Upcoming Switch Games- Luigi’s Mansion 3: (2019)

There are so many games that the world is looking forward to seeing on the Nintendo Switch as we progress throughout this year that will be huge attractions for those who do not already own the hybrid console yet. For those who have been huge fans of the Luigi’s Mansion series since since the early 00’s you will be happy to know that Nintendo will finally be releasing a Luigi’s Mansion 3 later this year which is big news. The last major game that we saw in the series was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon which was released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. Not only was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon well received but the game had managed to reach over 5.4 million in sales since its release.

As it currently stands Luigi’s Mansion 3 is expected to be released during the fourth quarter of this year quite possibly in December 2019. As far as the storyline for Luigi’s Mansion 3 is concerned it’s still something we do not know to much about but hopefully we will learn more about the game during the upcoming Nintendo Direct event which is expected to take place on February 13th. As it currently stands Luigi’s Mansion can be pre-ordered at gaming stores such as GameStop for $59.99 before its official release later this year.

Could Strider have been a huge success for the SNES?

When we think about really big games from the early 90’s that never made it to the SNES one of the many titles that comes to mind is Capcom’s Strider. As a platform title Strider was very fun to play in arcade centers following its initial release in 1989. Ever since, the game first appeared in arcade centers it received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and was ported for the Sega Genesis along with the Master System between 1990-1991. In fact, some would argue that Strider was probably the best platform title to never appear on the NES or the SNES during the early 90’s.

But then again Strider could have been overshadowed by the likes of Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country and many others. If anything having Strider as a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive exclusive contributed to the overall appeal of the game itself. Strider could have Berta success on the SNES but not to same extent that it was on the Genesis/ Mega Drive consoles.

Upcoming Switch Games- Towerfall: (2018)

There’s are so many cool games on the Nintendo Switch that the world is looking forward to seeing now and 2019. One of the many upcoming titles that has people talking is a action-platformer title which is also a party fighting game called Towerfall. For those who do not know Towerfall is a multiplayer game developed and published by Matt Makes Games Inc. that can support up to 6 players. This game looks exciting especially with the refined 2D graphics where players can compete against each other.

Also, Towerfall has a co-op mode that allows anywhere between 1-4 players in relation to fighting off monsters in various stages throughout the game. Towerfall looks like something that retro gamers who grew up in the early 90’s during the 16-bit era would definitely enjoy on the Nintendo Switch for those who are interested in purchasing Towerfall the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch on September 27th for $19.99. It will be interesting to see how popular this game will become following its release going into the holiday season in December. B

The PlayStation VR reaches over 3 million in sales

There has been so much interesting news that has emerged within the gaming world since the start of 2018. One of the many announcements that everyone has recently been talking about involves the success of the PlayStation VR since its release back in 2016. It has been recently reported that the PlayStation VR has managed to sell over 3 million units worldwide while at least 21 million games have been sold since the headset was first released in October 2016.

In some ways the success of the PlayStation VR has exceeded the expectations of many people considering the fact that Virtual Reality has not yet reached it peak in terms of popularity within the gaming world. But seeing how successful the PlayStation VR has been over the past two years it looks like Virtual Reality gameplay might possibly become more common in relation to video games in general. IT will be interesting to see how much the PlayStation VR headset will sell with the next two years.

Retro Gaming- Galaga: (1981)

When it comes down to Japanese shoot em up games Galaga is considered to be a classic from the early 80’s that was very popular worldwide.    As cool as Galaga was back in the 80’s it was a very simple yet cool pixelated 2D game where players had to use their ships to destroy as many aliens as possible to reach the highest score that they possibly could.   

Games such Galaga reminds many people of the old days of gaming where all players had to do was gain the highest score possible in certain games such as Pac-Man, Q-Bert, etc.  Galaga could have been more interesting if there was a deep plot and actual characters in which the game focuses on.  However, the fact that Galaga did not have any of those elements is what made the title enjoyable overall.  

Retro Gaming- Ranger X: (1993)


There were many cool games that were released for the Sega Genesis in the 1990’s that many people enjoyed.  While Ranger X is a pretty good side scrolling 2D title for the Sega Genesis it sometimes does not get the credit that it generally deserves.  Ranger X was a  run and gun title that some people would consider a underrated game from the 16-bit era.  The reason why some people would consider Ranger X an underrated title is because it was a very fun game to play along with having fantastic 2D graphics and effects.  One of the coolest features about Ranger X includes the 3D like visual cutscenes before the start of each level because it makes the game feel more realistic.  The cutscenes along with the awesome 2D graphics, sound effects and optimal 16-bit gameplay made Ranger X  a very exciting title.  Along with having nice visuals players were given a special arsenal of weapons to help them in combat.  Ranger X not only looked impressive but was also not as complicated as it looked.  The first three levels of Ranger X were straightforward and seemed easy in comparison to Level 4.and every other stage afterwards.

