Will there ever be another Bloody Roar game?

As far as old school fighting games from the 90’s and early 00’s are concerned there are so many titles that instantly comes to mind. Retro gamers often remember titles such as the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Killer Instinct and King of Fighters series from back in the day. Despite, how popular each of those franchises were there were games such as the Bloody Roar series which began back in back in 1997 on the Sony PlayStation which are considered to be highly underrated especially since they were overshadowed during the 90’s-early 00’s. In fact, the Bloody Roar series definitely had strong fan base especially since it was quite unique in relation to gameplay such as the “Beast Mode” mechanic and eventually “Beast Drive” in Blood Roar 2 which was released back in ’99. As far as the overall appeal of the series is concerned many would argue that Bloody Roar 2 was arguably the last strong entry despite there being three more games that came afterwards between 2000-2003. The latest entry in the set known as Bloody Roar 4 came out about sixteen years ago and since then there has been no indication of the possibility of a new game especially since Hudson Soft became defunct back in 2012.

While video game developer Eighting has worked on just about every Bloody Roar title within the series Konami was the publisher for Bloody Roar 4 which appeared on the PlayStation 2 between late 2003-early 2004. Even though, Konami is still a major publisher within the gaming industry today its unlikely that they have any plans on bringing back the Bloody Roar series. Bloody Roar 4 was nowhere near as popular as the first two games that came out between ’97-’99. In fact, some would argue with the notion that a new Bloody Roar game is not necessary but the idea of having HD releases if each title within the series would be something that would definitely turn heads within the gaming world. Despite, the fact that the fighting genre of gaming is not quite as popular today as it was during the 90’s a new project or release involving the Bloody Roar series could definitely be somewhat of an attraction anytime from 2020 onwards. But as it currently stands the idea of a new Bloody Roar game is one that seems unlikely to happen anytime in the near future.

Upcoming Games- MegaMan Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (2020)

As far as bombshell announcements are concerned in relation to the gaming world we just learned that Capcom has more big plans for the MegaMan series as it pertains to the future. Capcom has recently revealed that they will re-releasing old MegaMan titles from the 00’s that appeared on the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS between ’02-’07 for multiple game consoles in January 2020. While there are some retro gamers who are fans MegaMan Zero series there are a lot of people who many not be familiar with it especially considering the fact that the series was not as popular in the 00’s as it was during the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, The MegaMan Zero series had pretty cool gameplay and more challenging boss battles than what was seen within the older MegaMan X titles. Despite, how popular both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS were during the 00’s the Mega Man Zero was definitely overshadowed during that decade especially considering how big the Pokémon series was back then in addition to Mario & Zelda games being big attractions for each console.

Based on what we know the MegaMan Zero Legacy Collection is expected to appear on game systems such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Its tough to speculate on how successful the MegaMan Zero Legacy Collection will be following its upcoming release next year on January 21st. However, the nostalgia for the MegaMan series has growing for many years now. Seeing how popular the MegaMan X Legacy Collection was last year along with MegaMan 11 its safe to say that the series has made a solid comeback and has attracted many gamers from older generations. Hopefully, Capcom can continue the momentum that the MegaMan series has going with the MMZ/ZX Legacy Collection in 2020.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Super Smash Bros Melee: (2001)

When it comes down to video game classics from the early 00’s its almost impossible to have a conversation with someone without talking about one of the most high profile fighting games of that time period Super Smash Bros Melee. For those who do not know Super Smash Bros Melee was released for the Nintendo GameCube back in November 2001. Super Smash Bros Melee was the direct sequel to the original game which was released back in ’99 for the Nintendo 64. Similar to its predecessor Super Smash Bros Melee had a Star-studded roster of popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Link, Donkey Kong,Samus Aran, Kirby and many others that players could choose from for multiplayer action which allowed up to four people during battles. In addition, to the fast-paced gameplay we got to see a single-player arcade mode with a final boss along with various mini-games which added to the overall replay value of Super Smash Bros Melee. One of the more challenging game modes in Super Smash Bros Mello included All-Star Mode where players had to defeat each character in the game with limited supplements during battles. Whether, you played Super Smash Bros Melee alone or with friends it was a blast regardless and ended becoming the most popular video game fir the Nintendo GameCube during the 00’s.

