How Xbox changed the landscape of gaming 20 years ago

As many people know Microsoft’s first ever Xbox game system was released 20 years ago on November 15th in 2001. The reason why the original Xbox game system was such a big deal 20 years ago was because it came out during a time period the landscape of gaming was starting to evolve. A year prior to the release the original Xbox game system Sony had released the PlayStation 2; which ended up giving Nintendo far more competition than expected. Also, the original Xbox console was released the same year that Sega had discontinued the Dreamcast console and stopped making game systems altogether. When it came to popularity the original Xbox console was the number one game system those who were huge fans of the first person shooter genre. The best selling video game on the original Xbox console was Halo 2 from ‘04 which reached over 8.4 million copies worldwide. The Halo franchise is still very popular to this day and its hard to believe that it’s been around for 20 years now. The Halo series managed to eventually surpass the Unreal Tournament franchise in popularity throughout the 2000’s; while remaining a huge attraction on the Xbox 360 console from ‘06 onwards. With the original Xbox console from ‘01 there would be no Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Cloud Gaming. Microsoft’s entry into the console wars forced Nintendo to step their game up and become more innovative in relation to developing game systems. Microsoft’s entry into the console wars has also kept Sony sharp for the past two decades which is also a strong positive for gamers worldwide as well. The original Xbox console may not have sold nearly as much as the PS2 but it still surpassed the GameCube console during its overall lifespan.

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