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Did lack of backwards compatibility hurt the Nintendo Gamecube in sales?

As popular the Nintendo GameCube was back in the early 00’s its a well known fact that the console did not sell as much the lines of the Nintendo Wii, SNES, NES or even the Nintendo DS following its release. Ever since, the Nintendo GameCube was released back in September 2001 it has managed to sell over 21 million units worldwide. While the Nintendo GameCube did manage to sell more than Wii-U the console could have been more successful than it was if it was backwards compatible with N64 games from 1996-2000. The fact that Nintendo decided to use cartridges instead of CD’s for N64 games was definitely something that hurt them in the console wars causing Sony to gain the upper hand with the PS1 during the mid to late 90’s.

Games such as Banjo Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark along with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask would have been fun to see on the Nintendo GameCube during the early 00’s. Also, in addition of having titles such as Metroid Prime, Super Mario Subshine, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker making the Nintendo GameCube backwards compatible with N64 could of helped boost the sales of the Nintendo GameCube between the ’01-’06 time period.

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