Retro Gaming 00s- Project Gotham Racing 4: (2007)

There were many great racing video games that emerged from the 00’s and it would definitely be safe to say that titles like Project Gotham Racing 4 from 2007 was one of them. Project Gotham Racing 4 was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Microsoft Game Studios and released exclusively for the Xbox 360. Project Gotham Racing 4 provided players with a selection of up to 130 cars and included roughly under 60 soundtracks. As far as overall presentation is concerned Project Gotham Racing 4 was one of the best look arcade racing titles to have emerged from the late 00s; along with the lines of EA’s Burnout Paradise game from 2008. Players got to race in numerous geographic locations including New York, London and Tokyo with the added weather system bring more realism to PGR4. Along with having a Career mode Project Gotham Racing 4 also had an online multiplayer gameplay that players found addictive as well. For an arcade racing title Project Gotham Racing 4 was not only exceptional but was arguably a better installment than its ‘05 predecessor PGR3. Despite, PGR4 having minimal flaws the game lacked extensive offline game modes which could have added to its overall replay value.

Project Gotham Racing 4 was probably the best racing games to have emerged from ‘07 aside from Forza Motorsport 2. Despite, Project Gotham Racing 4 not being a massive commercial success fans of the series have been clamoring online about a sequel for over decade. Everyone already knows that the developer for the Project Gotham Racing series Bizarre Creations went defunct back in 2011. Its been over thirteen years since a Project Gotham Racing game was released and the impression that everyone has is that the series is dead. The chances of seeing HD remakes of the four main Project Racing Games from ‘01-‘07 are slim to none. In fact there will probably no remaster for Project Gotham Racing 4 for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X for that matter.

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