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Could Pokémon Stadium have been a success on the PS1?

When it comes down to top selling games for the Nintendo 64 one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Pokémon Stadium. For those who do not know Pokémon Stadium was released back in April 1999 and since then the game has managed to sell over 5.4 million units worldwide on the Nintendo 64 within a few years following its release. There is no secret that the Pokémon series was starting to get hot during the late 90’s with the animated television show along with the Red, Blue and Yellow games which appeared on Game Boy between ’96-’98.

Despite, how much popularity the Pokémon series achieved during the late 90’s there are some who would argue that Pokémon Stadium would not have been as popular on the PS1 as it was on the Nintendo 64. As far as third party games were concerned you had so many games like Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Tekken 3 and others along with first party titles like Gran Turismo that could have easily overshadowed Pokémon Stadium if it ever appeared on the PS1. There is no doubt about hat Pokémon Stadium could have definitely been an attraction for the PS1 but it may not have sold nearly as much as it did on the N64.

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