Will the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy be a huge attraction?

The news has recently broke online that Rockstar will will finally remaster first three Grand Theft Auto games that appeared on the PS2 between 2001-2004. Its was reported that Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is expected to be released for last and current generation consoles in Fall 2021. The list of gaming platforms that the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy is expected to appear on includes PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and Google Stadia. Its been over fifteen years since each of the three games appeared on the PS2 and they are all long overdue in relation to being digitally remastered. All three GTA games ended up becoming best-sellers on the PS2 with Grand Theft Auto: Andreas having the most success reaching over 17 million in worldwide sales. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas arguably had the biggest cult following of the trilogy and was probably the most popular game in the series prior to GTA: V from 2013.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from ‘02 ended up reaching over 9.8 million copies in worldwide sales and was praised for its retro 80’s Miami based setting. The allure of GTA: Vice City was the fact that the game felt somewhat similar to the legendary film Scarface from 1983. GTA: Vice City was more successful than it predecessor GTA: III from ‘01 and had many strong points in relation to its open world design, voice acting along with its soundtrack. Also, the Tommy character was more interesting than Claude from GTA: III and the gameplay for Gran Theft Auto: Vice City felt more realistic in terms of detail . GTA: Vice City is a game that people definitely wanted to see remastered during the 10’s decade.

Grand Theft Auto: III from ‘01 was the first major game within the series that was a third person action-adventure title unlike the first two games. The dramatic change in gameplay between the first two GTA games from ‘97-‘99 and what we saw in ‘01 was mind-blowing. Unlike, Grand Theft Auto: III actually had a storyline and was such big deal because it was the first installment within its series to be a massive commercial success. Grand Theft Auto: III managed to reach over 8.1 million copies worldwide since its initial release and was one of the hottest video games 2001. The question is whether or not the GTA games from ‘01-‘04 still have the same appeal that they did over fifteen years ago. In this case the only thing that would make people want to purchase the remastered trilogy of Gran Theft Auto games is nostalgia. Also, for younger generation of gamers who never played the first three GTA titles from the 00’s; they will be in for a real treat if they decide to purchase the remastered versions of the game later this year. While the official release date for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy has yet to be revealed; its definitely something that will keep fans of the series preoccupied along with GTA: V until Rockstar releases GTA: VI sometime around 2025-2026.

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