Jiren confirmed as DLC character for Dragonball FighterZ!!!

There is no question that Dragonball FighterZ was one of the most popular games of 2018. Since its release it ended reaching over 3.5 million copies worldwide in relation to sales and is still a huge attraction in retail right now for various game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Along with having its own World Tour involving various countries around the world Dragonball FighterZ has attracted a ton of mainstream attention along with the fact that Dragonball Super is becoming very popular as an anime on networks such as Toonami. Speaking of which it has recently been revealed that one of the most popular characters and Dragonball Super known as Jiren will be included in FighterZ as s DLC character.

For those who do not know Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers who shows up during the Tournament of Power in Dragonball S while trying to track down the Super Dragon Balls. As far as details are concerned it has been said that more information will be revealed about Jiren on January 26th-27th at the upcoming Dragonball FighterZ world tournament event. It will be interesting to see what additional characters will be added to Dragonball FighterZ as we progress throughout 2019.

Was V-Rally 4 overshadowed by Forza Horizon 4 towards the end of 2018?

When we think about popular racing titles that attracted mainstream attention throughout this past year games such as Forza Horizon 4, Gran Turismo Sport, and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe are ones that come to mind. While Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and Gran Turismo Sport were two games that were initially released back in 2017 games like V-Rally 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn were racing titles that were actually released in 2018. For those who do not know the V-Rally series has been around since 1997 when the very first game appeared on the PS1. Since then many people can make the argument that the series had declined in popularity since then and has never really reached the same level of success as the Gran Turismo or the Forza series on a mainstream level.

To say that V Rally 4 was overshadowed by Forza Horizon 4 in 2018 would be an understatement especially since people were looking forward to Microsoft Studio’s racing title for Xbox One since 2016 when Forza Horizon 3 came out. The Switch version of V Rally 4 is set to appear on February 5th in North America; if Kylotonn and Bigben Interactive has waited until this to release V Rally 4 on the PS4 and Xbox One the game could have possibly have shined more in the racing genre than it did in 2018.

Should TMNT: Turtles in Time be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to popular SNES games from the early 90’s one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is the beat em up classic known as TMNT: Turtles in Time which came out back in 1991. Ever since TMNT: Turtles in Time appears in arcade centers the game had become a smash hit and rivaled titles such as Final Fight, Double Dragon and Streets of Rage 2 in popularity. While it would be pretty cool to have this 16 bit classic on the Nintendo Switch the game has already been re-released for the SNES Classic back in September 2017. The idea of bringing TMNT: Turtles in Time to the Nintendo Switch does not make too much sense in general.

In theory having TMNT: Turtles in Time would be great because it would give people the opportunity to enjoy the multiplayer gameplay that allows up to 4 players similar to the arcade version of the game. However, TMNT: Turtles in Time is not quite as popular in this day and age as it was back in the day due to the fact that beat em up games have slowly lost their appeal since the 90’s.

Upcoming Switch Games- Civilization 6: (2018)

There are so many big games that people are looking forward to seeing as we progress throughout the rest of 2018. One of the more interesting titles that people has everyone talking right now is Civilization 6 which is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch. For those who are unaware Civilization 6 was initially released for Microsoft Windows back in October 2016 after being developed by Firaxis Games and published 2K Games. This turn based strategy game is somewhat reminiscent to that of the Age of Empires series where players are expected to build their civilization up to become a superpower through military power along with strong leadership.

The visuals for Civilization 6 look absolutely stunning and despite being a game suited mainly for Microsoft Windows it looks like it has the pro be a best seller for the Nintendo Switch. However, its hard to predict whether or not it will sell within one million units within a year. But seeing how this game is the long awaited sequel to Civilization 5 which came out back in 2010 there is not doubt that Civilization 6 will be worth checking out on the Nintendo Switch in October.

Could the Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy have been a success on the SNES?

When it comes down to the 16 bit era of gaming there is no doubt that the Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy were among the most popular video games of the early 90’s. The Sonic the Hedgehog series was arguably at its peak in popularity when the first three titles were released for the Sega Genesis. However, there are some who wonder whether or not the Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy could have had the same level of success on the SNES that did on the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s.

