Should MegaMan 7 have been ported for the PS1 during the mid 90’s?

As many people know MegaMan 7 was a solid yet bland entry within the game’s series that appeared on the Super NES back in ’95; during this time period the MegaMan X series was becoming more popular since its inception back in ’93 on the SNES. MegaMan 7 was a game that had great visuals, good storytelling and definitely an improvement over MegaMan 6 from which came out in ’93. The only problem was the SNES was starting to get old by the mid 90’s and more gamers around the world were turning their attention to the PS1. While 3D gaming was mainly popular on the PS1 there were still people who loved the fact the 32 bit console could also run 2D games much better than the SNES. The 32-bit PS1 did not have the limitations the 16-bit SNES console had and was far superior in 2D animation overall. MegaMan 7 could have possibly have shined more on the PS1 between ’95-’96 especially since there were not too many high profile 2D run and gun games on the 32-bit console during that period. Also, Capcom did not release MegaMan X4 for the PS1 until ’97 so having MM7 on Sony’s console would been better since MMX I-III were SNES exclusives before then.

MegaMan 7 has been received some criticism for over the past twenty years for not being on par with some of Capcom’s more popular installments within the series. However, the 2D run and gun genre of gaming was starting to decline in popularity around the mid 90’s. Also, the storyline within MegaMan X series that saw the debut of characters such as Zero along with Sigma as the main villain was far more intriguing than constantly having Dr. Wily as the main antagonist in the main series. Even if MegaMan 7 appeared on the PS1 between ’95-’96 it still would not have been more popular than the Mega Man X trilogy that we got to see on the SNES between ’93-’95. But its likely that MegaMan 7 would have stood out more as a PS1 exclusive than it did on the SNES since MMX3 was also released exclusively for the 16-bit console in ’95.

Did the racing genre of gaming reach its peak in popularity during 00’s?

Its no secret that the racing genre of gaming has evolved greatly since the 80’s and 90’s where titles such as Outrun, Ridge Racer, Scud Race and Daytona USA were very popular within arcade centers. While we did get to see quit a few racing games that were popular in arcade centers it felt those titles were released during a time period where the genre itself was not too popular. In fact, there were console games that were considered to be far more successful than arcade racing games from a sales standpoint that came out during the 90’s such as Super Mario Kart for the SNES and Gran Turismo which appeared on the PS1. But it was not until the 00’s where 3D racing games started to become more advanced in form of being realistic; the 00’s saw various racing games such as Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and Race Driver: Grid where players could engage in career modes that allowed players to purchase and customize their vehicles in-depth. Also, some of most critically acclaimed 3D racing games came from the 00’s such as: Gran Turismo 3 & 4, Race Driver: Grid and Need For Speed: Most Wanted that many people in this current generation of gaming would probably enjoy today if they were re-released in high definition.

It should be noted that the 00’s was also the same decade that the Forza Motorsport & Project Gotham series began. The Project Gotham series was a huge attraction on the Xbox/Xbox 360 consoles between ’01-’07 with the second installment quite possibly being the best depending on who you ask. The Forza Motorsport games from ’05-’09 were also Xbox/Xbox 360 exclusives that caught the eyes of many gamers who owned either console. The first three Forza Motorsport games were also praised by critics and the series itself now rivals that of Gran Turismo which remains exclusively on PlayStation consoles. While we have not seen an entry from the Project Gotham series since ’07 Forza is still ongoing to this day. While Forza Horizon 4 from ’18 is considered to be the best game within the entire series it most likely would not have existed if the first couple of entries within the series flopped during the mid to late-00’s.

In addition, to the Gran Turismo and Forza games that we got within the 00’s there were also some pretty cool arcade like racing titles. We also got to see the release of high profile racing games such as: F-Zero GX, Mario Kart: Double Dash and Outrun 2 which were all titles that came out in ’03. While the titles just mentioned were not as popular as GT3, GT4 and others they were also enjoyable racing games with high replay values that would appeal to casual gamers who were fans of the racing genre. As far as optimal visuals and general gameplay is concerned the racing titles of 10’s decade definitely outshine the games of from the 00’s. But there is definitely a degree of accuracy regarding the 00’s being the golden era as pertains to the racing genre of gaming. Mario Kart Wii which was quite possibly the best selling racing game of all-time reached over 37 million in sales following its release back in April 2008. Its hard to believe that a Mario Kart game ended up surpassing every single Gran Turismo game ever made since ’97 including its best sellers GT3, GT4, and GT5; each Gran Turismo game sold between 10-15 million copies worldwide individually. We may never see racing titles from this era onwards sell nearly as much as some of the games that were released during 00’s decade.

Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console worth over $200,000?

One of the few things that the gaming world has beet buzzing about as of late is the rare Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console which was developed back in the early 90’s. There are of hardcore gamers who know the story behind the fallout between Nintendo and Sony back in the early 90’s as it pertained to both companies doing business with each other. Both Sony & Nintendo were expected to release a joint console that accepted CD-ROM’s opposed to cartridges sometimes during the mid 90’s possibly 1994. The Nintendo-PlayStation was never officially released which lead to Sony & Nintendo competing against each other since the 90’s. While Sony created their own game console known as the PS1 that utilized CD-ROM’s Nintendo had eventually released the cartridge-based N64 console during ’96. Based on how the console wars went from the mid 90’s to the early 00’s many would agree that Nintendo’s fallout with Sony back in ’94 was far more detrimental to company than it was helpful during the long run.

While the Nintendo-PlayStation console was never officially released a prototype version of the game system has been subjected to very high bids by gamers as of late. The bidding for the retro Nintendo-PlayStation prototype has recently exceeded $200,000 which is something that is very had to believe. But at the same time its not to hard to believe that the Nintendo-PlayStation prototype is value at over $200,000 since a very small number of people around the world has ever played a video game on it. While the Nintendo-PlayStation console may not seem like such a big deal to contemporary gamers it was such a big deal back in the early 90’s because it looked like it was ahead of its time. The idea of having a console that accepted SNES-cartridges along with CD based games seemed really innovative back in the 90’s especially since we never saw another console during that time period that included both of those features. While the bidding prices for Nintendo-PlayStation prototype console seems outrageous at over $200,000 its not too surprising to many because its very unlikely that you will find it at a used video game store. Also, the cartridge/CD-ROM based prototype console from ’94 was quite possibly the first and only console that the world was ever going to see from Nintendo & Sony.

Would Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite be a big attraction for the Nintendo Switch?

Ever since, its release back in 2017 was a fighting game that received mixed reception from fans and critics alike. While the inclusion of a story mode with cinnamon cutscenes was a step up from its 2011 predecessor Marvel vs Capcom 3 along with improved in game mechanics the game was criticized for its roster. Also, many people were not too happy about the fact that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite only feature two on two tag-team game opposed to three on three similar to what we got in MvC 2 & 3. While Marvel vs Capcom Infinite could have definitely have been better it was still one of the better fighting games of 2017 next to Dragonball FighterZ.

If Marvel vs Capcom Infinite were ported to the Nintendo Switch it could definitely be an attraction for the hybrid console despite having low sales on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. But then again with games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate along with the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, and Dragonball FighterZ on the Nintendo Switch there is still a possibility that MvC: Infinite will still be overshadowed if it were ported to that console. While MvC: Infinite may not be a huge attraction on the Nintendo Switch it would still turn heads regardless if it were ported to the hybrid console.

Would Virtual Reality features add to the overall value Red Dead Redemption 2?

As of right now Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently one of the hottest video games in stores right now following its big release in October 26th. Not only has Red Dead Redemption 2 sold over 15 million copies worldwide in a very short period of time but it also managed to surpass its 2010 predecessor for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in less than a month. The story mode along with the online multiplayer game mode makes Red Dead Redemption a game worth own especially for those who were fans of the first title which came out eight years ago. As popular as Red Dead Redemption 2 is there are some who believe that Virtual Reality gameplay would add to the overall quality of an already polished action-adventure western themed video game.

While Virtual Reality gameplay for Red Dead Redemption 2 sounds awesome in theory there really has not been any talk of RockStar Games making it a reality. The idea of seeing cinematic cutscenes from Red Redemption 2 through a VR headset would be an unforgettable gaming experience of itself. However, as it currently stands Virtual Reality has arguably yet to still reach its peak in popularity. Also, Virtual Reality headsets such as the PSVR and the Oculus Rift are still considered to be very expensive to the average gamer with prices ranging from $299-$399. Virtual Reality features would indeed add to the overall quality of Red Dead Redemption 2 but as it currently stands its unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Should Persona 4 be ported for the PlayStation 4?

As many people know Persona 4 was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2008. Since then Persona 4 has been regarded as one of the best entry with in the entire series dating back to 1996. While Persona 4 was eventually ported to the PS3 along with the PlayStation Vita in 2012 as “Persona 4 Golden”. Seeing how popular this RPG simulation game was and remains to be to this day the idea of bringing Persona 4 to the PS4 sounds awesome. However, its a known fact that Persona 5 has been a huge attraction in relation to RPG titles on the PS4 since 2016.