In fact, since its release in Fall 2001 Super Smash Bros Melee managed to reach over seven million copies in sales and is considered to be a cult classic by many gamers. In fact, there have been Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments held over the past couple of years which shows how popular the game still is within the 10’s decade. While its debatable on which game in the Smash Bros series is the best many people would probably argue that Melee is definitely ranked in the top three. As far as overall popularity is concerned some might put Super Smash Bros Melee on the same level as Ultimate which was recently released back in December 2018. Despite, the game being eighteen years old Super Smash Bros Melee is a title that is still a big attraction within the gaming community to this day.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Sonic Battle: (2003)

As far as older games from the 00’s are concerned in relation to Nintendo consoles in general the are some who would argue that the Game Boy Advance has better titles than GameCube for the most part. While GBA having better titles than GameCube is debatable it definitely seemed like the Game Boy Advance has more variety. There were games such as Sonic Battle which was pretty unique following its initial release back in December 2003. Sonic Battle was a title that hardcore fans of the Sonic series might remember because it was one of the few high profile titles that Sega had ever made in relation to the blue hedgehog. Sonic Battle was a fighting game with an intriguing plot that involved Dr. Eggman being one of the main antagonists like usual. The story mode focuses on an ancient weapon known as a Gizoid who is later named Emerl by Sonic who becomes one of the key characters in the game as it copies the abilities for various characters while becoming stronger process. Emerl also became more powerful which each Chaos Emerald that he received and ended becoming the main antagonist of Sonic Battle.

There were various aspects about cool the story mode for Sonic Battle that people like including the cutscenes, world maps along with the fact that people had the opportunity to play as various characters opposed to only Sonic. The story mode gave people the opportunity to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow, Cream The Rabbit, Rouge the Bat and even Emerl himself. While playing with Emerl in the towards the beginning of the story mode was a huge challenge making progress throughout game was even more rewarding as players watched the story unfold. Sadly, Sonic Battle never received a direct sequel but its still seen as a underrated classic for the Game Boy Advance which does not get talked about as much as it should.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness (2003)

As far as top RPG’s from the 00’s are concerned one of the few high profile titles from that decade that the world got a chance to see outside of the Final Fantasy series was Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness which was released back in 2003. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness was developed and initially published by Nippon Ichi Software in Japan before being released in other countries such as America and Europe between 2003-2004. As far as tactical role-playing games are concerned Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness was arguably one of the most creative titles within in its genre in the 00’s especially considering the robust in-game mechanics that it had. Players had the opportunity of controlling both monsters and humanoids while capturing their enemies and destroying their units on grid-like maps. The Geo Panel game mechanic was something that people were definitely intrigued by especially since they were generally simple for the most part.

The chaining of aspect of the Geo Panels had added an element of excitement to the game since it offered fortunate rewards for players who successfully completed the puzzles. The story for Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness started of tragic as players discovered main protagonist Laharl who is the son of King Kercheskoy had passed way following his battle with Baal The Lord Of Terror. Players also find out that another key character in the game known as Flonne is sent by one of antagonist’s named Sepraph Lamington to assassinate Kercheskoy before she herself learned about the King’s death. Following the death of his father Laharl loses his mother and Flonne eventually joins him on his quest to become a King.

Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness not only had creative yet somewhat tedious gameplay but the inclusion of multiple endings was something that added to the overall replay value of the game itself. The storyline for Disgaea: HOD was not only dark but the main character Laharl had attributes that made him appear more like an anti-hero opposed to a traditional & virtuous hero. Laharl’s arrogant demeanor and his distain for love due to how he lost his mother. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness seemed like it was more of an attraction in Japan for the PlayStation 2 than it was in countries like America despite the game being considered an RPG masterpiece by fans and critics. Since its release back in the early 00’s Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness has went on to appear on various game consoles such as the PSP, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch within the past 15 years of its release. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness is considered to be legendary since its the first game within its series. Also, as a tactical role-playing game some would argue that it was the best game to have been released in the early 00’s since Final Fantasy Tactics came out for the PS1 in 1997.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Super Mario Galaxy: (2007)