While the graphics for the first three Sonic might have been somewhat better in the SNES the BGM would have been inferior to what we heard on the Sega Genesis. Also, The Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy could have easily of been overshadowed by Super Mario World which ended selling over 20 million units worldwide on the SNES since its release back in 1990. The closest thing that we got to having Sonic the Hedgehog on the SNES was the Sonic Advance series for the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s. Even though, the Sonic Advance series was pretty cool it was not as popular as the original Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy for the Sega Genesis.

Should Alundra 1 & 2 be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to action role playing games of the 90’s Alundra 1 & 2 are considered by some to be underrated titles for the PS1. Ever since Alundra 1 & 2 was released for the PS1 both games never received official remakes. Also, both Alundra 1 & 2 was never ported to any other game console as well. Even though, the Alundra series was not as popularas other action adventure role playing titles many can argue that it was overshadowed by many big games that were released for the PS1 during the mid 90’s.

If Alundra 1 & 2 was re-released in this day and age for consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the PSP they both might stand and out more today. This is especially true with Alundra 1 along with its spiritual predecessor LandStalker for the Sega Genesis. Action RPG’s seem more popular than ever in this day and age and games such as LandStalker along with the Alundra series would definitely shine on a console such as the Nintendo Switch.

New Street Fighter TV series coming soon?

It was recently announced Entertainment One and television/film producer Mark Gordon have recently collaborated to create a new Street Fighter TV show based on the video game series. This is very exciting news considering the fact that the last time we saw a television series for Street Fighter was back in the mid 90’s. The original Street Fighter animated series aired on the USA Network Between the Fall of 1995 and Spring 1997.

Ever since the original Street Fighter animated series aired back in the 90’s it has received somewhat negative reviews since it fell below the expectations of many people during time. However, things will most likely be different with this upcoming Street Fighter television series. As of right now no official release date has been announced but it will be something that many fans of the series will be looking forward to in the future.

Secret of Mana (1993) vs Illusion of Gaia (1993) which game had more success?

When it comes down to 2D RPG titles many people look at the early 90’s as the golden era in relation to that particular genre. In 1993, the world had the chance to see two amazing RPG titles on the SNES know as the Secret of Mana and the Illusion of Gaia. In terms which which game had more success overall many would probably argue in favor of the Secret of Mana. After since its release we had a chance to see the Secret of Mana ported for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation Vita.

Even though, The Illusion of Gaia was a pretty cool RPG title the game had only managed to sell around 150K in America while the Secret of Mana over 500K in the United States. While the Secret of Mana series had some type of sequel with the release of Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995 The Illusion of Gaia never received one. There is no doubt that on a commercial level the Secret of Mana was more successful than the Illusion of Gaia.

Could X-Men Mutant Apocalypse have worked on the PS1?

When we think about platform beat em up classics for the SNES X-Men Apocalypse is one of the few games that comes to mind. To say that X-Men Mutant Apocalypse deserves more credit than it currently gets is an understatement. X-Men Mutant Apocalypse has a bright 2D graphics along with a nice soundtrack which contributed to the overall replay value of the game itself.

Even though, X-Men Mutant Apocalypse was released exclusively for the SNES there are some who believe that this game could have also worked on the PS1 as well. X-Men Mutant Apocalypse was released in November 1994 before the PS1 was released in December 1994. If Capcom has waited a month or two later X-Men Mutant Apocalypse could have easily ended up on the PS1.

However, since more people most likely had SNES consoles by 1994 it would make sense to have X-Men Mutant Apocalypse released for the 16 bit console at the time. In terms on whether or not X-Men Mutant Apocalypse would have been a success on the PS1 at the time is debatable. But having X-Men Mutant Apocalypse on the SNES was one of the things that added to the game’s overall appeal.

Upcoming Games- Concrete Genie: (2018)

There are countless games that the world is waiting to see in 2018. One of the more interesting titles that we are going to see on game consoles such as the PS4 is Concrete Genie which is a game developed by Pixelopus. The plot for Concrete Genie is interesting since the story revolves around a bullied teenager named Ash who can bring landscapes and creatures to life through paintings.

Players will have plenty of fun help Ash restore his town known as Denska as they progress throughout the game. As of right now the rating for Concrete Genie is still pending along with the fact that the game still does not have specific release date. But there is no doubt that Concrete Genie will definitely appeal to gamers who are interested in action titles.