Its possible that Persona 4 would not only be overshadowed by Persona 5 but also by titles that are currently on the PS4 such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Fallout 76, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and others. Also, there are still many big titles coming up next year such as Kingdom Hearts III, Metro Exodus, Days Gone, Resident Evil 2: Remake and other that everyone has their minds set on. As cool as it would be to see Persona 4 on the PS4 its probably better if the game is left in the past unless Atlus has any plans on making it a reality.

Will the PlayStation 4 remain in retail until 2020?

As of right now the PlayStation 4 is currently one of the hottest video game consoles in retail right now. Since its release back in November 2013 the PlayStation 4 has managed to sell at least 86 million units worldwide becoming one of the best selling consoles of the 10’s decade. In relation to next generation consoles many people are expecting the PlayStation 5 to be released sometime in either 2019-2020. But the question is whether or not the PlayStation 4 will be available in retail by that time and the answer is most likely going to be yes. There are too many big titles on the PlayStation 4 right now such as Monster Hunter: World, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and others.

Also, we have many big games coming up such as Kingdoms Hearts III, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Resident 2: Remake and many others that are supposed to be released in 2019. As we all know the PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible with with the PlayStation 3 and we still do not know whether or not Sony plans on doing the same thing with the PlayStation 5. Unless, the PlayStation 5 is going to be backwards compatible it seems like the PlayStation 4 will still be available in retail for the next two or three years.

Should Sony change their controller design for the PS5?

As many people know Sony has maintained the similar controller designs from the PS1 which was released back in 1994 all the way up to the PlayStation 4 which we currently have right now. Ever since, since the PS1 era of the mid to late 90’s we have seen major upgrades from Sony for controllers that were developed in the 00’s and the early 10’s. Despite, keeping the same design with the inclusion of the L1/L2 & R1/R2 buttons Sony has managed make the current generation PS4 D-Pads wireless while giving players the option to turn the console on with a press of a button. The features for the PS4 D-Pad are very impressive which makes people question if Sony can possibly add anything else to their next generation control pad.

It possible that Sony will have ground-breaking feature for their next generation console the PlayStation 5 along with the console’s control pad as well. But as far as changing the general design of Sony’s D-Pad is concerned hopefully they maintain a similar look as the PS2-PS4 but with added features. At this point most gamers are accustomed to the traditional shape and buttons utilized for PlayStation D-Pads in general to a point where Sony making any drastic changes to it could backfire on Sony in the long run.

Will Code Vein sell over one million copies before 2020?

As of right now one of the top RPG’s that the world is looking forward to seeing next year is a game developed and published by Bandi Namco Studio called Code Vein. Originally, Code Vein was set to appear on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One this year but was pushed so Bandi Namco Studio can produce a more polished game. It should noted that the gameplay will highly resemble that of Dark Souls and will include both single and multiplayer gameplay in this post apocalyptic third-person RPG. As far as how much Code Vein will see before 2020 is concerned that is something which is tougher to predict.

After all, the exact release date for Code Vain has yet to be revealed. Also, in terms of whether or not the game will sell over one million copies within a year is concerned it really depends on which quarter of the year Bandi Namco decides to release the game in. If Code Vein is released within the first half of 2019 then it can more than likely reach over one copies within a year. However, as far as the RPG genre of gaming is concerned competition is going to be fierce especially with titles such as Kingdom Hearts III and the Resident Evil 2: Remake coming out for the PS4 along with the Xbox One in 2019.

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 reach over 15 million units in sales?

As many people know Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One on October 26th. There many people who are very excited for the upcoming release of the action-adventure classic which is supposed to be the prequel to Red Dead Redemption which was released back in 2010. Ever since, Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 the game reportedly sold over 11 million units worldwide following the first few years it was available in retail. As of right not analysts are speculating that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not only surpass the RDM title from 2010 but it will also reach at least 15 million units worldwide in sales.

Along an exciting new story mode that will provide players with at least 60 hours of gameplay Red Dead Redemption II will also have a new online multiplayer which people are dying to see and play later this month. Seeing that we are getting closer to Black Friday and Christmas sales for Red Dead Redemption II will most likely got through the roof following its release on October 26th. While its possible that Red Dead Redemption II can reach at least 15 million units in worldwide sales it will probably take few years for it to actually happen.