Did StarCraft 64 get overlooked in 2000?

The StarCraft series is considered to be legendary within the within of gaming dating all the way back in 1998. The very first StarCraft game appeared on Microsoft Windows in ’98 and since then it has helped launch the real-time strategy sub-genre into the limelight during the 00’s & 10’s decade. When the first StarCraft game was ported to the N64 in ’00 the game did not get that much attention on that particular game system. During ’00 the PS1 was still the most popular game system worldwide and people were anticipating the release of the PS2 in November of that year. Also, the N64 known more for its first party Mario & Zelda games along with first person shooters such as: GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Turok. The real-time strategy genre was something that was more popular on PC back then and something that almost unheard of for casual gamers who owned the N64. While StarCraft looked natural on PC it looked a bit strange seeing such a game on the N64; mainly because the graphics looked abysmal in comparison to that of Microsoft Windows version at the time. There had been complaints in the past about StarCraft 64 being slower than the original ’98 PC version of the game.

Those who wanted the full gameplay experience that the PC version had to offer needed an Expansion Pak in order to unlock the Brood War missions. The idea of a StarCraft game being for the N64 sounded pretty cool in theory but did not play out too well in practice. However, StarCraft 64 looked impressive on the N64 by early 00’s standards because real-time strategy games were not too popular on home consoles during that time period. If Blizzard Entertainment decide to port StarCraft ’98 for the PS2 than the game could have been a much bigger attraction than it was on the N64. The PS2 had far superior graphics than the N64 and the console ended up becoming most popular game system of the 00’s decade. In fact, StarCraft ’98 could have also stood out more on the Sega Dreamcast than it would have on the N64. Aside from games like Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Crazy Taxi , Shenmue and a few others StarCraft ’98 would not have had much to compete with in ’00. To say that StarCraft 64 got overlooked in ’00 would be an understatement to say the least mainly because it was inferior compared to the original version of the game.

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