Retro Gaming 10’s- Dead Rising 2: (2010)

There is no question that we got to see many exciting survival-horror video games 10’s decade and Dead Rising 2 from 2010 is one that would be on the top of many people’s list. Dead Rising 2 was developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Capcom and was originally released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Dead Rising 2 was the direct sequel to the original installment which came out back in ‘06 and was a game that mostly praised by fans and critics alike. The story for Dead Rising 2 revolved around the main protagonist Chuck Greene; who is an ex Motorcross rider that finds himself fighting for survival in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Chuck ends up taking part in a deadly game show in Fortune City, Nevada in order to help save his daughter Katey who becomes zombified after bitten by her mother. By partaking in this gruesome game show known as Terror Is Reality Chuck will able to pay for his daughter’s zombrex treatment. While players control Chuck Green they utilize various weapons to kill of hordes of zombies while engaging in boss battles in different levels against psychopaths who feel they are untouchable. Players must also save civilians who have not been affected by the zombie outbreak while uncovering the conspiracy behind everything that was going on.

Even though, players find themselves in a similar scenario as the first game in Dead Rising 2 there are many who would argue that the original installment had a more captivating storyline. While the gameplay, level designs, weaponry and voice acting were all strong positives for Dead Rising 2 the game did have its fair share of negatives. The original version of Dead Rising 2 for the PS3/Xbox 360 had issues with glitches along with the games multiplayer mode falling below desired expectations. Despite, some of the minor issues Dead Rising 2 had the pros outweighed the cons to a point where players can easily overlook them. Dead Rising 2 was considered a commercial success and managed to reach over 4 million copies in sales following its release. In addition, to appearing on the PS3 & Xbox 360 the game was also remastered and ported for the PS4 and Xbox One back in 2016. The main storyline for Dead Rising 2 can take players anywhere from 14-18 hours to complete; also the game itself is considered to be among the best in the series alongside the original Dead Rising title from 2006.

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