and has been seen as one of the most popular RPG’s of 2029 thus far. While many knew that FFVII: Remake was eventually going to appear on Microsoft Windows at sone point there had always been uncertainty hovering over whether or not it would appear on Microsoft Windows or the Nintendo Switch. The fact that FFVII: Remake is coming to both Xbox One & Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows is great news especially considering that more people are becoming PC users nowadays; also the popularity of the Switch console has been rapidly increasing since its release back in 2017.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake was praised for a variety of features including its optimal visuals courtesy of the Unreal Engine 4. Also, the retelling of the story from the original FFVII involving Cloud Strife as the main protagonist as he attempts to stop Sephiroth and a mega corporation from controlling and destroying the earth. Seeing that a majority of high profile Final Fantasy games have already appeared on the Switch console seeing FFVII: Remake on the hybrid game system will be very interesting. While the official release date of Final Fantasy VII: Remake for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows have yet to be revealed its been speculated that it will occur sometime around Q1/Q2 of 2021. Hopefully, we will learn more about the other versions of FFVII: Remake outside of the PlayStation 4 within the next couple of months or so.

Upcoming Games- Resident Evil: Village (2021)

One of the confirmed video games for next year that people around the world are talking about right now is Capcom’s Resident Evil 8. This upcoming game has been confirmed to appear on both the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and based on what we know it will provide players with first-person gameplay. We also know that the setting for Resident Evil: Village will take place a few years following the events of its prequel Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which appeared on multiple gam systems back in 2018. The plot for Resident Evil: 8 is one that is interesting because it sees the return of Chris Redfield a huge character who has been around since the very first Resident Evil game from ’96. Its implied that Chris Redfield will have engaged in shocking activities that would make him out to be a villain despite being the main protagonist in a variety of games within the Resident Evil series.

The storyline for Resident Evil 8 is still pretty vague but at the same time its very intriguing. The visuals for Resident Evil: Village looks impressive and we are still waiting to see what new features will be included within the game. It will also be interesting to see whether or not Resident Evil: Village will be able to surpass its predecessor in sales especially considering how much success Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has achieved since its release back in January 2017. Since its initial release Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has reported reached over 7.5 million in worldwide sales; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is also seen as the best selling game within the entire series. Capcom has been on a huge role for the past couple of years with the success of their Resident Evil games and it will be interesting to see whether or not they can keep the momentum going with Resident Evil: Village in 2021.

Battlefield 6 set for release in 2021?

As far as upcoming games are concerned one of the few titles that has caught the attention of many people around the world is Battlefield 6. As it currently stands Battlefield 6 is expected to be released between April 2021 and March 2022 after news regarding the game itself was leaked about a week ago. Battlefield 6 will be the sequel to the critically acclaimed Battlefield 5 game that was released back in November 2018. As far as success is concerned Battlefield 5 was one of the most successful first-person shooter games of ’18 reaching over 7.3 million copies sold in over a month. While Battlefield 5 was mainly praised for its Battle Royale mode which could include up to 64 players along with the inclusion on beautiful landscapes and large maps there was slight criticism over historical inaccuracy. However, the backlash that Battlefield 5 initially drew back in 2018 did significantly affect the amount the amount of success or replay value of the game itself.

As far as Battlefield 6 is concerned it’s still unclear on what the plot for the game is going to look like. However, it has been confirmed that Battlefield 6 will appear on the PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox Series X next year. While Battlefield 6 is definitely going to include a single-player campaign mode there are people who hope that Electronic Arts retains the Battle Royale mode that was present in Battlefield 5. Also, the historical setting of Battlefield 6 is one that has also been called in question as speculation suggests that emphasis will be placed on a more contemporary time period opposed to what was seen in Battlefield 5. Hopefully, we will learn more information about the gameplay and the storyline for Battlefield 6 as we progress throughout the rest of 2020.

New Pokémon Snap game confirmed for Switch release!!!

As far as big announcements are concerned it was recently revealed that we are finally going to see a new Pokémon Snap game. It has been over two decades since we saw a Pokémon Snap game with the original one appearing on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999. Since its initial release for the Nintendo 64 Pokémon Snap had managed to reach over 3.6 million in sales; Pokemon Snap was a pretty unique game for its time because nobody has ever seen anything like it. Pokémon Snap was classified as a simulation first-person rail shooter game the appealed mainly to children considering how popular the Pokémon series was during the late 90’s-early 00’s. While Pokémon Snap focuses mainly on taking pictures of other Pokémon opposed to simply capturing them the concept itself is pretty cool; especially considering the fact that its seldom that we see games like this in general.

The New Pokémon Snap has been confirmed to appear on the Nintendo Switch quite possibly as a exclusive; since its mainly a family-friendly game that appeals more to children than adults. While Pokémon Company made its announcement regarding their new simulation game on June 17th they never provided an official release date this upcoming title. The New Pokémon Snap will most likely be released next year in 2021 unless the publisher says otherwise. The New Pokémon Snap game has the potential to be even more popular than the first title from ’99 seeing photography is bigger deal nowadays than it was over 20 years. Hopefully, we will learn more details about the New Pokémon Snap game as we progress throughout the rest of 2020.

