Will the PlayStation 5 be Sony’s final game console?

There has been a lot of speculation as of late regarding the future of Sony gaming as it pertains to the PlayStation 5. Rumors have been circulating that the PlayStation 5 night possibly be Sony’s final console due to the fact that gaming in general has been evolving especially within the last decade. It seems like companies such as Microsoft and Google plans on placing more emphasis on targeting mobile gamers since almost everyone now has a smartphone nowadays. While Project Scarrlet is also one that is speculated to be Microsoft’s final game system the company has been interested in focusing more cloud based since 2017 when the Xbox One X was first released. There has also been speculation that Nintendo is planning on focusing more on mobile gaming in future most likely after the Nintendo Switch starts to get old around the mid part of the 2020’s decade.

Also, while Sony has not confirmed that the PS5 will indeed be the company’s final game system this something that is really big. Sony has been producing game consoles since 1994 when they released the PS1. Sony had released the PS2 back in late 2000 and since then has become the best selling game console in history. While the PS3 managed to reach at least 87 million in sales it still came short of that of the PS2 which reached over 150 million units sold. As far as the PS4 is concerned its probably the best selling console of the 10’s decade since its reached over 100 million units in sales since its initial release in November 2013. While the PS4 did excellent sales throughout most of the 10’s decade the truth is Sony will never have another console that sells as much as the PS2. Gaming consoles are slowly becoming obsolete and mobile gaming along with cloud-based gaming are starting to become more popular. Not to mention PC users have a ton of fun on Steam along with the fact that Virtual Reality gaming has yet to reach its peak in terms of technology in general.

Retro Gaming 00’s- WWE WrestleMania XIX: (2003)

When we think about retro wrestling games that were considered underrated classics from the 00’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is WrestleMania XIX for the Nintendo GameCube. WrestleMania XIX was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ and was initially released in September 2003 months following the actual pay-per-view event which took place on March 30th that year. As far as the game itself was concerned WWE WrestleMania XIX was definitely a significant forward from its 2002 predecessor WrestleMania X8 which also appeared exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. The graphics in WrestleMania XIX looked much better and had arguably one of the greatest rosters that you would ever see in a wrestling game. The in game mechanics in WrestleMania XIX was also more robust as pertained grappling/striking while allowing players to bust the opponents naturally or through the use of weapons. There were various match types that players could choose from such Single, Tag-Team, Cage, Hell in a Cell and others which many people may have enjoyed. Throughout, each player had both a spirit meter allowing with the ability to utilize stored specials in order make their character perform their respective finishing maneuver.

Another feature WrestleMania XIX had was the inclusion of a brand new game mode which had never been seen in a wrestling game before. The “Revenge Mode” introduced in WrestleMania XIX was rather interesting because it was more mission-based and included players completing various objectives in various venues with their selected character. The whole purpose of Revenge Mode is for the player to even with his boss following their termination at the beginning of the story. The completion of various yet increasing difficult tasks eventually leads players to go one on one with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XIX who proved to be more challenging than most people would want to admit.

After completing Revenge Mode players eventually gain access to various locations they fought at outside of the squared-circle and have the ability to engage in multiplayer games that involved eliminating their opponents, smashing up objects or capturing important items. The WrestleMania XIX game also included a training mode for beginners who wanted to get better along with detailed stats on each character. Players also had the ability to create their own wrestler within WWE WrestleMania XIX and were given more material to work with in comparison to that of its 2002 predecessor. As pro-wrestling sports game WWE WrestleMania XIX was definitely one of the coolest games within that genre during the 00’s along with the likes of Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, WWE Smackdown vs Raw: ’06 & ’07 and WWE Day Of Reckoning 2.

Outriders Confirmed For PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X!!!

As far as big news is concerned in relation to the gaming world one of the few things that everyone is talking about right now is upcoming Outriders game created by video game developer People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. As many people know Outriders is set to appear on multiple consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in September 2020. However, it has recently been confirmed that the upcoming co-op RPG will also be appearing on next generation consoles including the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X which are both coming out sometime during fourthly quarter of 2020. This class-based sci-fi shooter game is one that many people have been talking about since it was announced at E3 2019. Also, we have also received a new 4K reveal trailer for Outriders which looks impressive especially to those who may be huge fans of the third person shooter genre of gaming.

As it currently stands the rating for Outriders is still pending but considering the fact that its a shooter game somewhat similar to the Gears Of War or Halo series its most likely going to be mature. Outriders is an RPG third-person shooter that looks like it has the potential to be one of the best games within its genre as it pertains to 2020. Eventually, within the next couple months we will learn the official release for Outriders for each game system. Seeing that Outriders will be published by Square Enix a video game company that has created and worked on some of the greatest RPG’s ever made there is no question that this title will be one worth checking out in Fall 2020.

How Successful Has Nioh Been Since 2017?

As many people know Nioh was an action-role-playing title that was initially released for the PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows back in 2017. While there some people who complained about small things in regards to Nioh such as the storyline being somewhat confusing there were definitely more positive than negatives overall. The visuals, gameplay, difficulty and the setting of the game which emphasized ancient Japanese history were all qualities that made Nioh one of the best action role-playing games of the late 10’s. Sometimes its hard to believe that its been approximately three years since Nioh first appeared on the PS4 back in February 2017. In fact, we are getting very close to the official release of Nioh 2 which will be a PS4 exclusive staring on March 3rd, 2020. As far as sales are concerned for the original Nioh game its been recently reported that the critically acclaimed action role-playing game has sold at least three millions copies worldwide.