If players learned how to utilize the jet pack properly in this game then they would be in good shape going into the fourth level.   The soundtrack for Ranger X was also pretty cool because it provided a special feeling to the atmosphere of each stage.  The soundtrack for levels 1 & 5 were among  the best in the game all though opinions may very among people who have played Ranger X.  The futuristic vibes that Ranger X provided along with spectacular 2D gameplay seemed made the game itself special.  Even though, Ranger X was not highly marketed as it should have been it does not mean that it was not a great title.  Some people are probably surprised that GAU Entertainment had never made a sequel for Ranger X for Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.  While Ranger X had a basic plot it felt like it had the potential to be something a bit more complex than it was especially since there was so much creativity that went into developing this game.  In fact, a whole series could have been developed following the release of Ranger X which would have been interesting going into the 32/64 bit era of gaming.  Even though, Ranger X had never produced a sequel some people who have played the game would probably be thrilled to see a remake of this game.

Classic Gaming- The King of Fighters ’94: (1994)

The King of Fighters 94

Anyone who is a hardcore gamer of the fighting genre is familiar with The King of Fighters series and its popularity throughout the 90’s.  The Kin g of Fighters ’94 was released by the SNK corporation in arcade centers worldwide in 1994 before being released for Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD almost a year later in Japan.  King of Fighters had almost everything one can ask for in a fighting game including awesome graphics, team battles,  fantastic stage design, and great mechanics which provided an unforgettable gaming experience.  The opening sequence to this game is arguably better than the ones provided for various Street Fighter II games and features highly realistic 2D graphics.

The King of Fighters was a unique title because it featured characters from two different fighting franchises including the Art of Fighting & Fatal Fury to develop a spectacular game that would blow our minds.   The concept regarding the team battles in KOF ’94 was interesting because during arcade mode three characters from the same country would team up to take on opponents from another.   In this game there were multiple teams from eight different countries including America, Japan, Italy, England, Mexico, China, Korea, and Brazil that would do battle with each other while contain three characters for each group.   Before each battle players have the option in deciding which order the characters battle and what strategy is the most effective in terms of dealing with their opponents.

The King of Fighters ’94 includes twenty four characters including Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi and many more.  KOF ’94 also includes a boss character named Rugal who is very tough opponent towards the end despite having a three on one advantage when battling him.  If people were new to the game the arcade version of KOF ’94 had a tutorial that showed you the basics involving the controls.  The tutorial can help players understand the essentials on how to execute special attacks or even super moves.  After its initial release the publishers for  Electronic Gaming Monthly  had thought highly of KOF ’94 while many others view this title as an underrated classic.  Despite not being as popular as the Street Fighter II series it was considered to be one of the best fighting titles of the early 90’s when it was first released.

Classic Gaming- Virtua Fighter: (1993)


There have been many big titles that have had a huge impact on the gaming industry during the 90’s decade.  It was the time period where gaming started to evolve and become more realistic in various genres.  Many popular fighting games such as Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and others made huge contributions in shaping this genre.  When 2D graphics started to reach its peak many gaming companies started to focus more on the future of gaming.  As the new millennium was approaching many video game companies wanted to take everything to the next level to provide their customers with an unforgettable experience in regards to entertainment.  While 8-bit graphics for the Nintendo Entertainment System dominated the 80’s 16-bit gameplay for the Super Nintendo along with the Sega Genesis was very popular in the early 90’s.

By the time we started moving towards the mid 90’s Sega took opportunities to try develop great 3D titles along with replicating popular ones in arcade centers.  Virtua Fighter was the very first 3D fighting game to be  released in arcade centers worldwide in 1993.  Anyone who is a huge fan of gaming knows how legendary the Virtua Fighter series is because it paved the way for many other fighting games throughout the rest of the 90’s decade.  Some people see the development of Virtua Fighter as the blueprint for 3D fighting games since many other titles within the genre were very similar in terms of gameplay and graphics.  As time progressed other titles such as Bloody Roar, Tekken, Rival Schools, and Soul Calibur became very popular within 90’s.  Street Fighter had also took its chances with 3D gameplay during the development of the Ex series along with Mortal Kombat releasing its fourth game installment.  Of course as time progressed 3D gaming mechanics improved dramatically along with the inclusion of slightly more detailed graphics.

Looking back at the gaming world during the early 90’s Virtua Fighter was ahead of its time.  Such titles as Virtua Fighter was unheard of because most of the fighting titles that were popular at the time still utilized 2D graphics & sprites.  After being released in arcade centers it was released for the Sega Saturn, Sega 32X, and Windows PC between the years of 1994 and 1996.  Virtua Fighter included eight playable characters from different countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and America along with a boss fighter.  Many people would agree that the Sega Saturn version of Virtua Fighter is the best next to the arcade because some of the games for that console were designed for 3D games.