Upcoming Games- Ghostwire Tokyo: (2021)

As far upcoming high profile games are concerned one of the few title that people have been talking about since E3 2019 is Ghostwire Tokyo which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021. Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure title developed by Tango Gameworks same company that worked on Evil Within I & II between 2014-2017. It should also be noted that Ghostwire Tokyo will be published by Bethesda Softworks and is expected to appear on the PlayStation 5 along with Microsoft Windows for time being. Based on what we know about Ghostwire Tokyo the game will heavily emphasize the elements of mystery & suspense as players attempt to discover the reason for people vanishing within Japan’s capital. Ghostwire Tokyo will feature many horror-like elements including paranormal entities and supernatural events that are connected to the occult and conspiracies as to why Tokyo’s population has been disappearing. The dark atmosphere along with the eerie plot for Ghostwire Tokyo makes it sound more like a survival-horror game than an action-adventure which is pretty cool.

Even though, we have seen a reveal trailer Ghostwire Tokyo the details regarding the actual gameplay are still unclear. However, the first-person action/horror gameplay presented in Ghostwire Tokyo was intriguing especially since the in-game mods seemed somewhat reminiscent of Skyrim. Despite, how exciting the reveal trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo looked there has been speculation that the creative direction of the game shifted following the departure of Ikumi Nakamura from Tango Gameworks back in 2019. While Ghostwire Tokyo looks more like a action slasher-type game many people initially thought that character interactions with spirits despite their alignment would be a focus point within the game. Even though, the gameplay presented in the trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo is pretty solid it may have been very different from what people were expecting when they saw the teaser back at E3 2019. Either way, Ghostwire Tokyo looks promising and hopefully we will learn more details about the game including its official release date for next year.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Need For Speed: Underground (2003)

When it comes down to high profile racing games from the early 00’s it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about that topic without discussing Need For Speed: Underground from 2003. Need For Speed: Underground was developed by EA Black Box and published by EA Games and was released for multiple systems including PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox and was considered to be one of the best racing video games of ’03. Need For Speed: Underground has a variety of offline game modes including Drifting, Circuit, Knockout, Sprint along with Drag Racing which added to its overall replay value. The car customization mechanic was also something that was praised by many fans and critics as well. While Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 from ’02 was praised by critics NFS: Underground had more game modes opposed to players simply trying to evade the police which made for a worthy successor. However, despite how popular Need For Speed: Underground became many would argue that its sequel NFS: Underground 2 was the best entry in the series as it pertains to the 00’s. Need For Speed: Underground was one of the few high profile racing games that stood out within the 00’s decade along with the likes of Race Driver: Grid, Project Gotham and Forza Motorsport all can with Midnight Club II & III.

The visuals for Need For Speed: Underground looked good for its time and the gameplay seemed balanced especially since a player’s performance depended on how they customized their cars prior to races. Even though, Need For Speed: Underground came out in ’03 some might argue that the game deserved to be remastered between the late 00’s-early 10’s time period for either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360; seeing how popular the series had become especially during the mid 00’s onwards. Need For Speed: Underground was not quite as popular as NFS: Most Wanted from ’05 but then again it was the first installment within the series to include a storyline within its Career Mode which was groundbreaking at the time. There were stages in the game that looked very impressive considering the fact that they mirrored real-life cities such as: New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in terms of looks. Need For Speed: Underground was a memorable racing classic from the 00’s; despite not being the most popular game within the series it was still highly successful reaching at least 7 million in sales by ’04.

Persona 4: Golden Coming Soon to PC!!!

As many people already know the critically acclaimed JRPG Persona 4: Golden which came out back in 2012 has been confirmed for a PC release in the near future. For those who do not know Persona 4: Golden was initially released as a PlayStation Vita exclusive; it was considered to be the most popular game within its series prior to the release of Persona 5 for the PS3 back in 2016. Not only was Persona 4: Golden arguably one of the best JRPG’s of the 10’s but it was possibly the best game to have ever appeared on the PlayStation Vita in general. The fact that Persona 4: Golden was never ported for PC about seven to eight years ago is hard to believe considering how popular it became following its release in Summer 2012. The storyline for Persona 4: Golden was quite possibly the best the series had to offer since its inception back in ’96. The elements of mystery & suspense involving the dark plot of Persona 4: Golden along with inclusion updated social links and plot twists from the original ’08 game made for a very compelling gaming experience.

In fact, some people would probably argue that Persona 4: Golden deserved to be on the PlayStation 4 more so than PC anytime between ’14-’19. However, since more people are starting to become PC users worldwide there is a good chance that Persona 4: Golden would be a bigger attraction on PC than it would on PS4. Based on what we know the PC version Persona 4: Golden will eventually be accessible online through Steam. As it currently stands an official release date has not been revealed; but we do know that its been confirmed to appear sometime in June 2020. Also, the price for the PC version of Persona 4: Golden has yet to be revealed but we are likely to find that out very soon. Persona 4: Golden is considered to be one of the best JRPG’s that Atlus has ever produced and seeing a PC version of the game will make many fans of the series in countries like Japan, America and the UK very happy following its upcoming release.