Should Persona 3 be remastered for the PS4?

When we think about some of the most popular RPG games from the mid 00’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is Persona 3 from 2006. After Persona 3 was initially released back in July 2006 the game was seen as quite arguably the best RPG of that year. While Persona 3 appeared on the PS2 and the PlayStation Vita there are people who always question why the RPG classic never appeared on the PS3 especially considering the fact that the game console came out in November 2006. A remastered version of Persona 3 never happened and we ended up getting Persona 4 on the PS3 later in 2008. Despite, how popular Persona 3 was following its release it seemed like the success of Persona 4 took on a life of its own; we saw television series along with an animated film for Persona 4 between 2011-2015. Also, Persona 5 which came out back in 2016 was very successful and is one that people argue is one of the greatest RPG’s ever made. More people are looking forward to seeing the release of Persona 5: Royal Edition in future even more so than are to seeing a remastered version of Persona 3.

If Atlus wanted to release a remastered version of Persona 3 many would argue that the company could have done so within the past twelve years. Similar to P4 it should be noted that Persona 3 had its own television series and animated film. Persona 3 also had its own manga along with a intriguing plot involving Gekkoukan High School being infested with Shadows after becoming a tower known as the Tartarus. While the story for Persona 3 was one that was fascinating there is no doubt that P4 & P5 had better plots overall. However, a remastered version of P3 is one that fans of the series would have no problem seeing in the future whatsoever; but as it currently stands Atlus has no plans on making that a reality and it seems like something that is unlikely to happen. Maybe if the fan support for a remastered version of Persona 3 was high enough Atlus would take it into consideration but in the meantime we are anxiously waiting for the release of Persona 5: Royal Edition for PlayStation 4 in March 2020.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Persona 4: (2008)

When many people think about high profile RPG’s from the 00’s decade one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind outside of the Final Fantasy series is Persona 4. For those who do not know Persona 4 was a social simulation RPG that was initially released in Japan in July 2008 before coming to America in December of that year. Persona 4 was released in other countries during the early part of ’09 and appeared on the PlayStation 2 before it was ported to the PS Vita in 2012. The game itself is considered to be one of the most popular installments within the entire set along with the likes of Persona 5 which was released a few years ago during 2016. Persona 4 had a very intriguing plot with the overall tone of the game itself being very dark considering the series of tragic events that players discover towards the beginning of the game. The main character who is named by the player discovers several gruesome murders by diabolical beings know as Shadows that exist within the TV World. Players learn that the Shadow creatures that live within theTV World are a manifestation of negative and repressed emotions of people and are responsible for the horrific events that occur within the game.

Players are able to travel freely between the real world with the help of an ally named Teddie as they eventually rescue other characters such as Rise, Yosuke, Yu, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji who later become playable throughout the game. As players progress through Persona 4 they will come across various unexpected twists and shocking turns that will keep them engaged in the storyline. Eventually, its discovered that the main character’s home room teacher was killed by a student from another school out of boredom which was a big mystery as several murder cases were being investigated. However, Mitsuo Kubo who was the culprit for the player’s home room teacher murder had no part in the demise of other individuals within the game. It turns out that the demise of a television announcer along with another high school student who discovered the body was caused by a police detective named Tohru Adachi. The revelations regarding the murders comes after Taro Namatame is falsely accused of the crimes even though he claimed responsibility for his involvement in trapping Rise, Kanji, Naoto and Yukiko earlier in the game.

Following the boss battle with Adachi things took a really bizarre turn as he becomes possessed by the Japanese God Of Fog known as Ameno-sagiri. We then learn that the fog is lethal to humans since it greatly contributes to their ignorance and ultimately transforms them into shadows. Once players get through the final boss battle Ameno-sagiri retracts the fog from Adachi who then turns himself in for his crimes. One of the cool things about Persona 4 was how the story felt like art imitating life as far as vices of watching too much television is concerned. Also, what was more interesting about the story for Persona 4 was the fact that the setting took place in 2011. Since its release back in ’08 Persona 4 has been critically acclaimed and is seen as one of the best RPG titles of all time. Despite, the Persona see being around since ’96 during the PS1 era gaming it seems like the series has more popular between the late 00’s-mid 10’s with P4 & P5. There is no doubt that Persona 4 deserves a HD re-release for either the PlayStation 4 or PS5 game console because its was definitely one of the best games that Atlus has ever made in general.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Viewtiful Joe: (2003)

As far as anything in relation to action, platform or beat em up genre are concerned one of the few titles of the past that people instantly think about is the original Viewtiful Joe game. For those do not know Viewtiful Joe was released back in the early 00’s for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 Between 2003-2004. Viewtiful Joe was considered to be a very unique game due to its creativity in relation to the plot taking place between the real world and Movieland. Also, Viewtiful Joe looked like a game that was ahead of its time especially in relation to the visuals because the use of 3D cel-shaded graphics was something that was not too common during the early 00’s. Throughout, Viewtiful Joe players engage in combat and solve various puzzles with abilities given through VFX Powers. Following the abduction of Joe’s girlfriend Silva players learn about Captain Blue’s history as a film creator while helping him survive in Movieland. With the inclusion of various boss battles along with adventurous levels both on land and undersea Viewtiful Joe was arguably one of the most exciting video games to have appeared on the Nintendo GameCube back in the early 00’s.

