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Could the N64 have been more successful if it was released in the 2000’s?

As many people know the Nintendo 64 was one of the most popular game consoles to have ever been released back in the 90’s. Despite, how popular the Nintendo 64 was following its release in 1996 the game consoles did not sell as much as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which came out in 1990. After the SNES was released the console managed to sell over 49 million units worldwide while the Nintendo 64 reached 32 million in sales between ’96-’00. There is no question that the Nintendo 64 had dealt with fierce competition during the mid to late 90’s due to the popularity of the PS1 along with the release of the Sega Dreamcast in ’98.

Some argue that the Nintendo 64 could have been more popular during the 00’s Seeing how successful the Nintendo DS was following its release in late 2004. In some ways the Nintendo DS felt like a handheld version of the Nintendo 64 and managed to become one of the best selling game consoles of all time next to the PlayStation 2. Since its release the Nintendo DS reportedly reached 154 million in sales mainly due to the success of games such as Pokémon Black & White, New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart DS and others which were best sellers on the handheld game system during the 00’s. It’s hard to say whether or not the N64 would have been as successful as the Nintendo DS if it was released between the ’01-’04 time period. However, its possible that it could have sold more than it did back in the 90’s if more Pokemon games appeared on the N64 if Nintendo released it in the early 00’s.

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