Retro Gaming 00’s- Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (2000)

As many people know the Rugrats series has been around since the early 90’s with the entire franchise reaching its peak in popularity around the late 90’s-early 00’s. After the first major Rugrats movie that appeared on the giant screen worldwide in ‘98 we eventually ended up getting a 2000 sequel entitled Rugrats In Paris: The Movie. Following its initial release in American theaters during Q4 2000 the Rugrats In Paris: The Movie had managed to earn over $103 million in box office revenue; which was ended up being more than $38 million less than what the ‘98 film had earned. Despite, not being quite as successful as the ‘98 film on a commercial level the Rugrats In Paris: The Movie was still ended up becoming one of the best kids movies of the year 2000. Rugrats In Paris the movie had even managed to have its own video game for the PS1, N64, PC and Game Boy Color. The best video game version of Rugrats In Paris: The Movie was without a doubt the N64 due to having more superior than other consoles of its era. The N64/PS1 version of Rugrats In Paris: The Movie was developed by Avalanche Software and published by THQ.

The cool thing about the Rugrats In Paris: The Movie was the fact that the single-player story mode allowed players to choose between six characters including Tommy, Chuckie, Fill, Lil, Angelica and Kimi. The Rugrats In Paris: The Movie included more than a dozen levels (sixteen to be precise) and had various hidden-bonus levels. Players were required to collect as many Gold Reptar tickets as they can throughout in order to complete it. The concept of collecting gold Reptar tickets throughout each level was fun because it felt similar to Super Mario 64 where players had to collect a certain amount of gold stars during gameplay. The video game for Rugrats In Paris: The Movie also featured multiplayer gameplay and included top notch voice-over acting; which added to the overall quality this platform-adventure title. Despite, being a pretty basic game for adults the Rugrats In Paris: The Movie game would still be considered challenging for most children. Even though, the Rugrats In Paris video game was not among the best within its genre it was still considered an attraction due to a mainstream attention the movie was receiving back then.

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