When we think about popular Dragonball Z games between the mid 90’s and the early 00’s two of the most popular titles that fans instantly think about are DBZ: Hyper Dimension along with DBZ: Supersonic Warriors. As cool as Hyper Dimension was for the SNES it was a game that did not achieve the recognition and level of success that it deserved due to the fact that the 16-bit console was starting to decline in popularity during 1996. If DBZ Hyper Dimension was released back in the early 00’s it would have most likely ended up on the Game Boy Advance like DBZ: Supersonic Warriors did in 2004.

In terms of gameplay some argue that Supersonic Warriors was more superior especially in relation to aerial combat. Also, the storylines included in Supersonic Warriors added to the overall replay value of the game itself since each character had “what if” stories which was something that we did not see in Hyper Dimension back in 1996. While DBZ: Hyper Dimension is considered to be a hidden fighting gem for the SNES many would most likely argue that Supersonic Warriors overall was a better game.

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