Could Ninja Gaiden have worked on the Master System between ‘89-‘91?

There are many people people who are well aware of the fact that Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden series is legendary. Ninja Gaiden started in ’88 and ended up becoming one of the most popular side scrolling platformers of the NES/SNES era of the late 80’s-early 90’s. As many people know the Ninja Gaiden trilogy appeared mainly on the NES; opposed to Sega’s 16-bit Master System which was released in 1985. While Ninja Gaiden games were more likely to appear on the 8-bit NES console back in the day; Sega had the Shinobi series which started off in arcade centers in ’87. The very first Shinobi game did not appear on the Master System until ’88. Back then, it was hardly a question on whether or not Sega’s Shinobi series was competing with Ninja Gaiden which was often featured on the NES console. While both the Ninja Gaiden along the Shinobi series were awesome everyone has their respective opinions on which was better overall. While the Shinobi trilogy had better graphics people were blown away by the cutscenes and storytelling of the older Ninja Gaiden games. In fact, there are some who question whether or not Ninja Gaiden could have been more popular on the Master System opposed the NES back then.

Theoretically, Ninja Gaiden could have stood out more on the Master System between ’88-’90 because the Sonic The Hedgehog series did not start until ’91. While the original Super Mario trilogy and the first two Legend Of Zelda games overshadowed a lot of third party titles during the NES era; the Sonic the Hedgehog series pretty much did the same thing on the Master System/Sega Genesis in the early 90’s. While seeing the Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the Master System during he early 90’s would have been cool; it most likely would not have been any more popular than the first Shinobi three Shinobi games. Also, gaming corporations like Tecmo & Square Enix were more likely to do business with Nintendo back then because of how successful the company’s NES console was.

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