Retro Gaming 00’s- Tomb Raider: Legend (2006)

The Tomb Raider series is considered to be legendary within the world of gaming especially as it pertains to the action-adventure genre. The original Tomb Raider installment was released for the PS1 back in ‘96 and one of the best selling video games for that particular console. The original Tomb Raider game reached over 7 million in sales on the PS1; becoming the ninth best selling video game on the 32-bit console. The original Tomb Raider title was eventually remastered and released ten years later in 2006. Tomb Raider: Legends developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive and ended up released for multiple game consoles. Tomb Raider Legends appeared on the PS2, GameCube, PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS in 2006. Tomb Raider: Legends was considered to be a fun game among many especially hardcore fans of the series. Critics were high on the redesign of the original 32-but levels in Tomb Raider ‘96 and were fond of the storyline. Also, Tomb Raider: Legend was a game that got people more interested in the series again; considering how Tomb Raider II-III from ‘97-‘98 were not quite as popular as the original ‘96 game. Despite, the story of Tomb Raider: Legends being short the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were among the best.

The PC version of Tomb Raider: Legends reportedly had frame rate issues while the limitations of the PSP port ended being detrimental to the quality of the game itself. Tomb Raider: Legends was quite possibly one best installment within its series as it relates to the 00’s decade; since it managed to reach at least 3 million in sales following its ‘06 release. There are many fans of the series who would love to see the original Tomb Raider game remastered for the PS5 later down the line. If we get remastered version of the original Tomb Raider game for the PS5 during its 30th anniversary in ‘26; it would be something that many long time fans of the series would love to see. If Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive does consider making a current generation port of Tomb Raider ‘96; it should definitely be a remake in terms of storytelling opposed to a simple remastered version of the original game. While Tomb Raider: Legend from ‘06 was impressive the quality of games within the series only got better during the 10’s decade.

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