Donkey Kong- Nintendo’s 3rd most popular protagonist?

Donkey Kong has been around for over 40 years and is considered to be a legendary figure within the world of gaming is widely known around the world by both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Donkey Kong was probably the first major Nintendo character to have his own video game back in ’81 named after himself despite being the main antagonist. It was not until the 90’s where Donkey Kong started being presented in a heroic light during the Country series for the SNES from ’94 onwards where DK started to become a household name like Mario had become from the mid 80’s forwards. As a video game character Donkey Kong was never quite as popular as Mario despite sharing a few games with the legendary plumber back in the 80’s in arcade centers and on the NES. However, many would agree that Donkey Kong was way more popular as a character than Link from the Zelda series who is basically glorified silent protagonist. Also, the Zelda series is not even named after Link its named after the Princess that he rescues in almost every game within the series. Even though, Donkey Kong could also be considered somewhat of a silent protagonist because he is a giant gorilla DK clearly had more personally than Link has shown in over the past 30 years. While the Legend Of Zelda series is currently more relevant than the Donkey Kong series many people would instantly claim that Donkey Kong is the third most popular protagonist that Nintendo has right now behind Mario and Link. The Donkey Kong series has sold at least 65 million copies worldwide since its early 80’s inception and DK is considered to be one of the greatest video game characters of all-time to many people.

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