As far as high profile Mario titles from the 00’s are concerned Super Mario Galaxy was arguably the most popular video game within the series in relation to that particular decade. In fact, when it comes down to older Mario games in general Super Mario Galaxy does not get talked about as much as it should. As far as the plot is concerned Super Mario Galaxy utilizes the same formula that we see in just about every other Mario game with Bowser being the main antagonist while trying to rescue Princess Peach as Mario. However, the plot is more interesting especially considering the fact that theme for the game is outer space which is something that was never common in Mario games prior to the release of Galaxy in 2007. In this game Bowser manages to steal all of the Power Stars which were essential to operating the Comet Observatory used to travel across the universe following his invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom during the centennial Star Festival. Along with the visuals, gameplay and storyline of Super Mario Galaxy one of the most interesting things about the game was the fact that that Rosalina made her debut in the series in that particular game. Despite, being a non-playable character in Super Mario Galaxy she is a vital part of the game’s story since her role consists of being the one who watches over the stars by using the Comet Observatory.

Since its release back in ’07 Super Mario Galaxy has won numerous awards from various gaming publications for being “Game Of The Year” and has managed to reach close to 13 million copies in worldwide sales. In fact, Super Mario Galaxy is the ninth best selling game for the Nintendo Wii despite how successful it was. There were games such as Mario Kart Wii which sold over 37 million along with New Super Mario Bros Wii which did over 30 million in sales which speaks volumes about the success of the Wii console in general. As far as 3D platform titles within the Mario series is concerned many people would definitely agree that Super Mario Galaxy was way better than Super Mario Sunshine which appeared on GameCube back in 2002.

Even though, Nintendo gave us a successful sequel to Super Mario Galaxy back in 2010 it still managed to sell less overall. While Mario Galaxy 2 only managed to reach over 7.4 million copies in sales it was still a huge success and considered to be one of the best 3D platform installments of the Mario series within the past decade. The Super Mario Galaxy series from 2007-2010 was magical and since then many people have wondered if there would ever be a Super Mario Galaxy 3. If Super Mario Galaxy 3 never becomes a reality then having the only two games within the series ported to the Nintendo Switch would be something that many people would love to see.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Saint’s Row: (2006)

As far as big action-adventure titles from the 00’s are concerned many people might remember when the Saints Row series first began back in 2006. The first Saints Row title was developed by Volition and published by THQ and was a game that was considered to be an attraction on the Xbox 360 mainly because of its similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series. The gameplay for Saints Row is similar to that of GTA in the sense that players got to freely wonder in open world environments while engaging in various missions throughout the game itself. Also, the customization feature included in Saints Row was definitely appealing considering the fact that players had the option of choosing their own ethnicity & fitness which was something that was not really included in gang related action-adventure titles such as GTA III & GTA: Vice City. The plot for Saints Row is rather interesting especially since the plot of the game takes over place the same year the game was released which is 2006. The setting takes place in a city known as Stilwater controlled by three different criminal syndicates: Carnales, Westside Rollerz and the Vice Kings. In this game players go from passing the initiation process in relation to being apart of the 3rd Street Saints to being named the chief lieutenant of the group while helping them take control of Stilwater.

Since its initial release the original Saints Row game has been praised by fans and critics alike and managed to sell at least two million copies worldwide since its release. Saints Row has also seen a series of sequels since ’06 such as Saints Row 2 (2008), Saints Row: The Third (2011), Saints Row IV (2013) and the most recent installment Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell from 2015. While the original Saints Row game was fun there are many who would argue that Saints Row 2 from ’08 was even better and arguably the most popular title within the series thus far. As it currently stands many people are still waiting for a direct sequel to Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell. However, there has been no big announcements from Deep Silver lately in regards to another Saints Row game. While the original Saints Row game is a classic to many retro gamers some would argue that its one of the few action-adventure from the 00’s that deserves HD remake along with its successor Saint Row 2.