As many people know the 1980’s was a big decade for Nintendo seeing that it was the year that the company released its very first home console known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Also, during the 80’s we got to see the beginning of popular gaming series such as Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid on the 8 bit NES console as well. If anything the NES was the most popular game console during the 80’s following the video game crash of 1983. Seeing how successful Nintendo has been during the 1980’s there are many would probably argue that the 2000’s was a much better decade for the company financially.

In fact, some of Nintendo best game systems emerged during the 00’s such as the Nintendo Wii along with the Nintendo DS. Ever since, the Nintendo DS was first released back in late 2004 the console has managed to reach over 154 million units worldwide in terms of sales. That alone vet impressive especially considering the fact that it surpassed the Nintendo Wii released back in 2006 which hit over 101 million units in sales between the mid 00’s and the early 10’s. Not to mention the Game Boy Advance was also very successful and reached over 81 million in sales surpassing the Nintendo GameCube. As far as best selling game consoles of all time are concerned the Nintendo DS and the Wii are currently ranked in the top five which is something many people never expected. While more memorable video game titles may have appeared back in the 80’s there is no question that the 2000’s was probably the best decade Nintendo has ever had.

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