Should Final Fantasy IX have been released for the PS2 during 2000?

As everyone know Final Fantasy IX is considered to be an RPG classic from the 32-bit PS1 era of gaming from the late 90’s. Despite, not being nearly as popular as the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII game FFIX still ended up becoming a commercial success reaching over 5.5 million copies in sales on the PS1. Final Fantasy IX was released in July 2000 which came out months before Sony had launched the PS2 in November of that same year. Its common knowledge that the development of the PS2 was first announced back in September 1999; which means that its possible that Square Enix had time to port FFIX for the PS2 before its release. However, if FFIX was released exclusively for the PS2 in the early 00’s the game most likely would came out in ‘01 or ‘02 opposed to the year 2000. Besides by the time we got to 2000 the PS1 already to most popular game system in the world. While the graphics for the PS1 have not aged well over the past 20 years FFIX looked impressive for its time. Also, making the PS2 console backwards compatible allowed people to enjoy FFIX along with many other games that were exclusive for the 128-bit console.

In hindsight making FFIX was the right call to make seeing that Square Enix most likely began its development immediately after Finals Fantasy VIII was released back in 1999. The storytelling aspect along with the gameplay of Final Fantasy IX definitely would have looked much better graphically on the PS2 opposed to the PS1. But seeing how Final Fantasy IX was remastered for Microsoft Windows and PS4 between ‘16-‘17 it really does not matter too much that FFIX was never mad as a PS2 exclusive. Its been over 20 years since Final Fantasy IX was released for the PS1 and its arguably better installment we have seen within the series since the start of the new millennium.

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