The Sega Saturn version of Virtua Fighter had provided quality that the Sega 32X had lacked making it more superior and the next best thing to the arcade.  Many years after its released this game has received numerous accolades for being one the most  “Most Influential Games of All Time” by numerous publications because it started a revolution in the gaming industry.  After its release Virtua Fighter would eventually receive a five star rating from GamePro, Sega Saturn Magazine, and Maximum (now Ascential) for its innovative gameplay and fantastic presentation.  While some people do not think too much about the original Virtua Fighter in this day and age other realize how this title helped change the fighting genre in the gaming world forever.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Rival Schools: United By Fate: (1997)

Rival Schools is one of the many 3D fighting titles that many people enjoyed back in the mid 90’s when 3D gaming was popular.  Rival Schools: United by Fate is actually a fighting title that many people consider to be underrated.  When the game starts you have a nice anime opening that highlights some of the main characters featured in the game.

Rival Schools features at least 20 playable characters including Batsu Ichimonji, Akira Kazama, Hinata Wakaba, Daigo Kazama, and Sakura Kasugano.  This game also features 2 on 2 battles where players can switch characters between fights.  Players can also execute a variety of special moves such as vigor attacks.  Each character also have the ability to pull of air combos, tardy counters along with being able the cancel the attacks of opponents.

Some of these features were common in many fighting games during the mid to late 90’s. The mechanics for fighting games started becoming more advanced as time progressed.  There were 2D fighting titles such as the Street Fighter Alpha series and X-Men Children of the Atom that were seen as innovators if in game features such as the use of super gauges, counter attacks, and combo systems.

After Capcom released Rival Schools worldwide in 1997 many people were blown away many additional features this game included such as realistic 3D gameplay along with great BGM’s for each stage.  Rival Schools was one of the many titles that most people enjoyed for both the Arcade and Sony PlayStation.  Rival Schools: United by Fate was a fun title to play back in day and has many people thinking whether or not Capcom plans on releasing another game in the near future.

Gaming Consoles- Sega Saturn: (1994)



As many of us know the Sega Saturn game console was the successor to the Sega Genesis/Master System which was released in 1989.  After the Sega Genesis was released we were all anticipating what the following console would be like similar to Nintendo’s SNES.  With the success of various games such as the Sonic series many people could not wait to see how Sega was going to follow up following the release of the Genesis.    When Sega Saturn was released in late 1994 many people were excited to see if  the fun factor was as high as the Sega Genesis.   There were many exciting titles for the Sega Saturn including Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, Guardian Heroes,  Nights into Dreams, Sonic 3D Blast, X-men Children of the Atom and Shining the Holy Ark.  The Sega Saturn was also able to duplicate arcade games such as X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs Street Fighter which was not done in the PS1 ports.

The Sega Saturn was a pretty cool game console for its time but it was very expensive during its initial release.  When the Sega Saturn was first released it was priced around $399 while the Sega Genesis was worth approximately $189.  The Sega Saturn was more than twice the amount of the Sega Genesis and also costed more than the Nintendo 64 and the original PlayStation console.  This fifth generation console also utilizes a soundchip known as the Yamaha YMF292 which provided excellent soundtracks to some of the most popular games released for the Sega Saturn such as Sonic 3D Blast, X-Men Children of Atom and many more.  Many people probably found it shocking that the Sega Saturn was priced higher than some of its competitors.  Even though, some people would argue that the Sega Saturn was overpriced and did not sell as much as its competitors.  However, the Sega Saturn had managed to produce arcade quality games that both the Nintendo 64 and sometimes even Sony PlayStation could not produce.

While Sega Saturn was very expensive it paled in comparison to the likes of the Neo-Geo AES which was priced for over $650 during its initial release.  However, despite being cheaper than the AES the Sega Saturn was still more expensive than the Neo-Geo CD which was approximately $300 when it was first released in 1994.    The original price for the Sega Saturn might have been very high but it still managed to sell over nine million units worldwide. The amount of units the Sega Saturn sold was pretty impressive but it paled in comparison to the Sega Genesis which sold over 30 million units worldwide.  The Sega Saturn sold about 30 percent of what Sega Genesis did worldwide probably because of a variety of factors including higher pricing and more competition in the video game industry.  Some people might argue that if the Sega Saturn was priced around the same as Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation it would have sold more units worldwide.

However, the Sega Saturn had managed to sell slightly more units than its predecessor known as the Sega Dreamcast which was first released in 1998.  Many people would argue that Sega Saturn was a good precursor for the Dreamcast.  The Sega Saturn was also great midway point for the transition from 2D and 3D gaming between Sega Genesis and Dreamcast.  While some people often question the value of the Sega Saturn game console others believe that it does not get the recognition that it deserves.  The 90’s was such a great decade for gaming and many consoles such as Sega Saturn made a huge contribution why many people see that time period as the golden age.