Retro Gaming 10’s- Dungeon Siege III: (2011)

When it comes down to to action role-playing games from the early 10’s one of the few memorable titles that people instantly think about is Dungeon Siege III from 2011. For those who do not know the Dungeon Siege series began back in ’02 with the see being overshadowed by majority of action role-playing game within that genre. Dungeon Siege III was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 along with Microsoft Windows and included both single & multiplayer gameplay. The setting for Dungeon Siege III was set over a century following the events from the very first game in the series within a medieval-like kingdom. The plot for Dungeon Siege III is both intriguing but dark at the same time as the story focuses on the 10th Legion attempting to reconstruct their military force. The unintended death of King Hendrick following the onslaught of Azunite Church against the 10th Legion due to Jeyne Kassynder’s influence left the force in shambles as most of the people associated with it ended up losing their lives. While the Jeyne Kassynder is revealed to be the King’s illegitimate daughter players also discover that he and his legitimate offspring Roslyn were against her prior to the tragic even that eventually occurred within the game.

In Dungeon Siege III players have the option to control four different characters each with their own different story connected to the main plot. Dungeon Siege III had its share of positives and negatives as far as overall gameplay is concerned. There were players who were satisfied with the fighting system along with the storytelling aspect of the game which would be enough to get others interested in purchasing Dungeon Siege III. Despite, the intriguing storyline, impressive visuals along with the impressive gameplay people criticized the game for its complex loot system along with its abysmal camera angles in relation to the multiplayer co-op mode. For an action role-playing Dungeon Siege III May not have been the most popular game of the early 10’s. However, there are many gamers around the world who are itching to see a Dungeon Siege IV since its been about nine years since Dungeon Siege III was released. While Dungeon Siege III may not be one the most high profile action role-playing game of the 10’s decade its still a pretty solid game especially to those who have been long time fans of the series since the early 00’s. If we ever get a Dungeon Siege IV hopefully the developers would make a game where the storyline and gameplay is just as good as DS III but with greater modifications that would improve the overall quality of the final product itself.

Retro Gaming 00’s- MegaMan X6: (2001)

As far as action games from the 00’s are concerned there are many people who might remember Capcom’s MegaMan X6 game from 2001. MegaMan X6 was released during a time period where the series was starting to decline but it still managed to gain the interest of those who were long time fans of the X series since 1993. MegaMan X6 has a very interesting plot that followed the events from MegaMan X5 which saw the introduction of a new villain known as Zero Nightmare. After the Eurasia space colony incident from X5 players can control either X or Zero in order to stop Zero Nightmare and depending on their actions they can unlock multiple endings. While the storyline was pretty dramatic some might argue that it was not as exciting as some of the earlier games where Sigma was the main villain. The graphics and gameplay for Megaman X6 were just as great as every other game within the series and it could have possibly have been more popular than it was during the mid to late 90’s. By the early 00’s the 2D action platform genre of gaming had declined greatly and 3D gaming started to become more mainstream.

Even though, MegaMan X6 came out for the PS1 it may have been a bigger attraction as a PS2 exclusive during the early 00’s since the 32-bit console was around seven years old by 2001. The storyline and multiple endings along with the soundtrack of MegaMan X6 were solid but not the best that we got to see within the X series. While some critics praised the nightmare system and the length of the game itself others would go on record and argue that MegaMan X6 had its share of shortcomings. However, the replay value of MegaMan X6 was still pretty high and the game is still considered to be an action-platform classic for the PS1 that many people probably never got a chance to play.

Upcoming Games- The Pathless: (2020)

As far as upcoming games are concerned in relation to this year one of the few indie titles to be on the lookout for right now is The Pathless. For those who do not know The Pathless is an adventure game with a very basic cliche plot that involves banishing darkness from the world. The Pathless is game developed by video game developer known as Giant Squid and published by Annapurna Interactive that is set to appear on multiple game consoles including PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows , iOS along with PlayStation 5. The game sees players controlling a hunter who is an expert at archery as they hunt down corrupted spirits. The Pathless is packed with secrets and puzzle games that players will eventually run into as they explore the ancient runes. As players progress throughout the game they eventually develop a bond with an eagle who eventually becomes their companion as they seek to complete their quest.

One of few things that stands out the most about The Pathless are the optimal visuals along with the gameplay. The Pathless looks like a game that would be a bigger attraction on Apple Arcade than it would the PlayStation 4 or the PS5 especially since 3D indie games like it attract more attention on that game system. In fact, if the Pathless was a Apple Arcade exclusive it would probably add to its overall value since it would difficult for gamers to get their hands-on. The Pathless will also be appearing on Apple Arcade as well we still have no official release date as it relates to 2020. Hopefully, The Pathless will be released sometime before or around the holiday season this year. Worst case scenario is that the release date for The Pathless gets pushed back to 2021. The release date for The Pathless will most likely be revealed in next few months or so since we are more than halfway through 2020.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: (1990)

When it comes down to platform classics for the Sega Genesis one of the few games that instantly comes to mind is Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse from 1990. Castle was arguably one of the first major platformers to have appeared on the Sega Genesis/Master System before Sonic the Hedgehog blew up in popularity from ’91 onwards. Castle Of Illusion was a platformer with a basic plot that involved Mickey Mouse attempting to rescue Minnie Mouse from a wicked witch by the name of Mizrabel. In order defeat the wicked witch Mickey is required to collect the Seven Gems Of The Rainbow from various levels throughout the game which are considered illusions. In order to complete his quest along with rescuing Minnie Mouse players must deal with various foes throughout the game including the Masters Of Illusion and other strange creatures in the game. The cool thing about Castle Of Illusion is the fact that it felt somewhat similar to a Sonic game for the series even began.