Since its release Viewtiful Joe has been praised by fans and critics alike and has been often view as a gem to retro gamers who are fans of beat em’ up and action-platformers in general. Viewtiful Joe was released during a time period where 3D action-adventure games along with first person shooters were starting to increase in popularity and was still considered to be success regardless. The original Viewtiful Joe game is often seen as one of Capcom’s most memorable titles of the 00’s decade and arguably the best installment within the series depending on who you ask. The first installment of Viewtiful Joe became so popular to a point where it received its own manga. As far as the Viewtiful Joe series in general is concerned we have not seen a game since the mid 00’s following the release of Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for the Nintendo DS in 2005. Its highly doubtful that Capcom will develop another installment of the Viewtiful Joe series since its been over a decade since we have seen one. However, if Capcom were to announce the release of a new Viewtiful Joe title in the future it would be something that would definitely turn a lot of heads within the gaming world.

Retro Gaming 00’s – Devil May Cry: (2001)

When it comes down to top action-adventure titles of the early 00’s there are many people who would argue that the original Devil May Cry game very popular on the PS2 following its initial release back in the summer of 2001. The Devil May Cry game from ’01 was where the series got started and it was a game that was interesting to many people due its plot where the main protagonist Dante seeks to avenge his deaths of his relatives. Following a brief encounter with Trish who was another key character in DMC Dante sets out to take revenge on the main antagonist Mundus and is eventually betrayed by Trish despite his trust in her towards the beginning of the game. Even though, Trish had betrayed Dante and supposedly working for Mundus he saves her when dealing with Mundus and vice-versa which something that may have caught some people by surprise when they played the game for the first time.

As far as gameplay is concerned there were various aspects about Devil May Cry that stood out aside from the hack n’ slash combat system utilized throughout the game. The idea of solving puzzles along with the inclusion of the Stylish gauge and the “Devil Trigger” mechanic which allowed Dante to become a demon for a short period of time were all impressive. On top that players were generally ranked on each mission with a letter grade while having the option of engaging in “Secret Missions” as well.

After thwarting Mundus plans to rule earth and defeating him with Dante players had nothing left to do but wait for the direct sequel Devil May Cry 2 which eventually came out in January 2003. Also, since ’01 the original Devil May Cry game was re-released in HD for the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012. In fact, this past year an HD remake of the original Devil May Cry game came out for the PS4 and the Xbox One in March 2018. There is no question that the original Devil May Cry game was one of the best action-adventure titles to have ever been produced by Capcom and remains a classic in the eyes of many people to this day.

The 19th Anniversary of the PlayStation 2!!!!

Today, is a special day in relation to the gaming world considering the fact that that it marks the 19year anniversary of the PlayStation 2 back when it was released in Japan on March 4th in 2000. To this day the PlayStation 2 is still the best selling game console of all-time considering the fact that it has reached over 155 million units worldwide in sales throughout the 2000’s and the early part of the 10’s decade before it was ultimately discontinued back in 2013. Since its release back in 2000 no other succeeding consoles that Sony has developed such as the PlayStation 3, PSP, PlayStation Vita it the PlayStation 4 has not managed come even close to surpassing the PlayStation 2 in sales.

Back in the 00’s we got to see unforgettable classics such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which ended up becoming the best selling game for the PS2 by reaching over 17 million units worldwide since its release back in late 2004. We also got to see the release of many other big games on the PS2 such Gran Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City, Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII and countless other titles that are still popular to this day. There is no doubt that the PlayStation 2 is legendary and there a good chance that it will remain the best selling game console of all-time possibly for the next decade.

Could the PS2 Shinobi game have been more successful on the Sega Dreamcast?

As many people know the Shinobi series was very popular during the early 90’s when various games appeared on consoles such as the Sega Genesis and Game Gear. However, despite how popular the 2D action platform series was back in the early 90’s for whatever reason we never saw a Shinobi game for the Sega Dreamcast between 1998-2001. While it was that video game developer Overworks could have made a Shinobi title for the Sega Dreamcast plans regarding the game’s development did not start until 2001. It was also back in ’01 when the Sega Dreamcast was officially discontinued so we ended up getting a 3D Shinobi title for the PlayStation 2 in 2002.

While the 2002 Shinobi game was well received by fans and critics many would argue that the game could have possibly stood out more on the Sega Dreamcast especially since the console did not have too many big titles to aside from the Sonic Adventure series, Crazy Taxi and Shenmue. The PlayStation 2 had so many games such as Grand Theft Auto III & Vice City along with Gran Turismo 3 & 4 which were best sellers on the PS2. During the early 00’s there was no question that Sony had officially taken the lead during the console wars and the ’02 Shinobi game was definitely the best game console to have it on during that time period.

GTA: Vice City (2002) vs GTA San Andreas (2004) which game was more popular?

There is no question that both Gran Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas are among two of the best action-adventure games to have released during the 2000’s decade. In fact both games were two of the best selling titles for the PlayStation 2. Gran Theft Auto: Vice City was the fourth best selling game on the PS2 following its release in October 2002 reach over 9.6 million units worldwide. The retro 80’s based theme of GTA: Vice City was very unique especially since it looked and felt somewhat reminiscent of the Scarface movie which came out back in 1983. GTA: Vice City was also praised by numerous gaming publications for its improvement over its predecessor GTA: III in terms of gameplay and open world design which contributed to its long lasting appeal.

Gran Theft Auto: San Andreas on the other hand ended becoming the number one best selling console for the PlayStation 2 reaching over 17.3 million units worldwide. While GTA: Vice City was had strong vibes from the 80’s San Andreas had a 90’s feel to it. There were several in-game additions to GTA: San Andreas that made the game feel more realistic than Vice City such as gang warfare, currency system along with the inclusion of mini games that added to the game’s replay value. In terms of which game had more success in the long run many would probably give the slight edge to GTA Vice City over San Andreas.