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Will the PlayStation 5 have more success than the PS4?

As many people know the PlayStation 4 is currently one of the hottest game consoles available in electronic retail stores worldwide. Since its release back in November 2013 the PlayStation 4 at least 81 million units worldwide and has sold more than the Xbox One and the Wii-U combined during the 10’s. Despite, not selling as much as the PlayStation 2 which as reach approximately 158 million units worldwide since its release back in March 2000 it seems like Sony will never have another game console that will ever be as successful as the PS2. But its possible that the PlayStation 5 can end up selling more than the PlayStation 4 did throughout most of the 10’s decade.

While the PlayStation 4 lacked backwards compatibility its uncertain whether or not Sony decides to do the same thing with the PlayStation 5. Right now, many people in the gaming world are expecting Sony to unveil the PlayStation 5 console in 2019 but this something that has yet to be confirmed by the company itself. In terms on whether or not the PlayStation 5 will be more successful than the PS4 depends on factors such as pricing, marketing along with what games will be available for the PS5 following its release.

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