Retro Gaming 00’s- Bioshock: (2007)

When it comes down to high profile first person shooter titles from the late 00’s one of the few memorable titles from that time period was the original Bioshock game from 2007. Bioshock was developed by Irrational Games & 2K Australia and published by 2K Games for the PS3, Xbox 360 along with Microsoft Windows. Bioshock had utilized the Unreal Engine 2.5 and was a survival-horror like game that was set in the 1960’s in a fictional underwater city known as Rapture. The story of Bioshock sees players controlling the main protagonist named Jack after his plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The game also sees Jack discover the decayed state of the Rapture following the catastrophic effects of the Civil War due to anarchism. Throughout, the game Jack had to protect himself against hordes of mutants and security robots after injecting himself with genetic altering chemicals which eventually gives him superpowers. Jack also had the ability to obtain weapons and other items after killing foes in melee combat while trying to survive within the Rapture. Bioshock had about fifteen different sections throughout the game starting at Lighthouse and ending at the Fontaine’s Lair. While the final boss fight against Fontaine was subjected to some controversy based on the character’s design; it was nothing detrimental to the overall quality of Bioshock.

Besides Bioshock had two different endings which would force players to anxious play though it a second time. One of the main drawbacks about Bioshock was the fact that the campaign was short since players could easily complete the entire game within 12-14 hours. Also, Bioshock was mostly linear and lacked a variety of side quests which could of made the game more exciting. Aside from what Bioshock was lacking almost everything else in the game was almost perfect. The level designs and dark atmosphere made Bioshock feel more like a survival-horror title than a first-person shooter. The Splicer creatures were downright terrifying especially for casual gamers who are not accustomed to blood guts and horror in first-person shooter titles. The voice acting in Bioshock was also one of the many strong points of the game considering the fact the game was released in 2007. High quality voice acting in video games was still somewhat rare during late 00’s; but it definitely helped Bioshock stand out as much as it did towards start of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation of gaming. Bioshock ended up reaching at least 3 million copies in sales by 2009 and was eventually remastered for the iOS in ‘14 and the Nintendo Switch during 2020. Despite, the fact that the original Bioshock came out about thirteen years ago it still holds up pretty well over a decade later.

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