When it comes down to racing titles of the early 90’s the Top Gear series was enjoyable for the SNES during that time period. Even though, the replay value of the first three were decent the games themselves did not sell as much in comparison to titles like the original Mario Kart game for the SNES. Some wonder whether or not Top Gear could have ended up selling more than it did if was released for the Sega Genesis instead.

However, when it came down to the Sega Genesis the console arguably had better racing titles in general than the SNES. On Sega Genesis we had games such as Virtual Racing, Out Run, Super Monaco GP, the Road Rash series and many others. In fact the Top Gear series could have easily been overshadowed on the Sega Genesis. The sprites and graphics used for Genesis games were not quite as good as the SNES depending on who you ask. While it would have cool to see the Top Gear series on the Sega Genesis it stood out as much as it did mainly because they were released as SNES exclusives during the early 90’s.

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