Does Top Gear deserve a 3D Remake?

When we think about big racing games from the 16-bit era of the early 90’s one of the few titles that people instantly think is Top Gear from the SNES. As many people know the original Top Gear television series began in the late 70’s and became popular enough to a point where the world got to see a racing game with the same name for the SNES back in 1992. The Top Gear game may not have done as well in sales as many people had expected to in the early 90’s but its a game that is considered to be a memorable classic for most people who owned the SNES back in the day. Not only did Top Gear have catchy soundtracks but it had nice 2D visuals and was chalk to a point where it could have been an attraction within arcade centers. While the original Top Gear game did have two sequels between ’93-’95 on the SNES both games were not quite as popular. While many people would love to see a 3D remake of the original Top Gear game it seemed like something that the game’s publisher Kemco ever planned on doing.

It no secret that the company that developed the SNES Top Gear game known as Gremlin Graphics became defunct back in 2003. But its possible that a remake for the original Top Gear game could become a reality through a kickstarter campaign if there is enough interest among gamers. While the original Top Gear was not quite as popular as the likes of Outrun from the 80’s it was quite one of the best non-arcade racing games of the 90’s along with the likes of Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo. Even though, racing games as greatly evolved since the war 90’s a remake of the original Top Gear game would definitely be somewhat of an attraction for casual gamers.

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