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PlayStation (1994) vs PlayStation 3 (2006) which game system was more popular?

There is no doubt that Sony has developed some of the most popular consoles in gaming history since the early 90’s. When the PS1 was released back in ’94 it was considered to be ground-breaking considering the fact that 2D gaming was still mainstream during the early 90’s. Throughout, the second half of the 90’s decade we got a chance to see so many cool games such as the Tekken series, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo and many others. However, in comparison to the PlayStation 3 the graphics for the PS1 was inferior leading to some arguing that it was a more superior console in comparison.

But as far as sales were concerned there is no question that the PS1 was more successful than the PS3. Since its release in ’94 the PS1 had managed to sell over 101 million units worldwide while the PS3 reached over 83 million in sales. But to be fair the competition was a lot stiffer in the 00’s after Microsoft entered the console wars and released the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles. But then again there were more memorable titles that came out on the PS1 such as Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo which were games that marked the beginning of their own respective series. While opinions may very it’s easier to say that the PS1 was a more legendary console than the PS3.

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