N64 games suffering from technical issues on the Nintendo Switch?

As many people are currently aware old N64 games from the mid to late 90’s have recently become accessible through the Nintendo Switch. Many people had been ecstatic about the announcement regarding N64 titles being ported to the Switch console since the start of October. Apparently, many people have publicly voiced their disapproval for some of the technical issues they have with the N64 titles on the Switch console. There have been reports of frame rate issues and lagging for N64 classics like Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Super Mario 64 along with Mario Kart 64. The performance issues that Switch Online subscribers are currently having makes you wonder if Nintendo would have been better of releasing a N64 Mini. In fact, people around the world had been waiting for a N64 Mini since the release of the SNES Classic back in September 2017. If Nintendo had went down the N64 Classic route these technical issues we currently see on the Switch could have been avoided; but since increasing the volume of Switch Online subscribers is a top priority for Nintendo this is what we have. To make matters worse there are Switch owners who are paying $49.99 per year for the expansion pack subscription; which could potentially repel Switch owners who have not yet purchased the online service for the Switch console. At the moment have hardly been any reports about lagging and issues in relation the old school Sega Genesis games. Hopefully, Nintendo will be able to take some type of action that allows players to play all N64 titles without frame rate issues; which can ultimately deter the gameplay experience of those who are currently playing for their online subscription.

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