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The 24th Anniversary of the Sega Saturn!!!

When it comes down to underrated video game consoles of the 90’s one of the many systems that instantly comes to mind is the Sega Saturn. Back in 1994, the Sega Saturn was released on this day and since then the console has managed to sell over 9 million units worldwide. While some might say that the Sega Saturn was a flop in relation to sales the 32-bit game system had some very impressive games such as Sonic Jam, Marvel vs Street Fighter, Nights Into Dreams, Virtua Fighter 2 and more. The Sega Saturn could arguably been more successful than it was if the Sony did not enter the console wars with the PS1 in 1994.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the Sega Saturn was released 24 years ago and its a shame that some of the most popular titles in the 32 bit game system never received re-releases to current generation game systems. Considering the fact that next year in November will mark the 25th Anniversary of the 32-bit game system there some who wonder whether or not there will be a Sega Saturn Mini in the future.

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