While three million copies sold within the time span of three years does not sound like much its actually pretty impressive considering what Nioh had to compete with in relation to the action role-playing genre. Between 2017-2019 we saw the release of high profile Action-RPG’s such as: Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster: Hunter World, Assassins Creed Odessey, Kingdom Hearts III, Outer Worlds which were all titles that definitely could have overshadowed Nioh within that particular genre. While Nioh is still a pretty fun game to play many people are currently anticipating the release of Nioh 2 which looks very promising and can have more success than its predecessor.

New Call Of Duty Game Coming In 2020?

Apparently, there has been news circulating around within the gaming world as of late regarding the possible release of a new Call Of Duty installment for 2020. In fact, the COO of Activision Cody Johnson has confirmed that we will indeed see a new Call Of Duty game which is not expected to be released until the fourth quarter of 2020. As we currently stands we have no details on what this upcoming Call Of Duty game will be about or what game modes will be added or return for that matter. As many people the latest installment from the CoD series known as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was extremely popular following its release back in April 2019. In fact, within 72 hours of its release Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare made over $600 million this past year and ended up becoming one of the best selling titles of 2019. The realistic gameplay, storyline and numerous game modes featured in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare made the game itself were all strong positives that added to its overall replay value.

Seeing how most of Activision’s Call Of Duty Games are critically acclaimed many people are having high hopes for their upcoming installment. Hopefully, we will learn more about this upcoming Call Of Duty game around E3 2020 this summer or maybe even before then. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Call Of Duty 2020 game retains a majority of the same features as CoD: Modern Warfare from 2019; if we get something radically different from CoD: Modern Warfare in terms of gaming hopefully its more of a forward than it would be sideways.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Exclusivity Delayed until 2021?

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a RPG that people have been waiting to see on the PS4 since the mid 10’s and it seemed like we were finally going to get it this year. However, there has been reports floating around that the highly anticipated JRPG Remake will have PS4 exclusivity until 2021 for reasons that are unclear as of right now. Its quite possible that Square Enix is taking more time in making sure that Final Fantasy VII: Remake is well polished for its future release on other game systems such as Microsoft Windows. However, many people who are fans of the Final Fantasy series are most likely disappointed with this news since the release date of FFVII: has been delayed multiple times which can ultimately contribute to the masses losing interest in the game itself. Its somewhat odd to think that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake was not set to appear on other gaming systems such asMicrosoft Windows; but we end up with Final Fantasy VII: Remake being playable only for the PS4 until March 2021.

While many people have enjoyed the PS4 console throughout the majority of the 10’s decade it seems like PC gaming has been more popular in general among the masses. However, there is no question that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be a huge attraction on the PS4 throughout the rest of 2020 along with the early part of 2021 until we hopefully get a PC version or possibly a Switch version of the game in the future.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Star Fox Adventures: (2002)

When we think about classic games for the Nintendo GameCube that appeared back in the early 00’s there are several titles that instantly come to mind. The GameCube era saw the release of famous titles such as Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Sunshine and many others that were enjoyable classics that people would love to see ported for a current generation console like the Nintendo Switch. But as it pertains to popular games for the Nintendo GameCube many people remember Star Fox Adventures which initially came out back in September 2002. As far as gameplay for Star Fox Adventures was concerned we got something uniquely different. Unlike, the Star Fox games for the SNES & N64 Star Fox Adventures was not only an action-adventure title but it was also a beat em up game as well. While some people saw the inclusion of beat em up gameplay as a positive in Star Fox Adventures fans of older installment criticized because they believed it was not needed. The visuals and character design for Star Fox Adventures were impressive as we saw return of reoccurring characters such as: Fox, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi.

It should also be noted that Star Fox Adventures saw the return of Andross as the final boss despite his defeat in the prequel Star Fox 64 eight years prior. The game had an intriguing plot that involved warring tribes in a fictional place known as Dinosaur Planet. While Star Fox Adventures saw the Earthwalker and CloudRunner tribes feud with each other we saw the introduction of a new character who ended up being Fox McCloud’s love interest named Krystal. It turns out that Krystal had a tragic backstory that involved the destruction of her home planet Cerinia along with the death of her parents. In this game Fox McCloud has to retrieve four Spellstones that were stole from the Force Point Temples by an antagonist known as General Scales to prevent the destruction of Dinosaur Planet. Also, Fox McCloud was expected to give Krazoa Spirts in order to return Dinosaur Planet back to normal before he final encounter with Andross.

There were so many things about Star Fox Adventures that were simply impressive from the graphics to the cinematic cutscenes all the way down to the voice acting. Following its release in 2002 Star Fox Adventures had reportedly at least $30 million in America by ’06 and did good in sales during its first week. While Star Fox Adventures has been praised by many critics & fans over the years the game never remastered for any other console outside of GameCube. While Star Fox Adventures may not be considered the best installment within its series it still exceeded many people’s expectations following the release of Star Fox 64 in 1997. However, despite how good Star Fox Adventures was it did not quite the same level of popularity as Star Fox 64.