Retro Gaming 00’s- Super Smash Bros Melee: (2001)

When it comes down to video game classics from the early 00’s its almost impossible to have a conversation with someone without talking about one of the most high profile fighting games of that time period Super Smash Bros Melee. For those who do not know Super Smash Bros Melee was released for the Nintendo GameCube back in November 2001. Super Smash Bros Melee was the direct sequel to the original game which was released back in ’99 for the Nintendo 64. Similar to its predecessor Super Smash Bros Melee had a Star-studded roster of popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Link, Donkey Kong,Samus Aran, Kirby and many others that players could choose from for multiplayer action which allowed up to four people during battles. In addition, to the fast-paced gameplay we got to see a single-player arcade mode with a final boss along with various mini-games which added to the overall replay value of Super Smash Bros Melee. One of the more challenging game modes in Super Smash Bros Mello included All-Star Mode where players had to defeat each character in the game with limited supplements during battles. Whether, you played Super Smash Bros Melee alone or with friends it was a blast regardless and ended becoming the most popular video game fir the Nintendo GameCube during the 00’s.

In fact, since its release in Fall 2001 Super Smash Bros Melee managed to reach over seven million copies in sales and is considered to be a cult classic by many gamers. In fact, there have been Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments held over the past couple of years which shows how popular the game still is within the 10’s decade. While its debatable on which game in the Smash Bros series is the best many people would probably argue that Melee is definitely ranked in the top three. As far as overall popularity is concerned some might put Super Smash Bros Melee on the same level as Ultimate which was recently released back in December 2018. Despite, the game being eighteen years old Super Smash Bros Melee is a title that is still a big attraction within the gaming community to this day.

Is Gill the toughest Street Fighter boss character of all-time?

When we think about some of the toughest boss characters in fighting games particularly Street Fighter names such as M. Bison, Shin Akuma and Seth instantly comes to mind. While M. Bison was not a problem to defeat for those were veterans of the Street Fighter series the likes of Shin Akuma was almost impossible to defeat no matter how many times you fought him in SF Alpha 2 & 3. But when it came down to having the deck stacked against you in relation to boss battles within the Street Fight series Gill from SFIII was a perfect example of just that. Not only did Gill’s attacks take a significant amount of damage from players who battled him but he also had the ability to resurrect himself after being defeated in battle which would completely restore his health bar.

While Gill’s resurrection technique takes uses up his entire Super meter many people to this day believes that it gave him an unfair advantage in Street Fighter III: Double Impact and Third Strike. As far as Gill being considered the hardest boss character within the Street Fighter series is something that is debatable. However, Gill was without a doubt one of the most bizarre yet underrated boss characters that ever appeared in the Street Fighter series in general.

Will we see a new Pilotwings game for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to popular Nintendo games of the past that people would love to see new title for Pilotwings is one of the many names that comes to mind. As many people know the Pilotwings series first began back in 1999 when was released for the 16 bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite, how successful the original Pilotwings game was along with its sequel Pilotwings 64 there has not been too many titles within series itself. The latest game within the series entitled Pilotwings Resort released back in 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS which was a pretty cool flight simulation adventure.

Despite, not getting a sequel to Pilotwings Resort it seems like the closest thing that we are going to get to the game is Pilot Sports which will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. In alm honestly the flight simulation genre of gaming game is underrated and there is no question that Nintendo should make a direct sequel to Pilotwings Resort. But the chances of a new Pilotwings game for the Nintendo Switch happening in the future are slim as of right now.

Will there ever be a sequel to Sailor Moon Another Story?


When it comes down to underrated 2D role playing video games from the 90’s Sailor Moon Another was considered to be somewhat of a hidden gem for the SNES following its release back in the mid 90’s. For those who do not know Sailor Moon Another Story was developed and published by a video game company called Angel and released exclusively in Japan back in 1995. The game had a storyline involving a sorceress named Apsu along with the Opposito Soldiers as the main antagonists who seek to obtain the Silver Crystal by altering time. The plot for Sailor Moon Another Story was rather interesting not only because it had multiple endings but storyline looked like something that could have worked in the actual anime.


While many fans of the Sailor Moon series would love to see a direct sequel to this game it seems unlikely that it will ever happen. Ever since Sailor Moon Another Story was released back in 1995 we never saw another game in the SM series like it. In fact, Sailor Moon Another Story was never released in America back in the 90’s despite how popular the show was on Fox Kids and Toonami. While the Sailor Moon series is not quite as popular as it was during the 90’s seeing a direct sewage to SM: Another Story would definitely turn heads within the gaming world.

Will Super Mario Odessey surpass Super Mario Galaxy in sales?

As of right now Super Mario Odessey is one of the hottest games out for the Nintendo Switch right now. Not only is Super Mario Odessey one of the fastest selling games with in the Mario set but it also received very positive reviews from critics and has gained mainstream attention since its release back in October 2017. The sales for Super Mario Odessey is quite impressive especially since it managed to reach over 10 million units worldwide in less than a year. Super Mario Odessey has already managed to surpass the likes of Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in relation to sales within a year.

Ever since, Super Mario Galaxy was first released for the Nintendo Wii back in November 2007 the game ended up selling over 12 million units worldwide. Super Mario Galaxy was not only a huge success on the Wii but it was also within the top ten for being one of the best selling games for that console. Seeing how the sales for Super Mario Odessey is gradually increasing each month its quite possible that it could surpass Super Mario Galaxy before 2019. In terms of which game is better between Super Mario Odessey & Galaxy is debatable but both titles are among two of the best 3D games within the Mario series in general.

Nintendo Switch reaches over 17 million units in sales

As of late there has been a lot of interesting news in the gaming world surrounding the current status along with the future of Nintendo. As far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned there seems to be both but good news about the hybrid console especially considering the fact that it reached a new milestone. It was announced the other day that the Nintendo Switch has reached 17.79 million units in terms of worldwide sales.

As of right now the Nintendo Switch is arguably the fastest selling game console on the market right now. At this rate the Nintendo Switch May hit over 30 million units in terms of sales before the year is over. With the upcoming coming releases of countless titles for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 there is no doubt that the hybrid console will continue to be a huge success as time progresses.

Final Fight 3 (1995) vs Street of Rage 3 (1994) which was more popular?

When it comes down to the beat em up genre we got the chance to see the release of many big titles such as TMNT: Turtles in Time, X-Men Arcade along with others that were very popular during the early 90’s. However, towards the mid 90’s we got to see games such as Final Fight 3 and Streets of Rage 3 that were considered to be under beat em up titles. Final Fight 3 had nice graphics a cool plot along with new characters from its predecessor Final Fight 2 while seeing the return of Mike Haggar and Guy.

Streets of Rage 3 was also a pretty cool beat em up with larger stages than its predecessor along with the addition of new characters from its prequel Street of Rage 2. There is no doubt that Street of Rage 3 had nice graphics and better gameplay than its prequel but the fact that the game had alternate ending made it much more interesting. One of the biggest complaints about Street of Rage 3 is the game’s overall difficultly. In terms of which beat em up game was better between the two really depends if your more of a Genesis or SNES fan overall.