The concept of collecting seven gems similar to how Sonic the Hedgehog collects seven Chaos Emeralds was pretty cool. Also the idea of saving Minnie Mouse In Castle Of Illusion was somewhat similar to how Sonic the Hedgehog had to save Amy Rose in Sonic CD a game that did not come out until ’93 for the Sega CD. While the 16-bit graphics for Castle Of Illusion was a strong positive for this 90’s platformer some criticized the game for being to much like Super Mario in terms of gameplay. In order to defeat enemies players were general required to bounce off of them while being able to toss items such as marbles and apples at them. While Castle Of Illusion was not as complex in terms of gameplay as other platformers from the 90’s it still managed to be a huge attraction for the Sega Genesis. Mickey Mouse as been a pop icon since the 1930’s and was a familiar face that almost everyone knew about; seeing him on the 16-bit Genesis console back then was pretty epic. Castle Of Illusion was so popular to a point where it received a remake which eventually appeared on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade along with Microsoft Windows back in 2013. While Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse May not have been the number one platformer for the Sega Genesis; but it was a game that was mainly critically acclaimed back in the 16-bit era that people still talk about to this day.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Jurassic Park: (1993)

As people know the original Jurassic Park movie was directed by Stephen Spielberg is considered to be legendary following its release back in 1993. The first Jurassic Park movie had a budget of at least $63 million and was considered to be a massive box office success following its release. The movie became so popular to point where Jurassic Park had received its own video game for the Sega Genesis in ’93 as well. The Jurassic Park game that we got for the Sega Genesis was developed by BlueSky Software and published by Sega and was a side-scrolling action-adventure title that only allowed single-player gameplay. The Jurassic Park game for the Sega Genesis allowed players to control Dr. Alan Grant the main protagonist for the movie along with a Velociraptor as they try to complete various levels within the game itself. Players were mainly given three lives to complete the entire game while players had to defend themselves against various adversaries & threats in the form of dinosaurs throughout the game. As Dr. Alan Grant weapons such as stun guns, has guns, tranquilizer guns and more were used to help players achieve their main objective in moving on to the next level.

While Dr. Grant’s main goal for each level is to stay alive when facing the dinosaurs the Velociraptor must deal with opposition from security guards. While controlling as the Velociraptor for certain levels players have to evade or destroy the security guards who have multiple weapons at their disposal. Players can use the Velociraptor to destroy its enemies by attempting to eat the security guards and doing what ever it takes to complete each stage. Even though, some people thought that the Genesis version from ’93 was cool others were fans of the SNES version of the game because of its graphics and its top-down perspective in terms of gameplay. While more people may have been fans of Ocean Software’s Jurassic Park game for the Super NES the the Genesis version from ’93 may have been one of the better action-adventure titles to have appeared on Sega’s 16-bit console during the early 90’s.

Upcoming Games- Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time (2020)

As far as upcoming games for 2020 are concerned one of the few titles that everyone is talking about right now is Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time. As it currently stands Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time is currently scheduled to appear on the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on October 2nd Of this year. Based on what we know about Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time there has been conformation that this upcoming platformer will be utilizing the Unreal Engine and will also feature multiplayer gameplay as well. It’s also been rumored that Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time will feature at least 100 different levels; along with being able to play as Crash & Coco Bandicoot. The plot for the CB4: Its About Time is basic but rather intriguing as it sees the series past antagonists Cortex, Uka Uka and Dr. N Tropy escape from the space-time prison.

After the main antagonists escape from prison a rip within a fabric of time is created leading to both Crash & Coco to try and restore order while working with the Quantum Masks to do so in the process. Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time is going to be one of the first big games within the series to appear on the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One since the N.Sane Trilogy from 2017. Also, Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time is a game that the world never thought it would see especially considering the fact that its considered to be the sequel to Crash Bandicoot: Warped from 1998. There is currently no word on whether or not Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time will be ported for any other game systems outside of the PS4 & Xbox One but hopefully that will be the case sometime in 2021. It will be interesting to see how much of an attraction Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time will be following its upcoming release in October 2020.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Coming To Switch and Xbox One in 2021!!!

