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Will Virtual Reality help the dance genre of gaming?

We all remember when the dance genre of gaming first started to become popular in the late 90’s and the early 00’s with the Dance Dance Revolution games that released in arcade centers.  When Dance Dance Revolution games first arrived in arcade centers many people had so much fun because they got to listen to songs from underground artists in different countries around while learning how to dance.  The Dance Dance Revolution series was very popular and revolutionary when it first got started and the 10’s be another boom period for the dance genre with the inclusion of virtual reality gameplay.    Instead of looking at a screen and trying to make the right moves when prompted to do so with arrows players will actually feel like they are in the game trying to  learn new dance moves and listening to their favorite songs.

While it would be great to see new games such as Just Dance 2017 or Dance Dance Revolution A playable for virtual reality many people would love to play some of the older games or at least include music from the 90’s, 00’s or the early 10’s as soundtracks.   The idea of mixing the dance genre of gaming with virtual reality that seems like a recipe for success on both a commercial and financial level.  In fact, the dance genre of gaming is one of the few that would probably benefit the most along with racing since it provides players with new skills while having a lot fun in the process.   While the idea of including virtual reality into dancing game is one that sound spectacular in theory with hopes that gaming developers can make it work in practice.  If game designers such as Konami and Ubisoft can make virtual reality gameplay effective in dancing games than it could possibly take the genre itself to a whole new level.

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