After many months of speculation we now finally know that Final Fantasy VII: Remake will eventually be ported for other game systems outside of the PlayStation 4. As many people know Final Fantasy VII: Remake appeared on the PS4 back in March 2020 and has achieved tremendous success since its release. It was reported that Final Fantasy VII: Remake reaches at least 3.5 million copies in sales within 72 hours of its initial release and has been seen as one of the most popular RPG’s of 2029 thus far. While many knew that FFVII: Remake was eventually going to appear on Microsoft Windows at sone point there had always been uncertainty hovering over whether or not it would appear on Microsoft Windows or the Nintendo Switch. The fact that FFVII: Remake is coming to both Xbox One & Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows is great news especially considering that more people are becoming PC users nowadays; also the popularity of the Switch console has been rapidly increasing since its release back in 2017.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake was praised for a variety of features including its optimal visuals courtesy of the Unreal Engine 4. Also, the retelling of the story from the original FFVII involving Cloud Strife as the main protagonist as he attempts to stop Sephiroth and a mega corporation from controlling and destroying the earth. Seeing that a majority of high profile Final Fantasy games have already appeared on the Switch console seeing FFVII: Remake on the hybrid game system will be very interesting. While the official release date of Final Fantasy VII: Remake for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows have yet to be revealed its been speculated that it will occur sometime around Q1/Q2 of 2021. Hopefully, we will learn more about the other versions of FFVII: Remake outside of the PlayStation 4 within the next couple of months or so.

Grand Theft Auto V set for PS5 & XSX release in 2021!!!

As far as upcoming releases are concerned in relation to next year one of the most successful video games of the 10’s decade GTA: V has been confirmed to appear on next generation consoles in 2021. Based on what we know Grand Theft Auto will be appearing on the PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox Series X sometime between Q3/Q4 of 2021. As many people know GTA: 5 had record breaking sales since its initial release for the PS4 back in 2013; RockStar’s action-adventure video game has reached at least 120 million in sales and has become one of the best selling PS4 titles of all-time. The idea of having GTA: V on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X would be nice considering the fact that we are still waiting to learn more about its highly anticipated sequel Grand Theft Auto 6.

We do no know to much about Grand Theft Auto 6 other than the fact that it should be appearing on next generation consoles PS5 & XBX sometime between 2021-2022. The online multiplayer mode was one of the biggest attractions of Grand Theft Auto V aside from the main story and there is no doubt that it will continue to be the case for the next couple of years or so. Grand Theft Auto V has not only appeared on the PS4 since 2013 but it has been on multiple game systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and has arguably had more success than any other game in the series which started in 1997. It will be interesting to see how much GTA: V reaches in overall sales after it appears on the PS5 & XBX within the next few years.

Upcoming Games- Horizon: Forbidden West: (2021)

As far as upcoming games are concerned one of the few games that people are looking forward to as it relates to 2021 is Horizon: Forrbidden West for the PlayStation 5. For those who do not know Horizon: Forrbidden West is considered to be the highly anticipated sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn which came out for the PlayStation 4 back in 2017. Horizon: Forrbidden West will be developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will also be using the Decima game engine similar to its ’17 predecessor. Also, Horizon: Forrbidden West will retain the third-person gameplay that its prequel had with a different setting. The setting for Horizon: Forrbidden West will take place in cities such as: post-apocalyptic California, Yosemite Valley and San Francisco in open world environments. The plot for Horizon: Forrbidden West is still unclear at the moment along with the time period regarding the setting of the game; but it has been confirmed that the story for Forrbidden West will be centered around a hunter character by the name of Aloy.

As many people already know Horizon Zero Dawn was highly successful following its initial release in 2017 reaching over 10 million in sales. In fact, Horizon Zero Dawn ended up becoming the 7th best selling game on the PS4 and was praised mainly for its storyline along with its combat system. It will be interesting to see what added features will be included in Horizon: Forrbidden West and whether or not it will surpass its prequel in sales on the PlayStation 5. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Horizon: Forrbidden West as the rest of the year progresses; until then the world is looking forward to seeing what this upcoming action-role playing game has to offer in 2021.

Upcoming Games- Resident Evil: Village (2021)

One of the confirmed video games for next year that people around the world are talking about right now is Capcom’s Resident Evil 8. This upcoming game has been confirmed to appear on both the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and based on what we know it will provide players with first-person gameplay. We also know that the setting for Resident Evil: Village will take place a few years following the events of its prequel Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which appeared on multiple gam systems back in 2018. The plot for Resident Evil: 8 is one that is interesting because it sees the return of Chris Redfield a huge character who has been around since the very first Resident Evil game from ’96. Its implied that Chris Redfield will have engaged in shocking activities that would make him out to be a villain despite being the main protagonist in a variety of games within the Resident Evil series.

The storyline for Resident Evil 8 is still pretty vague but at the same time its very intriguing. The visuals for Resident Evil: Village looks impressive and we are still waiting to see what new features will be included within the game. It will also be interesting to see whether or not Resident Evil: Village will be able to surpass its predecessor in sales especially considering how much success Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has achieved since its release back in January 2017. Since its initial release Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has reported reached over 7.5 million in worldwide sales; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is also seen as the best selling game within the entire series. Capcom has been on a huge role for the past couple of years with the success of their Resident Evil games and it will be interesting to see whether or not they can keep the momentum going with Resident Evil: Village in 2021.